Hosta introductions for hosta season 2020

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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Price Abba Dabba Do L Dark green leaves with a wavy gold margin on an upright shaped of ''Sun Power''. $16.00 Abundant Love L Thick blue leaves are nicely puckered on this 'Love Pat' seedling that resembles parent but will be larger $18.00 Age of Gold M/L Beautiful gold leaves form an impressive clump that holds its color very well throughout the season. $18.00 Ain't Misbehavin M Outstanding new introduction from the Daltons with beautiful broad green leaves showing heavy veins and sporting outstanding pie-crusted edges (elegant tips) form a dramatic clump $30.00 Anna Lindh M Grey-green leaves have pretty good substance and color to an uneven yellow and later white. $20.00 Aztec Treasure M Heart-shaped yellow leaves are crinkled and have good substance on this hybrid of 'Golden Waffles' $16.00 Becky's Choice M A medium-sized beauty with slender undulating leaves that are powdery blue. Good form and great substance. $18.00 Bingo L Impressive clump of heart-shaped grey-green leaves with a yellow border that is slightly wavy...'Tokudama Aureonebulosa' hybrid $18.00 Blue Elf mini Wonderful miniature with very blue leaves...great substance and good grower $16.00 Blues Alley M An all blue tissue-culture sport of 'Quiet Wyatt' from Jeff Moore...thick blue leaves with a wavy border come to a point...impressive $25.00 Bluetini S Small, heart-shaped blue-grey leaves Makes a lush little clump of heart-shaped blue-grey leaves $16.00 Bounty S Tetraploid form of 'Lonesome Dove'...thick cupped leaves have a white center and a very wide blue-green border. This one will be a slow grower but will be worth the wait. $18.00 Bridal Veil M Grey-green leaves have a creamy-white margin that is neatly rippled..,good grower. $16.00 Broad Band M Slightly wavy green leaves are almost round and have an irregular wide yellow border that transitions to white by the end of the season $16.00 Cadiz Springs M Beatiful introduction from Jeff Moore with red petioles that hold exquisite green leaves in an upright fashion...Leaves are not only wavy but also rippled all the way to the pointed tip that points downward from the tall petioles $30.00 Carry On M Wide-margined sport of 'Pilgrim' by Rob Mortko. . Named after his late brother's favorite song "Carry On Wayward Son". $16.00 Chantilly Lace M Good grower with blue-green leaves framed in a creamy-white border...'Calypso' x 'Halcyon hybrid $16.00 Chesapeake Bay M Large blue-green leaves sport a wavy margin...great substance and a good grower that holds up well $16.00 Chorus Girl S Wonderful little clump...round puckered leaves become bright gold and are held facing upward. Good substance and great for hybridizing. $18.00 Chris' China Star M First introduction from Christina Brinkmann of Germany...'China Girl' seedling starts shiny gold on intense red petioles, greens a bit with time and has a fantastic purple haze in July/August creating interest all season $35.00 Circular Saw M Green leaves have a soft yellow border on this stable sport of 'Rosedale Blend Master'. $16.00 City Dog M Lance-shaped green leaves have an impressive rippled white border on this sport of 'Red Dog' ...a nice combination of red petiols and white margin. $20.00 Considering Concordville M Another absolutely amazing introduction from Jeff Moore! Intensely RED petioles hold elegant elongated green leaves upright creating a vase shaped can see those red legs from across the garden...plants will be small! $35.00 Cool Hand Luke M Grey-green leaves have a thin yellow border on this selected 'Tokudama Flavocircinalis' sport...named after an employee $20.00 Danubie Isla M Grey-blue leaves have irregular silver streaks striping into the leaves on this new and unknown distinctive plant. $22.00 Devon Gold S Small heart-shaped yellow leaves on a good grower $16.00 Devon Green M One of the best hostas! Holds up well late into the season...Intense shiny dark green leaves,on a sport of 'Halcyon' $14.00 Diamond Lake L PPAF CPBRAF Attractive, heart-shaped blue leaves are thick and and have heavy corrugation with wavy margins. Very attractive! $18.00 Diamond Tiara S Rounded green leaves have a white border on this sport of 'Golden Tiara'. $14.00 Diana Remembered M Green leaves with a wide white border and very large fragrant flowers that are almost white.., 'Seventh Heaven' sport $16.00 Doctor Fu Manchu M Upright grey-green leaves have a ruffled margin and are held on red petioles,..this longipes x pycnophylla hybrid is not around much $20.00 Everlasting Love M Green leaves have a creamy-white border on this 'Neat Splash' x 'Dorset Blue' hybrid. $16.00 Exotic Presentation M Graceful dark green leaves start with a yellow border that changes to white. Leaves are held in an upright manner creating a beautiful vase-shaped clump. $16.00 Feel the Sky S New introduction from of 'Iron Sky' and a much better/faster growing plant with nicer shaped leavesf that are larger but has still the extreme thickness! Plants will be small but a must for collectors $40.00 Foggy Day M Green leaves have a white border that varies and has green flecks.throughout $18.00 Frilly Fantasy M We are introducing a couple plants from hybridizer Ed Schulz of Iowa this year...this beautiful hosta comes with all the frills and dances in the wind! Heart-shaped yellow leaves (color holds all season) are quite wavy down to the elegant twisted tips. $32.00 Frosted Raspberry M Sport of 'Raspberry Sorbet' with a white border that is quite rippled...leaves have a nice sheen and this one will be a great grower $20.00 Frosty Morn M Rounded chartreuese leaves have a nice wavy margin on this unique yellow seedling of rupifraga...good substance! $16.00 Fruit Cup S Really a sweet little hosta withs mall, rounded dark-green leaves that are corrugated and cupped. ..grow pretty flat to the ground so best in front of the border $18.00 Fruit Loops S Another very cute smallish hosta...rounded green leaves are puckered and have a wide yellow border that quickly turns creamy-white $18.00 Giantland Mouse Cheese mini/S Makes a small mound of green foliage that turns yellow and is a good grower. $18.00 Goldbrook Gaynor L Sport from 'Love Pat' with blue corrugated leaves that have a yellow border that becomes blue later later in the we say, "it’s a spring thing!". $28.00 Golden Gate L Nice plant! Large shiny golden leaves havea slightly wavy margin and great substance. $18.00 Grand Finale M Dark green shiny leaves on a 'Maruba Iwa' hybrid,...lots of flowers in the fall $16.00 Green Guppy mini Small green leaves on a rapid growing venusta-type that comes from Rosemoor Gardens but received from Ann and Roger Bowden. $12.00 Green Lava M We are introducing a couple plants from hybridizer Ed Schulz of Iowa this year...dense mound of smooth bright green leaves that are wavy but the waves go in a downward motion creating a different look for a hosta $28.00 Green with Envy S Oval yellow leaves have a green borderon this beautiful sport of 'Dawn',..very fast multiplier. $12.00 Grey Ghost M/L Unique ‘Blue Angel’ spring the leaves emerge creamy-white with very little color, then turn a bright butter-yellow and eventually blue in about six weeks. $20.00 H. Limey Lisa mini a wonderful mini with rounded slightly cupped yellow leaves that turn to lime green later. A great little performer and makes a nice bright spot in a container garden or the front of the border. $12.50 Hanja's Red Edge M Another from Jan...dark green leaves that show year round a thin red edge...maybe best in a cooler climate...very Interesting hosta $30.00 Happy Valley M Dark green leaves have a wavy creamy-yellow border that changes to clear white. $16.00 Hidden Treasure S Narrow green leaves have a white border with some ruffles on this sport of 'Hidden Cove'. $16.00 Holar Red Spear M Thick, strong and shiny leathery leaves are held on red petioles…the red goes deep into the leaf on a medium sized vigorous grower. $30.00 Holar Red Wine S Bright green leaves are held on intensely red petioles with the red reaching far into the leaf blade...makes a nice clump $28.00 Holy Mole L Light green leaves change to gold and have a very wide green border...good substance, 'Guacamole' sport so beautiful FRAGRANT flowers $18.00 Homecoming Queen L Large pale-green to yellow leaves.can make an extra-large clump. This one has been around and was a guest plant in 2012 but now just available again $18.00 Honey Bear L Thick green leaves have a yellow border on this nice new sport of 'Honey Pie' $25.00 Hydon Sunset S Heart-shaped yellow leaves on this fast grower that takes some sun for good yellow color. $12.00 Icy Halo Giant Huge round green leaves have a narrow white border on this improved sport of 'Parhelion' $18.00 Introvert S Here is a stabalized sport of 'Bashful' with grey-green leaves framed by a white border $18.00 Jack of Spades S Dark-green leaves.on this all-green sport of 'Made in Spades', rapid growing and very floriferous. $12.00 Jennifer Bailey S Grey-green leaves have a creamy-white border.that starts out yellow...makes a small clump $30.00 Jininy Cricket S Small yellow leaves with wavy margins.create a really cute little clump that is quite bright $18.00 Komodo Dragon Giant Upright large green leaves have a goregous rippled margin...this one has great substance and makes a beautiful statement in the garden $16.00 Lake Hitchcock M Rounded blue-green leaves have a creamy-white border...can be slow but so well worth the wait!...'Mount Tom' hybrid. $20.00 Lakeside Color Blue M Round blue leaves are heavily corrugated, cupped and of good substance. Upright growing habit. $18.00 Lakeside Zinger S Dark green leaves have a wide very white border on this good grower out of 'Little White Lines' $14.00 Lava Flow S/M Green leaves are long and elliptical displaying some wavines...veins remain yellow through most of the season. Interesting plant! $18.00 Leather Gloss M Very shiny green leaves of excellent substance on a sport of 'The Fonz' that lost its wax $22.00 Lemon Meringue M Frosty yellow leaves with a white back are quite round on this hypoleuca hybrid...neat plant $20.00 Lemontini S Leaves emerge chartreuse in color and become bright yellow quickly. $12.00 Li'l Smooch mini Dan Wols brings us a wonderful new mini with leaves that stay yellow all season and are held on red petioles that creep up and leave a kiss of red in each leaf base…later purple flowers set atop short red scapes in perfect proportion to the plant. $25.00 Lime Shag mini Narrow yellow leaves have a wavy margin...resembles 'Lemon Lime' or 'Feather Boa'. $8.00 Limey Lisa mini a wonderful mini with rounded slightly cupped yellow leaves that turn to lime green later. A great little performer and makes a nice bright spot in a container garden or the front of the border. $12.50 Lipstick Sunset M Marks a beautiful smaller clump of bright yellow leaves with intense red petioles that shoot the color far into the one from Don Dean Plants will not be ready to ship until June $35.00 Little Hobber S Upward growing grey-green leaves are round and corrugated $14.00 Little Star Struck S Pointed grey-green leaves have a creamy border that changes to white... good grower. $14.00 Louie Louie M Arching green leaves have a narrow white border with a wavy margin...excellent grower and makes a nice clump. $25.00 Magical Mouse Ears mini Sport of Blue Mouse Ears found the Fransen's nursery and named by Hugo Philips...the leaves start creamy in spring and color to a grey-green. This is a good growing Mouse and very attractive in spring. $22.00 Mean Gene M A seedling from Mito-No-Hana...the leaves start creamy-white and later develop green flecks/spots and finally turn totally dark green depending on temperature and light. This one has white, rectifolia-type flowers on long stems $30.00 Megan's Angel L Large, heart-shaped blue-green leaves have a greenish-yellow border and make a very impressive clump $22.00 Memphis Blue L Olga loves BIG! And this one has large blue leaves that are nicely puckered. $18.00 Metallica M Blue-green leaves change to shiny dark green leaves with a wavy the end of the season $16.00 Minutini S Small greyish-green leaves make a dense little clump on this smallest hosta in the 'tini' series of Mark Zilis. $14.00 Miss Mitzi S Vigorous grower and makes a nice mound of bright green leaves framed with a feathered border...really adds after the Schroeder's dog (I am sure many of us have had a Mitzi or two in our lives $24.00 Moonrise L Puckered green leaves have a yellow border on this very nice seedling of 'Dorothy Benedict'. $20.00 Mouse Capades mini Blue-green leaves with a yellow border and a wavy margin on this sport of 'Mighty Mouse'. $16.00 Movin on Up S Really a neat little blue hosta for a small plant...pointed leaves twist and display ruffles all the way to the tips...lots of character! $32.00 Mystic Star M Heart-shaped blue leaves create a dense clump on this yingeri x 'Dorset Blue' hybrid. $16.00 Paradise Glimmer M Shiny dark green leaves display a slightly lighter center,on this 'Devon Green' sport. $24.00 Paradise Puppet S Small wavy somewhat twisted green leaves, creat an adorable clump on this easy growing, venusta hybrid. $12.00 Peacock Strut M Upright blue-grey leaves do turn green later in the season..,good purple petioles and flower scapes. $18.00 Peppermint Twist M Another crazy wonderful hosta from Dan Wols...picture of elegance! Bright green leaves are very wavy and twist as they reach upward and of the leaves are long so nicely twisted. Not ready to ship until June $35.00 Pewter Goblet L Here's a new introduction that I find quite interesting...leaves are very cupped, very corrugated and a bit shiny...I love different and this one fills the bill Not ready to ship until June $28.00 Place of Hope M A new introduction from Danny Van Eechaute with excellent color, fantastic upright form, and wavy, folded leaves...lots of interest here $28.00 Prairie Dawn L Heart-shaped green leaves have a yellow border that turns cream later. $18.00 Prince of Wales Giant Very large blue-green leaves on this sieboldiana 'Elegans' x montana hybrid..,stunning flowers. $18.00 Pure Intentions S This new intro from Don will make your socks roll up and down! Wide irregular blue border surrounds the feather-like center that begins yellow and turns to a goregeous creamy-white...will stand out no matter where you plant it $35.00 Purple Haze M Very unique hosta with blue leaves held on purple petioles...the purple color continues into the veins of the leaf creating a "purple haze" on the center portion of the leaf surface. This color is very evident in spring and does fade as the season progresses. Good substance on nicely textured leaves that are topped with lavender flowers. $18.00 Queen of the Seas L Large, thick, blue-green leaves are heart-shaped and have a heavily rippled and serrated margin. Clump will be topped with near-white flowers $16.00 Quilting Bee S Small oval green corrugated leaves on a different looking small hosta...good grower $12.00 Red Zeppelin M This is the all green form of Jeff's 'Grateful Red'...maybe not quite the flare of the parent but bet those genes are still in there $18.00 Reflected Glory M One of the last hostas from Mildred to be introduced...low spreading mound of large, green leaves with prominent veins and gold borders $20.00 Restless Sea M Wedge-shaped blue-green leaves with a wavy margin and serrated of my favorite blues $16.00 Rocket City S 2016 Dixie Regional Convention plant....tight yellow clump with upright leaves that are narrow and folded. Vigorous. Bloom scapes are like rockets erupting from the clump...late season change from yellow to yellowish white. $18.00 Roller Coaster Ride M Narrow pointed green leaves have a rippled thin white border...stable sport of the streaked 'Ray of Hope'. $16.00 Royal Crest PPAF L 'Royal Crest' has medium green, shiny leaves that show heavier substance than traditional fragrant varieties. Large white flowers are produced August to early September  $18.00 Russell Lee L Large blue-green leaves have a greenish-yellow border that makes for an interesting color combination...good substance. $16.00 Scarlet Ribbons M Lance-shaped arching green leaves have a yellow-white border and are held on, red petioles, very fast growing $16.00 Sherlock M A new one from the Daltons...yellow-green leaves have darker veins that really makes this hosta stand out! Elegant ruffled leaves arch toward the ground Not ready to ship until June $35.00 Snickers' Surprise M This wonderful hosta resluted from the tissue-culture run of 'Quiet Wyatt' from Jeff Moore...thick blue-green leaf has a wide irregular yellow border...this one is gonna be beautiful $32.00 Solitude M Medium/small silver-blue with gently rolling leaf edges and pointed tips that curl downward. They are lightly puckered and arranged upon a flat mound. All depict the quiet peacefulness of a gentle summer breeze. Pale lavender flowers complete the scene in mid-season $35.00 Sterling Medallion L Finally! We have a batch of this wonderful blue from Don Dean...large thick heart-shaped blue leaves are wavy and make a gorgeous clump $22.00 Summer Rainbow L A sport from Hallsons of 'Winter Snow' with a white border...really pretty and grows well $20.00 Temptation L Nice sport from sieboldiana ‘Elegans’ found in Belgium...large rounded and puckered blue-green leaves have a creamy-white center. Very nice plant! $18.00 Tenryu L Upright powdery blue-green leaves on a large clump...similar to nigrescens and has tall flower scapes. $16.00 The Bristish are Coming M Grey-green leaves held on red petioles on this sport of 'Red Cloud'. $16.00 The High Life M Thick yellow leaves have a wide green border...good substance $18.00 Tidewater L Elongated powder blue leaves grow into a large full mound...great grower $18.00 Tiny Bubbles S Pointed shiny yellow leaves, a cross between 'Corkscrew' and 'Lemon Frost', very rapid growing plant. $16.00 Tom Thumb mini Small, slightly wavy green leaves, a Japanese venusta seedling named by the Fransens. $12.00 Twist Tie S A new small hosta from Bob Solberg...hybrid from ''Tongue Twister'' has small blue-green leaves that are twisted and held upright...very good substance and hangs on to the very end of the season. $16.00 Unbridled Passion M Green leaves with a rippled white margin. $20.00 Valley's Peptalk M If it’s a Valley"it’s a treasure! 'Valley's Peptalk' has large blue leaves framed by a nice wide yellow border! Great substance $35.00 Vanilla Cream S Round-shaped light green leaves change to yellow and have good substance. $12.00 White Ceiling M Upright green leaves have white backs on this 'Urajiro Hachijo' seedling. $22.00 White Linen M Green leaves with a creamy, later white margin...similar to 'Valley's Sushi' but does seem to be a little different at different times of the year $22.00 Wiggles and Squiggles S  Bright yellow leaves are very long and thin and notable for their incredibly wavy margins $16.00 Wizard of Ahh's M Narrow, wavy, twisted leaves start out bright yellow, then turn chartreuse. Foliage has good substance and forms a spiky little clump. Not ready to ship until June $20.00 Wrinkle in Time S Grey-green leaves have a yellow border on this unusual sport of ‘Pilgrim’ with upright and somewhat folded leaves. $16.00 Wunderbar Giant Very large grey-green leaves with a wide yellow margin. Finally a variegated sport of'Empress Wu' that can come to market at a price for everybody! $20.00 Wundergold