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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Stock Price War Paint M/L Large pointed and pie-crusted leaves emerge in spring with a clear bright butter-yellow center framed by a dark green border. Yellow center darkens and by mid June the center fades to pale green. Violet flowers. (Only:19) $20.00 Warwick Comet M Quite different from most hostas...very rounded and cupped leaves have a white center (starts out yellow) surrounded by a wide green border. Good corrugation and topped with lavender flowers (Only:29) $18.00 Warwick Curtsey S A small heart-shaped blue-green leaf with a creamy-yellow border...rapid grower that clumps up fast and has good substance. Compact plant that makes a good edger with lavender flower. (Only:10) $12.00 Waterslide M Blue leaves have intensly ruffled edges and twisted tips…also some folding. This one is going to be an all time favorite! (Only:42) $18.00 Waukon Glass L Large frosty-blue leaves have a very wide creamy border that makes a stunning contrast. The leaves have a sheen that almost gives a "glassy" look. Good substance on a large clump topped with lavender flowers. (Only:15) $18.00 Waukon Golden Pond M Bright gold hosta with round cupped leaves that are thick and held upright. They glow with a shine that makes the plant standout from afar and the color improves with the season. Lavender flowers. (Only:12) $18.00 Waukon the Moon M Very attractive blue that has great color and holds all season. Leave are quite round and have the feel of parchment...they are very smooth and held upright making them very pleasant to look down on. (Only:39) $18.00 Waukon Thin Ice M Variegated ‘Topaz’ sport with thick blue leaves and a greenish-yellow border that becomes yellow later in the season. Upright clump is a vigorous grower with lavender flowers. (Only:19) $16.00 Wheaton Thunder L Beautiful large clump of blue leaves have a nice cream border that randomly flares to the middle...originates from an all-blue sport of H. ‘Paul’s Glory’. Heart-shaped leaves show good pebbling and the creamy-white border changes to a light green. Lavender flowers. (Only:12) $16.00 Whirlwind S/M Leaves have outstanding substance and twist as they reach upward...they are white, yellowish and yellow-green with a dark green border that varies. Prominent veins and lavender flowers. (Only:59) $16.00 Whiskey Sour M Very bright yellow leaves in spring make a beautiful combination with the red petioles... tsushimensis hybrid. (Only:14) $16.00 White Bikini M Heart-shaped green leaves have a white center on this sport of 'Striptease' that is similar to 'Risky Business'. (Only:9) $18.00 Winter Snow L Sport of ‘Sum and Substance’...beautiful shiny, medium green leaves have a nice white border of decent width and the clump is topped with lavender flowers midsummer . (Only:20) $15.00 Wishing Well L Don Dean is famous for his ‘blues’ and this one is really outstanding! Large blue leaves are deeply cupped, somewhat wavy and show lots of corrugation. Can take lots of sun and will stay blue late into the season. Great substance and near-white flowers. (Only:13) $16.00 World Cup M/L Nicely cupped and slightly wavy yellow leaves on this ''Komodo Dragon'' x ''Super Bowl'' hybrid...took the best of both parents. Hosta of the Year for 2018!! (Only:18) $16.00 Wrinkle in Time S Grey-green leaves have a yellow border on this unusual sport of ‘Pilgrim’ with upright and somewhat folded leaves. (Only:39) $16.00 Wu-La-La Giant PPAF CPBRAF 'Empress Wu' decorated with an apple-green border…gonna be big and beautiful and definitely have some attitude! (Only:19) $20.00