Hosta introductions for hosta season 2021

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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Price Aachen by Night M/L Thick grey-green leaves on a medium sized clump...all green form of 'Aachen'...pod parent is 'Zebra' $18.00 Addicted to Love S/M Arching, pointed grey-blue leaves with many large hanging flowers...acquired as kikutti white back form and imported from Japan in the 80's...not the same as 'Mikawa -no-Yuki which originally came from Japan as kikutii white back...interesting plant $18.00 After Party M/L Rounded, dark-green leaves are nicely puckered on this 'Big Daddy' seedling...plant has been with the Fransen's for about 10 years and just too nice and reliable not to be named... $18.00 All Aflutter M Wide, deeply feathered yellow edged leaves adorn this low, flat mound that draws attention in the front of the border.   The wavy, folded leaves yellow gives way to creamy-white as the season continues. Handles full sun in the north $30.00 Blue Skin M Long, narrow-shaped leaves of an intense blue color on purple petioles on this wonderful new intro from Danny Van Eechaute...cross between 'Shimmy Shake' and 'Theo's Blue' $25.00 California Goldrush L Large leaves are rounded and heavily corrugated, chartreuse turning yellow in the center with a green of 'Sutters Mill' $20.00 Cherry Flip M A Bob Solberg creation from 'One Man's Treasure...rippled, dark green leaves grow into an upright clump which shows of the intense purple petioles very well.  $20.00 Chesapeake Bay M Large blue-green leaves sport a wavy margin...great substance and a good grower that holds up well $18.00 Chili Fries S ‘Chili Fries’ is a great new sport from 'Curly Fries' with dark green-centered leaves that sport a narrow yellow border...will make a nice tight small clump just as the parent does. $24.00 Chris' China Star M First introduction from Christina Brinkmann of Germany...'China Girl' seedling starts shiny gold on intense red petioles, greens a bit with time and has a fantastic purple haze in July/August creating interest all season $25.00 Christmas Cookies M White leaves have a wide dark green border on this tetraploid sport of 'Night before Christmas' shows more white and grows pretty well $20.00 Christmas Pageant M/L Great sport from ‘Christmas Tree’ with dark green leaves framed by a very wide yellow to creamy-white border. Vigorous grower with thick corrugated leaves. $20.00 Citric Star S First introduction from Louis Vissers of Belgium...not just another gold as this one has very thick wavy leaves that stay gold throughtout the season. Very limited and plants are small $28.00 Considering Concordville M Another absolutely amazing introduction from Jeff Moore! Intensely RED petioles hold elegant elongated green leaves upright creating a vase shaped can see those red legs from across the garden...plants will be small! $25.00 Cool Mistress M This great looking hosta from Hugo Phillips of Belgium is a cross between 'Beatrice' and 'June Fever'...Blue-green leaves have a creamy-white border...good grower and great form $28.00 Dahlonega L Heavily piecrusted and corrugated leaves are reverse cupped creating a wonderful golden moundiing clump $28.00 Delicious M Grey-green leaves have a light yellow border that turns white quickly. A 'Vivacious' sport with the same red petioles. $18.00 Devon Tor L Large rounded green leaves are shiny on this montana type. $18.00 Double D Cup M In spring this plant emerges a grayish-green color looking very ordinary and then in early June it starts to show variegation with a faint green border. The border gets darker with time and the leaves begin to cup. Looks like a different plant in late summer.. $20.00 Eclipse of the Heart M Hers another Dan Wols original! I am really excited about this leaves sport a wide yellow border that eventually turns white... $35.00 Electric Eve M We are very excited to bring this introduction from Jeff Moore to the Hosta World...comes from a cross of 'Neptune x 'Electrocution Streaked'...very wavy blue-green "electric" leaves ...picked and named by Jeff's granddaughter...fertile both ways! $32.00 Evelyn McCafferty L Rounded cupped blue-green leaves are nicely corrugated on a 'Tokudama' hybrid that is quite different $18.00 Feel the Sky S New introduction from of 'Iron Sky' and a much better/faster growing plant with nicer shaped leavesf that are larger but has still the extreme thickness! Plants will be small but a must for collectors $25.00 Fran Godfrey VL Sport from Great Britain of ‘Sum and Substance...yellowish-green leaves are surrounded by a dark green border that appears midseason. Lavender flowers appear on 4’ spikes. $22.00 Frisian Pride M Long yellow-gold leaves reach upward, outward and back down creating a dense mound that can be seen across the garden. The edges of the leaves are rippled from the petioles down to a long pointed tip. Best color in late afternoon sun. $20.00 Gabber M This very lovely hosta is the all green form of 'Bamse'...looks very similar to the parent but in green! The name is the Dutch word for 'friend" and is named for the Fransen dog $20.00 Gabriel's Horn Giant Here we have the all-gold form of 'Gabriel's Wing'...this is a beautiful plant in its own right and makes a wonderful contrast to the parent or it will stand alone as a beautiful large specimen $22.00 Gangster of Love S/M Upright dark green leaves have a yellow border that turns white if grown in morning sun...survived 20 years in the Fransen Show Garden and dates back to when they tried hybidizing with the breeder 'Bravo' $18.00 Ginsu Knife M Green leaves are bordered by a serrated creamy border that often streaks to the center...interestin hosta with slightly fragrant white flowers $18.00 Glad Tidings M The all gold sport of 'Glad Rags'...thick yellow leaves are nicely corrugated just like the parent $18.00 Glen Luminaria L This one likes the sun!...slightly wavy leaves are somewhat corrugated and emerge a frosty light blue and gradually turn a soft gold which intensifies at the end of the summer...when the wax has melted off you have shiny leaves.. $25.00 Golden Eye M Arose as a sport in tissue culture...all gold leaves are very thick and this one can be seen as the tetraploid form of 'Cheatin Heart' $22.00 Golden Goal L Thick golden-yellow leaves with some waviness on this nice seedling of 'Glory' $18.00 Grand Rapids L Beautiful gray-green leaves with a wavy margin are held on stunning purple petioles...good color combination. Lavender flowers also on purple scapes $18.00 Grandpa's Love M Rounded green leaves have a yellow border and are held in an upright manner...nice plant and not readily found $25.00 Great Lakes Gold L Golden leaves are large and bright...sports a nice rippled margin... 'White Vision' x montana macrophylla hybrid. $18.00 Green Authority M From Bart Leuckx of Belgium comes this all-green sport of ‘Justice of Peace’ which is a streaker… parent was not successful in tc and most are dark green...interesting shape like 'Mikawa-no-Yuki' but with good thick substance $18.00 Green Point M Here we have a sport of 'Golden Needles'...thick green leaves make a very nice tight clump $18.00 Green Thumb mini Green Thumb' only gets to be about 2" tall...truly a miniature with thick dark green leaves...good vigor on a dense tight clump $22.00 Grunspecht M This shiny dark green plant from the Tardiana group has very thick leaves but is different from 'Devon Green'...leaves are thickerand slightly wavy $18.00 Hanja's Red Edge M Another from Jan Hurup Hansen...dark green leaves that show year round a thin red edge...maybe best in a cooler climate...very Interesting hosta $30.00 Hans M A sport of 'Andrew'.and similar but much more vigorous! Corrugated, puckered and folded leaves with ruffling at the base are blue-green with a showy white center. Green streaks appear late in the summer which contribute to the added vigor. $20.00 Hydon Sunset S Heart-shaped yellow leaves on this fast grower that takes some sun for good yellow color. $14.00 Inca Gold S Lance-shaped yellow leaves make a beautiful little clump...looks different than other small narrow leafed gold hostas. $14.00 Ivory Necklace M  This fast grower has upright medium green leaves with a creamy white border $18.00 Jennifer Bailey S Grey-green leaves have a creamy-white border.that starts out yellow...makes a small clump $20.00 Jiminy Cricket S Small yellow leaves with wavy margins.create a really cute little clump that is quite bright $18.00 Joan's Alter Ego S This is the all-gold sport of 'Joan Altman' a hosta developed by Bob Kuk...spade-shaped leaves are bright gold on a good grower $20.00 Karma Chameleon M This wonderful Dan Wols creation is a viridescent yellow with great texture and edge...extremely fertile both ways with red scapes and pods...'Designer Genes' x 'Clovelly'. Changes from bright golden to a soft yellow and ends the season a nice medium green. $35.00 Ki Ren Jyaku M Interesting plant from Japan with bright cream colored semi double to double flowers...light green to yellow leaves are very round and held in an upright manner..thought to be the best double flowering hosta $25.00 Lakeside Cranberry Relish S Cherry red petioles topped with dark green leaves famed in a bright yellow border...leaves are shiny, slightly wavy and upright $18.00 Lakeside Khum Kaw XL Nice medium sized blue-green with lots of corrugation..makes quite a dense mound with lavender flowers. $24.00 Lakeside Ripples L Rich dark green leaves are deeply ruffled and form an upright clump topped with lots of white flowers...H. montana heritage and is quite large. $18.00 Lakeside Shockwave M Elongated wavy green leaves have a creamy-yellow border...vewry prominent veins and the border turns to white.. $18.00 Lakeside Spellbinder M Leaves have a narrow creamy-white center framed by a wide dark green border...vigorous grower and makes a dense mound topped with near white flowers $20.00 Lakeside Tee Ki S Small hosta with yellow-chartreuse leaves that are elongated and have a white border that is quite wavy--almost rippled in places. $16.00 Lakeside Zesty Zeno S/M Leaves are green with a yellow border...somewhat shiny and held on red petioles...scapes and seed pods are the same wine color... $18.00 Leopard Legs M Danny brings us a seedling of 'Red Bull' with grey-green leaves that are slightly ruffled and held on long, cherry red, dotted petioles...petioles reminded him of leopard legs $30.00 Light of Zetar M A 'Fat Boy' seedling from Dirk Dupré ( Belgium collector-breeder)...has very th\ick yello0w leaves that are a bit shiny, a bit cupped and a bit corrugated. $32.00 Lucy Vitols M Corrugated yellow leaves are very round and have an irregular green border... a sport of 'Christmas Gold $20.00 Malabar L Nice hosta with large green leaves that have a yellow border that turns white in summer...good substance and vigor $18.00 Medieval Age M Heart-shaped green leaves with a narrow yellow border that is wavy on a seedling with 'Galaxy' genes. Very attractive plant. $18.00 Mighty Mite S Thick, glossy dark green leaves have an almost "plastic" substance...they are wavy and twisted and form a dense, compact, low mound. This little guy is very vigorous and loves the sun. $18.00 Miss Tokyo L Older variety that still holds it own...large dark green leaves have a wide yellow border that turns creamy-white in summer. $18.00 Mohegan M Unique hosta with very thick intense blue, almost perfectly round, leaves that show good corrugation and will be topped with white flowers. Has proven to be a vigorous grower and makes a stunning clump $18.00 Moonstruck S This is the reverse variegated sport of ‘Dress Blues’...upright, narrow leaves have a wide creamy-white center with a blue border. $18.00 Mouse Capades mini Blue-green leaves with a yellow border and a wavy margin on this sport of 'Mighty Mouse'. $18.00 O'Harra mini Small narrow yellow leaves make a fast growing low mound. $10.00 Olympic Gold Medal M All gold sport of ‘Olympic Sunrise’...growing habit, leaf shape and vigor are same as the parent but 'Olympic Gold Medal’ has beautiful, glowing, gold leaves that become more yellow. $18.00 Ops S Light green leaves have a creamy-white border and good substance for a small hosta…Flayboant hybrid. $15.00 Paradise Red Delight M Round-shaped grey-green leaves with purple-red petioles and scapes on a super pycnophylla hybrid $18.00 Penny Lane S/M Heart-shaped green leaves with a wide yellow border and a slightly wavy margin...border turns white in summer..cute fast growers $18.00 Pewter Goblet L Here's a new introduction that I find quite interesting...leaves are very cupped, very corrugated and a bit shiny...I love different and this one fills the bill Not ready to ship until June $25.00 Piecrust Power L Large green leaves with deeply impressed veins and a nice piecrust edge. $18.00 Piecrust Promise XL Dark green leaves have a lighter green center the margin is heavily rippled on the leaves when of ‘Green Piecrust’ $22.00 Pineapple Upsidedown Cake M Grey-green leaves start with a green center which changes gold...beautiful sport of 'Pineapple Poll' $18.00 Planet X S Unique green hosta with a hazy blue border...thick leaves have good substance and are cupped and puckered...origin unknown $18.00 Potomac Glory L Upright greenish-yellow leaves with a shiny dark green margin, a sport of ''Potomac Pride''. $28.00 Proud Peacock M Medium-sized upright clump of tricolor foliage creates the perfect vase-shape...feathered border with a wide blue-green outer border surrounding the light center and helps the growth $32.00 Rain Dancer L Quite sturdy and attractive sport from ‘Blue Umbrellas’ leaves have a variable yellow border. Topped with lavender flowers. $18.00 Rebel Heart M Heart-shaped grey-green leaves with a gold border that changes to creamy white. Nice looking hosta. $18.00 Red Titanium M This 'Urajiro Hachijo' x 'Dewed Steel' seedling come from Bart Leuckx of Belgium...steel blue leaves are held on long intensely red petioles...beautiful contrast $30.00 Reptillian L Lots going on with this hosta…grey blue-green leaves are cupped with a piecrust edge and held on red petioles also, flower stems! $18.00 Riptide M Grey-green leaves atop red petioles...backs of the leaves are so it is a probable a pycnophylla hybrid $18.00 Roller Coaster Ride M Narrow pointed green leaves have a rippled thin white border...stable sport of the streaked 'Ray of Hope'. $16.00 Shady Affair m Emerges all gold and as the season progresses goes to a green center with a yellow border...small mound of cupped and wavy leaves. $18.00 Silver Moon M Nice cross between 'Blue Moon' and 'Maekawa'...round powdery blue leaves sport a silver leaf back. Clump has a spreading habit and will be topped with lavender flowers late in summer $18.00 Sioux M Blue-green leaves on a medium-sized clump that is quite dense...this one of Van Wades Indian series $18.00 Sir Prize M This is a cool sport of 'Alex Summers' that has a white misting similar to 'Allegan Fog' in spring and changes to green with yellow border in summer...still some misting and streaks I n the center (these will not ship until they are so we can check them) $65.00 Skookumchuck L Large rounded blue-green leaves are quite puckered on this good selection of sieboldiana..."Skookumchuck" is a river here in Washington state $18.00 Sky Dancer M Very nice gray-green, almost blue, leaves with a wavy margin. Has an obvious pycnophylla background but has much thicker leaves. The rounded leaves are topped with lavender flowers late in the season. $18.00 Slick Willie M Dark green leaves on this hybrid of ventricosa x 'Invincible' and displays characteristics of both parents $18.00 Space Odyssey XL Very large blue-grey leaves that have a slightly wavy margin $18.00 Step Sister M Yellow leaves have an irregular green border on this sport of 'Sunlight Sister'. $20.00 Sugar Blue M Elongated, intense blue leaves held on petioles that are dark purple at the seedling with unknown background is compable to 'Best of Twent' and 'Mr Blue' $18.00 Sugar Snap M Rounded dark green leaves have a narrow yellow border...leaves are cupped and puckered on this sport of 'Sweet Sunshine'. $11.00 Sunlight Child mini Thislittle guy has slightly shiny, lance shaped and wavy leaves that emerge chartreuse that turn yellow...really quite bright and some red on the petioles $12.00 Surfing Mouse mini Surfing Mouse' is from Danny Van Eechaute and is a sport of.'Sun Mouse' that he found some years back...longer wavy leaves and the color is the same as the parent $22.00 Suzanne Mahler M This one from Rick Goodenough iis a bold yellow with excellent red petioles...selected by and named for New England horticulturist...thin red stripe up the middle of the leaf and red veins on the leaf backs...a great addition to any hosta collection $35.00 Sweetie M Shiny and wavy yellow leaves with a white border..,'Fragrant Bouquet' x 'Fragrant Candelabra' hybrid $18.00 Syncopated Harmony M Forms a vigorous, small mound of heavily rippled and wavy green leaves with a very narrow yellow border...the yellow gives way to white later in the season''ll hear music when you look upon it $35.00 Tatooine M Jeff Moore is a star in the Hosta World...this beautiful plant is out of 'Independence Streaked' x 'Justine' and should be a full tetraploid. Thick green leaves are heartshaped and have a wide light green border $35.00 The Leading Edge M Heart-shaped green leaves have an irregular yellow border... 'Dorothy Benedict' is one of its parents $18.00 The Minnesota Mafia M If you've been to a convention you've probably run up against The Minnesota Mafia at an auction...they form a cartel so they can bid the highest on the rarest...and they smile all thu it..long bright yellow leaves change to chartreuse on this 'Jade Cascade' sport $25.00 The Razor's Edge S Small green hosta that makes an arching mound of long narrow and rippled at the base of the petioles $16.00 The Shire M It is always exciting to bring you new hostas from Rick Goodenough...'The Shire' is an elegant, glossy deep green with leaves held upright creating a fountain effect (only in 1 garden) $32.00 Tiny Bubbles S Pointed shiny yellow leaves, a cross between 'Corkscrew' and 'Lemon Frost', very rapid growing plant. $18.00 Titanic Giant Very large dark green leaves have a wide golden border on this 'Sum and Substance' sport...somewhat unstable variety and does throw a lot of all gold sports $22.00 Top of the Mornin' S This small yellow, flared mound has something going on all season...heavily dimpled foliage has lots of ruffles and unusual rosy-red petioles followed by scapes of the same color...dark lavender flowers top it off $30.00 Twisted Spearmint S A sport from 'Kiwi Spearmint' with leaves that are extremely twisted $22.00 Urchin S I find this smaller hosta to be a lot of fun...upright green leaves are elongated and extremely rippled...tight ripples $20.00 Valley's Salty Crocodile XL Very large hosta with grey-green leaves...this one is very fertile...a wonderful introduction from Jeroen Linneman $32.00 venusta 'Benedict' mini Tiny yellow leaves are framed with a green border. By the end of the season the leaves usually are all green. $12.00 War Party M Here's another introduction from Randy Goodwin...Upright blue leaves are blade-shaped with a wavy margin. $18.00 Waukon Water M Thick cupped blue leaves have good corrugation...great grower and can be seen as a more compact 'Love Pat'. $18.00 Wave Runner M Chartreuse green leaves with a wide and heavily rippled yellow border on this sport of 'Squash Casserole'. $18.00 Wizard of Ahh's M Narrow, wavy, twisted leaves start out bright yellow, then turn chartreuse. Foliage has good substance and forms a spiky little clump. Not ready to ship until June $20.00 Wizard's Illusion S Another great introduction from Don Dean...very round leaves are dusty greenish-yellow with very wavy margins...unlike other hostas of this size...great substance $32.00 Wu Hoo Giant Large grey-green leaves with a wide yellow border...a wide-edged sport of the impressive 'Empress Wu'. PPAF...several variegated sports showing up and all a little different $32.00