Hosta introductions for hosta season 2017

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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Price Abba Dabba Do L PPAF Dark green leaves sport a wavy gold margin on this upright sport of 'Sun Power'. $12.00 Armani L Maya Kingsnake' x 'Blue Wonder' hybrid with big dark green leaves with a nicely rippled edge. One of the biggest hostas with red petioles. Fast grower and good fertility $25.00 Bad Boy M A unique hosta that came out of the tc production of 'Game Boy', chartreuse leaves are very thick and quite unusual. $16.00 Bedford Rise and Shine S Great smaller introduction from Great Britain with thick, shiny green leaves framed by a nice creamy-white border. Proving to be quite vigorous...topped with lavender-purple flowers $12.50 Bellevue M Dark green foliage is lance-shaped,,somewhat wavy and slightly shiny on top. Red petioles tie it all together. $16.00 Blue Chip S Petite clump of heart-shaped blue leaves of good substance. Pale lavender flower. $12.50 Blueberry Cobbler S Frosty blue leaves on purple petioles...great substance and nice form. Blooms in September with lavender flowers. Nice plant that holds till very late $14.00 Brandywine S Dark green leaves havef good substance and are held on striking red petioles, One of the parents is longipes f. hypoglauca.. $16.50 Broad Band M Beautiful rounded green leaves are elegantly framed in a very wide yellow border. The irregular border fades to creamy-white by midsummer. $16.00 capitata f. abiflora M Heart shaped green leaves with beautiful white flowers. These plants are seedlings which means there is some variation possible. $16.00 Chief Sitting Bull L Large heart-shaped puckered green leaves with a wavy margin, a very impressive plant. $14.00 Cinderella M A sport from a seedling of H. „Dorothy Benedict?...thick blue-green leaves have a wide yellow border and topped with lavender flowers. Good grower that holds up well $14.00 Cody S Small shiny dark green leaves on a hybrid from 'Shining Tot' x venusta $10.00 Cookie Crumbs mini Small heart-shaped green leaves with a white border on this sport of 'Tiny Tears' which seems to larger than the parent. $10.00 Count Your Blessings M Heart-shaped yellow-green leaves have a yellow border that turns white as the season progresses. Stable form of H. ?Lakeside Mom? $14.00 Crinkled Leather M/L A fantastic blue from Don with thick blue leaves that are crinkled and cupped and folded with a wavy edge. Exciting new intro. $30.00 Cutting Edge M Blue-green leaves with a ruffled margin and a white back, 'Salute' x pycnophylla hybrid. $14.00 Deep Waters L A new introduction from Don that makes a large upright clump of deep blue foliage that is cupped and heavily corrugated. This one is a show stopper and will soon become a classic. $28.00 Dee's Golden Jewel L Upright golden leaves and is very sun tolerant,. A hybrid between 'Royal Standard' and 'Galaxy'. $14.00 Devon Gold S Small heart-shaped yellow leaves on a larger 'Hydon Sunset', Good grower. $15.00 Devon Mist M Heart-shaped grey-green leaves on an obvious a 'Tardiana'. $12.50 Dewed Steel M Very nice plant with unique aqua-blue leaves drenched in a glaucous bloom. Great substance on leaves held upright forming a vase-shaped clump topped with lavender flowers. $14.00 Dinky Donna S Grey-green leaves with an irregular greenish-yellow center on a nice sport from 'Radiant Edger'. $14.00 Dusty Waters M This is the all blue sport of H. 'Lakeside Cupcake'...vigorous grower with thick dusty blue, heart-shaped leaves that makes a low dense mound. Topped with lavender flowers $12.50 Eco Mirror M Danny's all green sport from 'Oil Paint is very shiny and the bright green color really makes it standout. Fertile. $18.00 Elbridge Gerry M Oval-shaped green leaves have a wide dark yellow margin. A 'Galaxy' x ('Fantastic' x 'Elatior') hybrid.. $14.00 Emerald Tiara S Yellow leaves, green margin, sport of 'Golden Scepter' which is the all-gold sport of 'Golden Tiara'. $12.00 Enchiladas M Sport of 'Avocado" and has very fragrant flowers. Almost round leaves are dark green and shiny with a yellow center. $16.00 Fashionista M Leaves are bright gold surrounded by a white border and held on red petioles. Very attractive hosta with lots going on. $16.00 Flemish Steel M Extremely thick blue leave on this tetraploid sport of 'Dewed Steel'. Makes a stunning, but yet tough, fairly dense clump.. $28.00 Foxfire Night Skye M Really nice sport from H. 'Edge of Night?...thick dark green leaves have a wide creamy-white border that really stands out. Vigorous grower with lavender flowers $14.00 Fragrant Blue M Chalky heart-shaped blue leaves, only slightly fragrant, different appearance. $12.00 Fragrant Bouquet M Greenish-gold leaves with a creamy-white border make a beautiful clump topped with, large flowers that are very fragrant. $12.50 Fragrant Dream M Sport of H. ‘Fragrant Bouquet’ with dark green leaves surrounded by a light yellow border that turns almost white later. A vigorous grower topped with near-white large fragrant flowers $14.00 Framed M Shiny dark green leaves with a yellow margin that turns creamy-white later in the season. $14.00 Frances Williams L Still one of the most planted hostas in the world...large metallic blue-green leaves are rounded and cupped and surrounded with a wide irregular gold margin. White flowers midseason $10.00 Friends S Narrow yellowish-green leaves have a wavy margin on a very fast growing seedling of 'Spritzer'. $12.00 Frost Giant M/L Large heart-shaped blue leaves with a good yellow margin on this very good newer introduction. $15.00 Frosted June M This sport from 'June Fever’ goes through a unique seasonal color change. Shiny yellow leaves have a thin light green border that changes to creamy-white...the center changes to a light green $14.00 Frosted Lollipop S Variegated sport of H. ‘Lakeside Lollipop’...shiny dark green leaves are surrounded by a yellow border that later turns to pure white. Leaves have good substance and make a dense clump. Lavender flowers $20.00 Frosty Morn M Rounded yellow-green leaves with a wavy margin, unique yellow seedling of rupifraga. $12.50 Fruit Punch M Watermelon petioles hold vibrant lemon-yellow leaves edged in blackberry for SPRING foliage. In time, changes bring wavy kiwi colored, sized and shaped leaves which quickly form a dense flat mound held on.saturated strawberry colored scapes. $14.00 Fulda S Very blue leaves of good substance on a German Tardiana...topped with lavender flowers. $15.00 Funny Bones S We are excited to be introducing some new hostas by Jim & Meg Dalton of NY--'Funny Bones' is an outstanding small gold that stays low to the ground and spreads out, leaves are a little shiny with lots of ripples and good substance. $28.00 Gemstone M Small blue-green leaves on a rapid growing seedling of venusta and 'Dorset Blue' with the best characteristics of both parents. $15.00 Goldbrook Glimmer M Sport of 'Halcyon' with a wide blue border and a faded greenish center that looks to have a thin "veil" over it. Always in demand and not many around. $20.00 Goldbrook Grayling S Small tardiana type that is a seedling from ‘Happiness’ with long pointed gray-green leaves topped with pinkish flowers midsummer. Fast grower suitable for a groundcover $12.50 Goldrush M Round golden leaves with a grey-green margin, 'Birchwood Parky's Gold' sport. $12.50 Gosan Leather Strap M Very thick narrow,shiny green leaves, Doesn't look much like a hosta at all. $12.50 Grand Canyon M Upright greenish-yellow leaves have, rippled margins on this 'Sum and Substance' x montana f. macrophylla hybrid. $15.00 Grand Rapids L Beautiful gray-green leaves with a wavy margin are held on stunning purple petioles...good color combination. Lavender flowers also on purple scapes $15.00 Grey Glacier M One of Danny’ introductions and really a beauty...large gray-green leaves have a creamy white border. This fast grower is a sport from H. ‘Special Blend’ and will really stand out $20.00 Hadspen Blue M A low-growing clump with rounded blue-green leaves that have excellent substance and good texture one of the bluest. $12.50 Hadspen Samphire M Very bright yellow leaves in spring are quite wavy and turn greenish-yellow later. $14.00 Happy Valley M Dark green leaves have a creamy-yellow border that is wavy and changes to white. $14.00 Hi Ho Silver mini Lance-shaped leaves with some ruffling on this wide white margined sport of H. ‘Ginko Craig' makes a small clump and maintains that cute look. Flowers are dark purple. $10.00 His Honor L Large rounded medium green leaves are surrounded by a wide greenish-yellow border that turns to creamy-white. $14.00 Holar Red Wine S Fresh green leaves on intensely red petioles. The red of the petioles goes into the leaves. $18.00 Home Sweet Home M Marco Fransen brings us a gorgeous new sport from 'Sweet Home Chicago'...heart-shaped yellowish-green leaves have a wide creamy-white border. $24.00 Hudson Bay M SHADOWLAND* PP23598, CPBR4948 Improved version of 'Eskimo Pie'...wider, brighter blue border and green streaks frame the white center. Great looking plant that shows good vigor and bulks up fast. $14.00 Humpback Whale L Forms a massive dome-shaped clump of blue-green heart-shaped leaves that are nicely corrugated. Give this one plenty of room as it be an imposing hosta! $14.00 Hush Puppie S Grows like a weed.. H. venusta hybrid that has small, heart-shaped gray-green leaves with a creamy-white margin. Size and rapid growth rate make it suitable for edging. $10.00 Hydon Sunset S Heart-shaped yellow leaves on a fast grower. Morning sun brings out more yellow color. $10.00 Ice Palace M Large blue leaves have lots of corrugation and make a dense mound, $16.00 Illicit Affair S Heart-shaped leaves are gold with a wavy green border on this 'Cheatin Heart' sport. Makes a bright and dense little clump. $10.00 Irish Eyes M Pointed medium green leaves with a grey cast are framed with a slightly rippled creamy-white border. Topped with near white flowers in July and shows good vigor $12.50 Iron Sky M Incredibly thick blue-grey leaves on this tetraploid sport from 'Flemish Sky'.. Great Plant $38.00 Itty Bitty mini Here's another mouse and this one comes from 'Green Mouse Ears'. Green leaves have a white center $18.00 Ivory Tower M Leaves are pale-green and almost yellow and make a beautiful upright clump. Quite showy! $16.00 Joy Ride M One of the strongest growing hostas we have seen. Pointed blue leaves extend sporty very wavy and ruffled edges. Don't pass this one by. $14.00 Kanzi mini/S Danny brings us a nice new sport of ''Little Red Rooster'' with narrow green leaves and a wide yellow margin. This will be a wonderful addition for those looking for small hostas. $20.00 Kinky Boots M Brand new introduction from Don Dean--variegated sport from 'Peek-a-Boo Purple' has grey-green leaves with a creamy ruffled border. Great grower!. $30.00 Komodo Dragon L Makes a very large mound of dark green leaves with some rippling. Beautiful specimen/ $14.00 Lady Guinevere M Sport of ‘Elisabeth’ with gold-centered leaves that are quite nice. Topped with pale lavender flowers in midsumme $14.00 Lakeside Alex Andra M/L Yellowish-green leaves sport a white margin and are slightly corrugated. Good grower that clumps up fast.. $16.00 Lakeside Roy El M Named after Mary's husband, Roy. Upright green leaves have a wide yellow border that turns white with time on this good grower. Good substance. $14.00 Lakeside Tee Ki S Small hosta with yellow-chartreuse leaves that are elongated and have a white border that is quite wavy--almost rippled in places. $15.00 Lakeside Zinger mini Dark green leaves with a wide white border on a very good grower.. $14.00 Laura Lanier M Sport from H. ‘Sea Yellow Sunrise’ with yellow leaves surrounded by a variable green border that intensifies with the season. $14.00 Lederhosen M Thick elongated leaves have a wavy margin and form a dense mound. Equally outstanding are beautiful fragrant lavender flowers that open in late summer $12.50 Lime Fizz mini Dark green leaves with a wavy white margin, excellent sport of 'Lemon Delight', very vigorous grower. $10.00 Limey Lisa mini Rounded slightly cupped yellow leaves that turn lime green later--vewry cute plant. $12.00 Little Miss Muffet mini Nice little hosta with small chartreuse-green leaves on this venusta selection. A miniature 'Gold Edger'.. $12.50 London Bridge S Unique sport of 'Allegan Fog. Unruly, twisted white leaves have a green margin and form a dense clump.. $15.00 Magic Island M Thick blue-grey leaves with a flaming creamy-yellow center, 'Halcyon' sport that resambles 'High Society' One of our favorites!. $15.00 Majestic M Very shiny dark green leaves with an irregular wide yellow margin that changes to white. $14.00 Majordomo M Beautiful clump has heart-shaped leaves that are a metal blue color The leaves arch and are somewhat wavy. $14.00 Malabar M Large green leaves have a yellow border that turns white by the end of the season. $14.00 Maya Tritone M Chartreuse changing to yellow and/or creamy-white leaves, the veins remain darker than the rest of the leaf. $14.00 Memories of Dorothy M Blue-green leaves with a creamy-yellow margin make a dense mound. $14.00 Midas Touch M Thick cupped and puckered golden leaves, 'Tokudama' type, 'Gold Cup' x 'Golden Waffles' hybrid $12.50 Millennium L Commanding clump of intensely blue-green leaves with slightly rippled margins. Tremendous substance and pure white flowers in July $14.00 Miss Linda Smith M Heart-shaped grey-green leaves are held on very good purple-red petiols. $14.00 Moody Blues M Blue from the Netherlands with Tardiana background--wide leaves come to a point and are intense blue with good substance. Topped with pale lavender flowers $14.00 Moon Lily M Somewhat cupped golden leaves have great substance and form a low mound. Good grower. $12.50 Moonrise M Seedling from 'Dorothy Benedict' has nicely corrugated green leaves with a yellow border. $18.00 Morning Light S Leaves have a bright yellow center with a wide dark green border on this sport from 'Twilight' Great substance and the leaves have a nice sheen. $12.50 Morning's Glory M We are excited to be introducing some new hostas by Jim & Meg Dalton of NY--'Morning's Glory' has beautiful large green leaves with a stunning wide white border that feathers around the center. You will spot this one from across the garden $28.00 Mrs Minky M From Great Britain…beautiful undulating golden-yellow leaves have an intriguing edge that is quite wavy and the leaf tips are long and elegant. Plant makes a dense mound topped with lilac flowers in June $14.00 Muffie S Dark green leaves have a white border on a vigorous growing small Hosta. $14.00 Munchkin mini Small heart-shaped green leaves on this all-green sport of 'Masquerade'. $8.00 Mystic Star M Heart-shaped blue leaves make a beautiful dense mound on this yingeri x 'Dorset Blue' hybrid. $14.00 Nifty Fifty M Stable form of 'Dorothy Benedict' with blue-green leaves framed by a creamy-yellow border and topped with pale lavender flowers $14.00 North Atlantic M Roud blue leaves make a dense clump on a vigorous'Tardiana' type $14.00 Olympic Glacier M Reverse sport of H. „Pathfinder?…thick dark green leaves have a wide white irregular border with green flecks sprinkled throughout $12.50 One Last Dance PPAF M New sport from 'Dancing Queen' with a green center and a wide yellow border that is qjuite rippled. This one will soon become a classic! $18.00 Ophir M Elongated bright golden leaves with a wavy margin turns greenish-yellow later, reddish petioles. $14.00 Pacific Sunset M Grey-green leaves with a yellow margin that turns cream--great colors and a bit different that most others.. $16.50 Paradigm M Shiny, slightly puckered golden leaves with a green margin on this 'Abiqua Recluse' sport. Very good hosta. $12.50 Paradise Backstage M Reverse sport of 'On Stage' --green leaves are long and narrow and have an irregular yellow border. Topped with lavender flowers midsummer and will be happiest if grown in morning sun. Good substance $14.00 Paul's Glory