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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Stock Price Naked Lady S Naked Lady is a sport of 'Gypsy Rose' and not unlike others in the 'Striptease' line (Hanky Panky and Juha) whereas they go through lots of color changes as the season progresses. (Only:5) $20.00 Needlepoint mini Thick green leaves with dark green flecks on this sport of ‘Golden Needles’--differs because of the thicker leaves and the overall darker color. (Only:9) $18.00 Neptune M Cascading, wedge-shaped blue-green leaves with a wonderful rippled margin are topped with lavender flowers in August on arching scapes. Slow grower but sure worth the wait! (Only:13) $18.00 Niagara Falls L Large heart-shaped gray-green leaves stand upright and arch outward...each leaf has a dramatically rippled margin and clump is topped with violet flowers. (Only:19) $16.00 Nickie Sue Axmear Giant This great seedling comes from Bob Axmear...plant is named after his oldest daughter. Very large heart-shaped green leaves start out with a yellow "feathery" border that turns creamy-white by the end of the season. Huge clump has an excellent growth rate and lavender flowers (Only:4) $18.00 Night at the Opera L A Don Dean original! Gorgeous clump of thickly layered green leaves with a wide and wavy yellow border shouts "look at me" and you will!! Leaves have the gusto of a baritone and the substance of a soprano with a large torso. (Only:25) $20.00 Night Flight M Remember the persistent beat and rolling sound of 80’s rock-n-roll? Now, take a look at the ruffles on these blue-green leaves held on black-purple petioles..the darkness extends into each leaf. Finally the clump is topped with pale lavender blooms on very dark scapes in August. (Only:54) $30.00 Nippers S This little guy is a strong grower and quickly forms a dense mound of dark green leaves. ‘Nippers’ will even work in the deep shade with the 3" round leaves being held horizontally on upright petioles. Lavender-pink blooms (Only:55) $16.00