Hosta introductions for hosta season 2018

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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Price Aladdin's Lamp M Thick chartreuse-gold leaves are nicely cupped and corrugated when mature. $15.00 Alvatine Taylor L Beautiful blue leaves with a green border that changes to yellow on a large clump...good substance. $14.00 Angelique S Dense clump of elongated green leaves with a yellow border that turns white later in the season. Attractive! $18.00 Azuretini S Slightly wavy blue-green leaves on a fast growing hybrid of 'Blue Dimples' and 'Shining Tot'. $10.00 Baby Blue Eyes S Very blue heart-shaped leaves form a showy clump with a tight growing habit. $11.00 Becky's Choice M A medium-sized beauty with slender undulating leaves that are powdery blue. Good form and great substance. $16.00 Big John Giant Very large heart-shaped blue-green leaves with a slightly rippled margin. A seedling of sieboldiana 'Mira' and one of the largest Hostas. $18.00 Blue Boy M Spade-shaped blue-green leaves show considerable "folding" and make a dense clump very fast. $10.00 Blue Dolphin L Rounded heart-shaped blue leaves have heavily impressed veins. $15.00 Blue Lollipop mini Great little hybrid from 'Dorset Blue'…deep blue-green leaves are heart-shaped and have good substance $14.00 Bogie and Bacall M Heart-shaped green leaves have a slightly rippled white marginon this hybrid of 'Beatrice' x 'Rhapsody in Blue'. $15.00 Bridegroom S Interesting small mound of upward twisted and pointed leaves with rippled margins are held on their petioles like no other hosta...a satiny sheen and dark green color add to the interest of the plant. $14.00 Broad Street M Green leaves have a narrow yellow center that later turns creamy-white. $15.00 Cameo mini Small rounded grey-green leaves with a creamy-white edge on this 'Pandora's Box' sport. $12.00 Catherine M Heart-shaped soft-yellow leaves with a wide blue margin, sport of 'Halcyon', looks like 'Touch of Class'. $14.00 Chariots of Fire M Oval shaped green leaves have a creamy-yellow border that changes to white held on deep red scapes. Late flowering. $14.00 Cheatin Heart mini Heart-shaped gold leaves have a wavy margin on this bright jewel...the color intensifies in some sun. $9.00 Chi-Town Classic M Green leaves are heart-shaped and sport a yellow border that turns white. This hybrid of 'Breeder's Choice' is a rapid grower. $12.00 Christmas Charm M Thick green leaves with a creamy-white margin, on this sport of 'Night before Christmas'. $16.00 Christmas Island M Sport from 'Christmas Candy…beautiful heart-shaped leaf with a feathered white center surrounded by a wide green border. Really pretty! $18.00 Devon Blue M Nice blue leaves on a large 'Tardiana'...originally a seedling from Eric Smith (developer of many blues early on called the 'Tardianas') and named by Roger Bowden. $14.00 Devon Giant giant Very large rounded blue-green leaves on this 'Hadspen Blue' seedling. $14.00 Devon Tor L Large rounded shiny green leaves on a montana type. $15.00 Dinner Mint S Soft green leaves with a gray-green border change to yellow centers as the season progresses. Wonderful little sport from 'Lemontinit'. $15.00 Elatior Giant Thick, shiny green leaves make avase-shaped mound with tall flower scapes, aka nigrescens 'Elatior'. $14.00 Elkhart Lake M Huge green leaves have a white back on this hybrid between 'June' and hypoleuca…leaves are somewhat wavy. $15.00 Elvis Lives M Lance-shaped blue-green leaves have a rippled margin on this 'Peter Pan' x 'Green Fountain' hybrid. $14.00 Emerald Ruff Cut M Sport of 'Sea Angel Wings' has nicely ruffled leaves with a gold center surrounded by an emerald-green border. Good substance and a vigorous grower. $14.00 Emeralds and Rubies S Shiny narrow green leaves are held on beautiful red petioles…red scapes on this 'Emerald Carpet' seedling. $12.00 Evening Blush M Another superb blue hosta from Don Dean...pointed blue leaves are held on rich purple petioles. The vase-shaped clump and wavy leaves stand out from across the garden! $24.00 Exotic Presentation M Graceful dark green leaves start with a yellow border that changes to white. Leaves are held in an upright manner creating a beautiful vase-shaped clump. $18.00 Eye Candy M Green leaves start with a pale yellow border that changes to a wide white border. Upright habit. $16.00 First Blush M Small to medium hosta w/red petioles extending into the leaf blade and also a thin red margin around the leaf. In spring the leaf between the veins will start to "blush" red from the tip of the leaf down toward the base. The leaves remain red here until temperatures surpass 92 degrees. $28.00 First Love L This is the reverse sport of montana ‘Aureomarginata’ and will grow into a beautiful clump of shiny, yellow-centered leaves with a green border. Will be an early riser. $20.00 Flamenco Mouse mini Great addition to the "mouse family''...leaves are nicely ruffled but the really outstanding quality are the dark purple flowers which are a different color than any other "mouse" $16.50 Flemish Beauty M Lance-shaped, bright golden leaves have a wide green border. A beautiful sport of the unique 'Lipstick Blonde'. $20.00 Forest Fireworks M Light green leaves change to yellow with a wide creamy-white border on this , an ''Amy Aden'' seedling. $14.00 Formal Attire L Heart-shaped dark green leaves with a creamy-yellow border on this 'Breeder's Choice' x 'Frances Williams' hybrid. $14.00 Fragrant Star M Cross between 'Invincible' and 'June' gives us a fragrant blue hosta. $14.00 Garden Treasure L Thick blue-green leaves with a gold border are nicely puckered on this sport of ''Treasure''. $18.00 Get Nekkid M Very shiny green leaves with wavy margins...selected because of its special spider-like and long-lasting flowers. Hybrid with yingeri genes therefore requires a warm and moist place in your garden. $16.00 Glen Triumph Giant New introduction from Viktoria Serafin...very large hosta with an upright form. Blue-green at first and then changes to dark green with cupped leaves that show the white undersides making for a lovely contrast. Stong petioles, great substance and this vigorous grower can take lots of sun. $25.00 Gold Power M The all gold form of 'High Voltage'...thick gold leaves have a nice sheen. $14.00 Gosan Hildegarde S Narrow, pointed golden leaves on this 'Little Aurora' x 'Ginko Craig' hybrid. $14.00 Great Arrival L Rounded blue-green leaves have a bright golden border that changes to white, 'Great Expectations' sport. $14.00 Green Wings M/L We really find this plant to be attractive and a good grower…large pale-green wing-shaped leaves make a tall vase-shaped clump that is quite attractive. Hybridizer and origin of plant unknown. $25.00 Hampshire County M Heart-shaped dark green leaves have a wide white border. Makes a beautiful clump. $14.00 Harry van de Laar M Grayish-green leaves with white backs held on red petioles. Good substance and topped with lavender flowers. $14.00 Harry van Trier S Dark green leaves have wavy margins and good substance on this nakaiana type. $12.00 Hasta Manana M New introduction has apple-green leaves framed with a white border that change to gold and then each new flush begins apple-green again. Sport from 'Gold Standard' $16.00 Heart Throb M Heart-shaped blue leaves have good substance ona a fast grower. $14.00 Hidden Treasure S Narrow green leaves with a white margin. Sport of 'Hidden Cove'. $12.50 High Tide S/M Nice compact clump of frosted heart-shaped blue-green leaves. Good substance and a great growth rate. $16.00 Holar Arches Park Giant Ronny Van Keer continues to bring us a series of superior plants. This hybrid from 'Arch Duke' x 'Jurassic Park' has beautiful puckered leaves that become more than 20" long. WOW!! $25.00 Holar Wild Side M This hybrid from 'Neptune' x 'Tequila Sunrise' made me giggle! "A picture is worth a thousand words" sure fits this hosta as trying to describe its wavy and ruffled leaves is almost impossible and it grows like a weed! $25.00 Ice Palace M Large blue leaves have lots of corrugation and make a dense mound, $16.00 Ice Prancer M A beautiful seeding from 'Reptillian' with thick wedge-shaped frosty blue leaves that have a rippled margin. $16.00 Inca Gold S Lance-shaped yellow leaves make a beautiful little clump...looks different than other small narrow leafed gold hostas. $14.00 Indiana Blue M Tardiana type developed by Bob Balitewicz that is similar to 'Yankee Blue' but the color is much darker. $15.00 Inspire Greatness M Rounded blue-green leaves have a nice white border…vigorous grower with good substance. $16.00 Jetstream M Blue-green leaves have intense coloration and are somewhat corrugated early on but do turn a shiny, dark blue-green later in the season. $15.00 Katie Q M Sport of 'Marilyn with dark green leaves that have a slightly wavy gold border...good grower $14.00 Lakeside Alex Andra M/L Yellowish-green leaves sport a white margin and are slightly corrugated. Good grower that clumps up fast. Nice looking and performing hosta! $16.00 Lakeside Beach Bum S Really nice small blue hosta with cupped leaves that have lots of corrugation. Will make a stunning plant for the front of the border and will be topped with lavender flowers. $14.00 Lakeside Cupid's Cup M Cupped green leaves are slightly corrugated with a creamy yellow margin that turns white. $16.00 Lakeside Rocky Top M Wavy dark green leaves have a narrow white border. $14.00 Lakeside Roy El M Named after Mary's husband, Roy. Upright green leaves have a wide yellow border that turns white with time. Good grower with great substance. $14.00 Lakeside Scamp S Heart-shaped grey-green leaves with a creamy-yellowborder on this hybrid of 'Lakeside Knickknack'. $10.00 Lakeside Tee Ki S Small hosta with yellow-chartreuse leaves that are elongated and have a white border that is quite wavy--almost rippled in places. $15.00 Laura Lanier M Sport from ‘Sea Yellow Sunrise’ with yellow leaves surrounded by a variable green border that intensifies with the season. $14.00 Libby M Dark green leaves have a creamy-yellow border that turns white. Vigorous grower. $12.00 Li'l Abner M Green leaves framed with a yellow border. Fast grower and an unstable sport of the unknown 'Rosedale Daisy Mae'. $15.00 Made in Spades S Small heart-shaped golden leaves have a green border. A very pretty little plant and as far we know the only sport of the classic ‘Golden Spades’. $18.00 Mango Salsa M Yellow wavy leaves are held on deep red petioles and the scapes are also red. Will brighten up your life! $18.00 Marrakech S Bright yellow leaves are lance-shaped and sport a wavy edge. Pinkish scapes with pinkish buds lead to light lavender flowers. $15.00 Martini mini Little green leaves have good substance. $10.00 Mata Hari M Sport from H. ‘Striptease’...leaves have the typical white line around a yellowish-green center, but what’s really different about this one is the wide border which is shiny green and very thick. Has proven to be an excellent grower and will be topped with lavender flowers $15.00 Mean Green Thing M All green sport of a plant named 'The Sweetest Thing' which was a seedling from 'Invincible'. Very FRAGRANT lavender flowers. OS stock $14.00 Medievil Age M Heart-shaped green leaves with a narrow yellow border that is wavy on a seedling with 'Galaxy' genes. Very attractive plant. $16.00 Memphis Blue L Forms a large clump of blue leaves that are nicely corrugated. $20.00 Mike Shadrack M Round and cupped blue-green leaves with a wide yellow margin on a very attractive hosta! Named for a long time hostasexual! $18.00 Minke Giant Large, upright grey-blue leaves have a yellow border. This impressive huge hosta looks like a combination of ‘Frances Williams’ and ‘Sagae’. $16.00 Mint Julep M Heart-shaped green leaves have a creamy border on this stable sport from the streaker 'William Lachman'. $15.00 Mirror Lake M This is the first of many plants to come from Jeff Moore of Wisconsin. 'Mirror Lake' is one of his State Park Series and is a hybrid from 'Candy Dish' x 'Smokey'. Green leaves are heart-shaped, have a nice sheen and ruffles galore work their way out to a twisted tip...add reddish petioles and white leaf backs and I think you have a "hosta vision"! $30.00 Moonlight Sonata M/L Grey-green leaves turn shiny as the season progresses. Great substance and beautiful FRAGRANT pale lavender flowers in August. $14.00 Mourning Dove M Forms a low spreading mound of blue leaves with a creamy-yellow border and the leaf backs are silvery. $15.00 Mouse Trap mini Thick round white leaves with a blue-green marginon this sport of 'Blue Mouse Ears' that looks a lot like 'Snow Mouse' but is supposed to have more white in the center. $18.00 Nippers S This little guy is a strong grower and quickly forms a dense mound of dark green leaves. ‘Nippers’ will even work in the deep shade with the 3" round leaves being held horizontally on upright petioles. Lavender-pink blooms $14.00 O'Harra mini Small narrow yellow leaves on a fast growing low mound. $8.00 One Last Dance PPAF M New sport from 'Dancing Queen' with a green center and a wide yellow border that is qjuite rippled. This one will soon become a classic! $16.00 Ophir M Elongated bright golden leaves with a wavy margin turns greenish-yellow later, reddish petioles. $14.00 Paradise Glory L Sport from 'Paul's Glory' with very thick leaves that have a wide blue border surrounding a green center that later turns to yellow. Vigorous grower. $16.00 Pathfinder M Thick leaves have a creamy-white center specikled with green flecks surrounded by a wide wavy green border. Pale purple flowers are held on white scapes. $14.00 Picobello S/M Open pollinated seedling from 'Swoosh'. Green leaves have a border that starts creamy and turns white. Nice sheen on the leaves. $14.00 Pinani Island Surf S Beautiful sport of 'Fire Island', bright yellow leaves are held on deep red petioles and now a striking white border has been added. A real attention getter! $16.00 Pinani Splash S Very happy we can offer this wonderful introduction from Englishman Jeff Pinder. Rounded blue leaves with an irregular central splash of a greenish-yellow color. We had a few last season and they were gone very quickly. $24.00 Poker M/L A beautiful new introduction from Danny Van Eechaute. Blue-green leaves have a yellow border and turn green with a white border. Makes a dense clump. $16.00 Powder Blue Giant Very large heart-shaped to rounded thick leaves are a wonderful powder blue. Lots of corrugation on this seedling of Japanese origin $16.00 Proud Treasure PPAF M One of Jan's best tetraploids! Tet form of 'Secret Treasure' so you have nice red petioles that hold beautiful green leaves with a very wide yellow border that will change to white later. Really a pretty plant! $32.00 Purple Verticulated Elf S/M A Herb Benedict hybrid from 'Dorset Blue' with heart-shaped and elongated intense blue leaves. Cupped and wavy and one of the best small blues with a ‘Tardiana’ background. Named for its whorling flower habit. Finally available! $24.00 Quill S Narrow green leaves that are quite ruffled on this pycnophylla x yingeri hybrid. $12.50 Red Hot Poker M Shiny green leaves with a creamy-white border. The leaves have good substance and are wavy with sone cupping, $14.00 Red Stilts M Danny brings us another nice plant with red legs. 'Sea Octopus' seedling with upright lance-shaped green leaves held on very tall red petioles. Rapid grower. $14.00 Red Wine Fries M Trudy Van Wyk retired from hybridizing but we have a couple of her seedlings and 'Red Wine Fries' is first to be ready. Cross between 'Cranberry Wine and 'Curly Fries' makes an elegant clump of long and wavy grey-green leaves with lots of character! Red petioles hold the leaves with twisted tips in an upright fashion so they cascade like a water spout. $30.00 Rhythm and Blues S Very wavy elongated blue-green leaves that turn medium green later...different look! $14.00 Russell Lee L Large blue-green leaves with a greenish-yellow border. Great substance. $14.00 Sapphire Pillows M Picture a leaf more domed than flat, heavily puckered with countless, uniformly spaced, pronounced "pillows" of rich, sapphire blue leaves on a vase shaped mound. Add to that, the color holds very late in the shade, pale lavender flowers mid-season! $25.00 Scheherazade M Jim & Meg Dalton have come to be hybridizers we look to for exciting new varieties to bring to you all. 'Scheherazade' is an open pollinated seedling from kikutii Leuconata and has intense blue, pointed, lance-shaped leaves that look good all season. Deeply impressed veins add character to a hosta with unique form. $25.00 Shazaam M Pointed dark green leaves have a creamy-yellow border and heavy substance on this 'William Lachman' seedling. $14.00 Silver Mist M Heart-shaped leaves are a good blue and are slightly wavy. Good substance on this Tardiana look alike. $14.00 Silver Threads and Golden Needles mini Unique sport of 'Cheatin Heart' with small gold leaves that have a green center filled with a white flecked overlay. Makes a dense little clump. $14.00 Skylight M Heart-shaped leaves form a medium-sized clump of brilliant aquamarine-blue, reflecting the color of the sky. The thick scapes are topped with fertile lavender flowers in June and early July. Best coloring is achieved with 2 hours of morning sun or bright light in high shade. $18.00 Spartan Glory L Large rounded green leaves are surrounded by a wide yellow border that later changes to white on this 'Herb Benedict' x 'Elatior' hybrid. $14.00 Star Wars M/L Large, nearly round, yellowish-white leaves with a grey-green border. Nice veination and a bit of a sheen. Needs fertilzer and a not too dry spot to grow well. $16.00 Stiletto S Narrow green leaves with a rippled yellow border on a very fast grower. $8.00 Sugar Plum M Upright dark-green leaves on purple-red petioles. Already introduced in 2011 as one of the best with purple-red petioles and finally available. Our plants are smallish. $16.00 Tenryu L Upright powdery blue-green leaves with tall flower scapes...looks very similar to nigrescens. $14.00 Tropical Dancer PP21209 M ‘Spring Fling' with attitude! This wonderful sport has a very wide, intensely ruffled, creamy-white border surrounding beautiful long, tapered, green leaves. Vigorous grower. $14.00