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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Stock Price Rain Dancer L Quite sturdy and attractive sport from ‘Blue Umbrellas’ leaves have a variable yellow border. Topped with lavender flowers. (Only:12) $15.00 Rainbow’s End S A sport from ‘Obsession’ with very thick, bright gold leaves framed by a wide, dark green border. Topped with lavender flowers on red-purple flower spikes. (Only:13) $15.00 Rainforest Sunrise M Great sport from ‘Maui Buttercups’...bright gold leaves are framed with a dark green border and show lots of corrugation. Vigorous grower topped with lavender flowers in early summer (Only:32) $14.00 Raucous Ruffles M This distinctive blue-green plant roars "look my way" with its deeply rolling ruffles, puckered texture and folded leaves that expose their white undersides. Struts its best stuff when planted in a half day sun in the north, adjust further south. Rough and tough substance. Lavender flowers. (Only:70) $22.00 Rebecca M Powdery yellow leaves turn bright gold later on an impressive all around nice hosta…this one will show you the "beef"! (Only:3) $18.00 Rebel Heart M Heart-shaped grey-green leaves with a gold border that changes to creamy white. Nice looking hosta. (Only:16) $18.00 Red Cadet S Purple-red petioles and scapes....gray-green leaves form a vigorous clump with lavender flowers on this cross between ‘Riptide’ and ‘Blue Cadet’. (Only:34) $14.00 Red Hot Poker M Shiny green leaves with a creamy-white border. The leaves have good substance and are wavy with sone cupping, (Only:8) $15.00 Red Neck Heaven M Green leaves have a thick white wax on the back of the leaves...reddish-violet petioles on this kikutii caput-avis seedling. (Only:13) $15.00 Red Sox M Green leaves held on very red the earliest cultivars with red petioles...longipes f. hypoglauca x 'Maruba Iwa' hybrid. (Only:13) $16.00 Red Stepper M Seedling from 'Invincible?--like its parent it loves the sun and has bright reflecting blades that glisten when the light hits them. Add to this, bright red petioles and pale lavender flowers late. Named after the Red Steppers from Indiana University (Only:15) $16.00 Red Stilts M Danny brings us another nice plant with red legs. 'Sea Octopus' seedling with upright lance-shaped green leaves held on very tall red petioles. Rapid grower. (Only:15) $15.00 Red Wine Fries M Trudy Van Wyk retired from hybridizing but we have a couple of her seedlings and 'Red Wine Fries' is first to be ready. Cross between 'Cranberry Wine and 'Curly Fries' makes an elegant clump of long and wavy grey-green leaves with lots of character! Red petioles hold the leaves with twisted tips in an upright fashion so they cascade like a water spout. (Only:40) $25.00 Reflections M Pretty plant with shiny medium-green leaves that have a creamy-white variable border...some streaking to the middle. Lavender flowers. (Only:16) $16.00 Regal Supreme M/L Sport from ‘Krossa Regal’ with a very wide creamy-white border. Frosty blue-green leaves are held upright creating a vase-shaped clump. (Only:15) $16.00 Rembrandt Blue L Very large blue-green leaves on a sieboldiana 'Elegans' seedling that has been around for many years and finally available. (Only:12) $16.00 Reptillian L Lots going on with this hosta…grey blue-green leaves are cupped with a piecrust edge and held on red petioles also, flower stems! (Only:8) $16.00 Ripped M A strongly puckered blue with "perfect abs" for leaves which are held uniquely upright...a seedling out of the late Marge Soules program that Rick acquired as an unnamed seedling in 1996. 'Ripped' puts on a large show yet takes up only medium sized space. (Only:83) $32.00 Ripple Effect M Unique sport from ‘June’...long narrow, wavy golden leaves have a narrow blue-green border that streaks some to the center. Same great substance as the parent. (Only:64) $15.00 Riviera Sunset M A fairly wide irregular orange-gold border really sets off the green leaf...where the primary colors overlap a couple of other tones develop. Heart-shaped leaves make a dense mound that is topped with pale lavender flowers in July (Only:14) $16.00 Rocky Mountain High L Green leaves have a wavy yellow border and good substance on this 'Crispula' x sieboldiana hybrid. (Only:12) $18.00 Roseann Walters M Impressive plant with heart-shaped gray-green leaves that have a wide yellow border that turns creamy-white by the end of the season. (Only:15) $16.00 Rosemoor S Small round green leaves have slightly wavy margins and seems to have a different form than others. (Only:16) $12.00 Rossing's Pride L Leaves emerge green and the center turns bright yellow in good light…looks a lot like 'Gold Standard' but the foliage is brighter in color. (Only:35) $16.00 Roy Klehm L Upright yellow leaves have a wide green border aand are held horizontally...tetraploid sport of 'Summer Serenade'. (Only:16) $16.00 Royalty S Narrow pointed greenish-yellow leaves have a wavy margin...good grower. (Only:15) $14.00