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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Stock Price Valley's Chute-the-Chute S Low grower with pointed leaves that are wavy...bronze color in spring and then a "Granny Smith" green the rest of the season. Lavender flower (Only:6) $16.00 Valley's Peptalk M If it’s a Valley"it’s a treasure! 'Valley's Peptalk' has large blue leaves framed by a nice wide yellow border! Great substance (Only:5) $35.00 Valley's Ruffle Shuffle S Purple petioles hold nicely ruffle bluish-green leaves with white backs in an upright manner.. Jeroen never let's us down. (Only:5) $28.00 Valley's Sushi M Sport from 'Red October' leaves sport a white border on a medium-sized clump. Another unique hosta from Jeroen! (Only:24) $18.00 Vanilla Cream S Round-shaped light green leaves change to yellow and have good substance. (Only:15) $12.00 Venetian Skies M New sport of 'Venetian Blue' has long pointed frosty blue leaves with a narrow rippled white margin. The upright clump cascades back toward the ground. Late in the summer lavender flowers appear. (Only:59) $18.00 Victory VL Huge variegated sport from ‘Elatior’...very large dark green leaves have a wide creamy-yellow border and are held upright. Topped with lavender flowers. (Only:28) $18.00 Volcano Island M Tetraploid form of 'Paradise Island’...thicker leaves and a wider border makes for more contrast and the upright leaves showoff the cherry red petioles with the color reaching up into the leaves. (Only:59) $18.00