Hosta introductions for hosta season 2017

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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Price Abba Dabba Do L PPAF Dark green leaves sport a wavy gold margin on this upright sport of 'Sun Power'. $12.00 Armani L Maya Kingsnake' x 'Blue Wonder' hybrid with big dark green leaves with a nicely rippled edge. One of the biggest hostas with red petioles. Fast grower and good fertility $25.00 Atom Smasher S Ron Livingston's famed H. 'Atom Smasher'... long golden-yellow blades with lots of ripples and genes that are easily passed on. Good grower and great for hybridizing as it is extremely fertile both ways. Lavender flowers produce red and yellow seed pods $16.00 Bad Boy M A unique hosta that came out of the tc production of 'Game Boy', chartreuse leaves are very thick and quite unusual. $16.00 Bedford Rise and Shine S Great smaller introduction from Great Britain with thick, shiny green leaves framed by a nice creamy-white border. Proving to be quite vigorous...topped with lavender-purple flowers $12.50 Bellevue M Dark green foliage is lance-shaped,,somewhat wavy and slightly shiny on top. Red petioles tie it all together. $16.00 Blue Chip S Petite clump of heart-shaped blue leaves of good substance. Pale lavender flower. $12.50 Blue Mammoth L A sport of sieboldiana with nice large blue leaves makes a very impressive clump when mature.. $12.00 Blueberry Cobbler S Frosty blue leaves on purple petioles...great substance and nice form. Blooms in September with lavender flowers. Nice plant that holds till very late $14.00 Brandywine S Dark green leaves havef good substance and are held on striking red petioles, One of the parents is longipes f. hypoglauca.. $16.50 Broad Band M Beautiful rounded green leaves are elegantly framed in a very wide yellow border. The irregular border fades to creamy-white by midsummer. $16.00 capitata f. abiflora M Heart shaped green leaves with beautiful white flowers. These plants are seedlings which means there is some variation possible. $16.00 Chief Sitting Bull L Large heart-shaped puckered green leaves with a wavy margin, a very impressive plant. $14.00 Chop Sticks M Green leaves on long red petioles with the red clearly visible because of the upright growing habit. $14.00 Christmas Charm M Thick green leaves with a creamy-white margin, on this sport of 'Night before Christmas'. $16.00 Cinderella M A sport from a seedling of H. „Dorothy Benedict?...thick blue-green leaves have a wide yellow border and topped with lavender flowers. Good grower that holds up well $14.00 Cody S Small shiny dark green leaves on a hybrid from 'Shining Tot' x venusta $10.00 Cookie Crumbs mini Small heart-shaped green leaves with a white border on this sport of 'Tiny Tears' which seems to larger than the parent. $10.00 Count Your Blessings M Heart-shaped yellow-green leaves have a yellow border that turns white as the season progresses. Stable form of H. ?Lakeside Mom? $14.00 Crinkled Leather M/L A fantastic blue from Don with thick blue leaves that are crinkled and cupped and folded with a wavy edge. Exciting new intro. $30.00 Cutting Edge M Blue-green leaves with a ruffled margin and a white back, 'Salute' x pycnophylla hybrid. $14.00 Dancing Mouse mini Thick blue-green leaves have a wavy yellowish-green border that darkens to a pale green as the season progresses. The wavy border and unique color combination makes this one different from other "mice". $15.00 Deep Waters L A new introduction from Don that makes a large upright clump of deep blue foliage that is cupped and heavily corrugated. This one is a show stopper and will soon become a classic. $28.00 Dee's Golden Jewel L Upright golden leaves and is very sun tolerant,. A hybrid between 'Royal Standard' and 'Galaxy'. $14.00 Devon Gold S Small heart-shaped yellow leaves on a larger 'Hydon Sunset', Good grower. $15.00 Devon Mist M Heart-shaped grey-green leaves on an obvious a 'Tardiana'. $12.50 Dewed Steel M Very nice plant with unique aqua-blue leaves drenched in a glaucous bloom. Great substance on leaves held upright forming a vase-shaped clump topped with lavender flowers. $14.00 Dinky Donna S Grey-green leaves with an irregular greenish-yellow center on a nice sport from 'Radiant Edger'. $14.00 Dusty Waters M This is the all blue sport of H. 'Lakeside Cupcake'...vigorous grower with thick dusty blue, heart-shaped leaves that makes a low dense mound. Topped with lavender flowers $12.50 Eco Mirror M Danny's all green sport from 'Oil Paint is very shiny and the bright green color really makes it standout. Fertile. $18.00 Elbridge Gerry M Oval-shaped green leaves have a wide dark yellow margin. A 'Galaxy' x ('Fantastic' x 'Elatior') hybrid.. $14.00 Emerald Tiara S Yellow leaves, green margin, sport of 'Golden Scepter' which is the all-gold sport of 'Golden Tiara'. $12.00 Enchiladas M Sport of 'Avocado" and has very fragrant flowers. Almost round leaves are dark green and shiny with a yellow center. $16.00 Eros M A sport from 'Yellow Polka Dot Bikini' so another from the 'Striptease' line. Green leaves have a yellow margin and the center and margin are divided by a wide white line. $30.00 Fashionista M Leaves are bright gold surrounded by a white border and held on red petioles. Very attractive hosta with lots going on. $16.00 First Love L This is the reverse sport of H. montana ‘Aureomarginata’ and will grow into a beautiful clump of shiny, yellow-centered leaves with a green border. Will be an early riser and can use protection from early frost. $15.00 Flemish Steel M Extremely thick blue leave on this tetraploid sport of 'Dewed Steel'. Makes a stunning, but yet tough, fairly dense clump.. $28.00 Foxfire Night Skye M Really nice sport from H. 'Edge of Night?...thick dark green leaves have a wide creamy-white border that really stands out. Vigorous grower with lavender flowers $14.00 Fragrant Blue M Chalky heart-shaped blue leaves, only slightly fragrant, different appearance. $12.00 Fragrant Bouquet M Greenish-gold leaves with a creamy-white border make a beautiful clump topped with, large flowers that are very fragrant. $12.50 Fragrant Dream M Sport of H. ‘Fragrant Bouquet’ with dark green leaves surrounded by a light yellow border that turns almost white later. A vigorous grower topped with near-white large fragrant flowers $14.00 Framed M Shiny dark green leaves with a yellow margin that turns creamy-white later in the season. $14.00 Frances Williams L Still one of the most planted hostas in the world...large metallic blue-green leaves are rounded and cupped and surrounded with a wide irregular gold margin. White flowers midseason $10.00 Friends S Narrow yellowish-green leaves have a wavy margin on a very fast growing seedling of 'Spritzer'. $12.00 Frost Giant M/L Large heart-shaped blue leaves with a good yellow margin on this very good newer introduction. $15.00 Frosted June M This sport from 'June Fever’ goes through a unique seasonal color change. Shiny yellow leaves have a thin light green border that changes to creamy-white...the center changes to a light green $14.00 Frosted Lollipop S Variegated sport of H. ‘Lakeside Lollipop’...shiny dark green leaves are surrounded by a yellow border that later turns to pure white. Leaves have good substance and make a dense clump. Lavender flowers $20.00 Frosty Morn M Rounded yellow-green leaves with a wavy margin, unique yellow seedling of rupifraga. $12.50 Fruit Punch M Watermelon petioles hold vibrant lemon-yellow leaves edged in blackberry for SPRING foliage. In time, changes bring wavy kiwi colored, sized and shaped leaves which quickly form a dense flat mound held on.saturated strawberry colored scapes. $14.00 Fulda S Very blue leaves of good substance on a German Tardiana...topped with lavender flowers. $15.00 Funny Bones S We are excited to be introducing some new hostas by Jim & Meg Dalton of NY--'Funny Bones' is an outstanding small gold that stays low to the ground and spreads out, leaves are a little shiny with lots of ripples and good substance. $28.00 Gemstone M Small blue-green leaves on a rapid growing seedling of venusta and 'Dorset Blue' with the best characteristics of both parents. $15.00 Goldbrook Glimmer M Sport of 'Halcyon' with a wide blue border and a faded greenish center that looks to have a thin "veil" over it. Always in demand and not many around. $20.00 Goldbrook Grayling S Small tardiana type that is a seedling from ‘Happiness’ with long pointed gray-green leaves topped with pinkish flowers midsummer. Fast grower suitable for a groundcover $12.50 Goldrush M Round golden leaves with a grey-green margin, 'Birchwood Parky's Gold' sport. $12.50 Gosan Leather Strap M Very thick narrow,shiny green leaves, Doesn't look much like a hosta at all. $12.50 Grand Canyon M Upright greenish-yellow leaves have, rippled margins on this 'Sum and Substance' x montana f. macrophylla hybrid. $15.00 Grand Rapids L Beautiful gray-green leaves with a wavy margin are held on stunning purple petioles...good color combination. Lavender flowers also on purple scapes $15.00 Grey Glacier M One of Danny’ introductions and really a beauty...large gray-green leaves have a creamy white border. This fast grower is a sport from H. ‘Special Blend’ and will really stand out $20.00 Hadspen Blue M A low-growing clump with rounded blue-green leaves that have excellent substance and good texture one of the bluest. $12.50 Hadspen Samphire M Very bright yellow leaves in spring are quite wavy and turn greenish-yellow later. $14.00 Happy Valley M Dark green leaves have a creamy-yellow border that is wavy and changes to white. $14.00 Hi Ho Silver mini Lance-shaped leaves with some ruffling on this wide white margined sport of H. ‘Ginko Craig' makes a small clump and maintains that cute look. Flowers are dark purple. $10.00 His Honor L Large rounded medium green leaves are surrounded by a wide greenish-yellow border that turns to creamy-white. $14.00 Holar Red Wine S Fresh green leaves on intensely red petioles. The red of the petioles goes into the leaves. $18.00 Home Sweet Home M Marco Fransen brings us a gorgeous new sport from 'Sweet Home Chicago'...heart-shaped yellowish-green leaves have a wide creamy-white border. $24.00 Hudson Bay M SHADOWLAND* PP23598, CPBR4948 Improved version of 'Eskimo Pie'...wider, brighter blue border and green streaks frame the white center. Great looking plant that shows good vigor and bulks up fast. $14.00 Humpback Whale L Forms a massive dome-shaped clump of blue-green heart-shaped leaves that are nicely corrugated. Give this one plenty of room as it be an imposing hosta! $14.00 Hush Puppie S Grows like a weed.. H. venusta hybrid that has small, heart-shaped gray-green leaves with a creamy-white margin. Size and rapid growth rate make it suitable for edging. $10.00 Hydon Sunset S Heart-shaped yellow leaves on a fast grower. Morning sun brings out more yellow color. $10.00 Ice Palace M Large blue leaves have lots of corrugation and make a dense mound, $16.00 Illicit Affair S Heart-shaped leaves are gold with a wavy green border on this 'Cheatin Heart' sport. Makes a bright and dense little clump. $10.00 Irish Eyes M Pointed medium green leaves with a grey cast are framed with a slightly rippled creamy-white border. Topped with near white flowers in July and shows good vigor $12.50 Iron Sky M Incredibly thick blue-grey leaves on this tetraploid sport from 'Flemish Sky'.. Great Plant $38.00 Itty Bitty mini Here's another mouse and this one comes from 'Green Mouse Ears'. Green leaves have a white center $18.00 Ivory Tower M Leaves are pale-green and almost yellow and make a beautiful upright clump. Quite showy! $16.00 Joy Ride M One of the strongest growing hostas we have seen. Pointed blue leaves extend sporty very wavy and ruffled edges. Don't pass this one by. $14.00 Kanzi mini/S Danny brings us a nice new sport of ''Little Red Rooster'' with narrow green leaves and a wide yellow margin. This will be a wonderful addition for those looking for small hostas. $20.00 Key Lime Pie L Sport of H. ‘Squash Casserole’ with green leaves surrounded by a muted yellow border. Heavily ruffled leaves held horizontally creating a wide, flat mound of a clump. Vigorous grower with lavender flowers $14.00 Kinky Boots M Brand new introduction from Don Dean--variegated sport from 'Peek-a-Boo Purple' has grey-green leaves with a creamy ruffled border. Great grower!. $30.00 Komodo Dragon L Makes a very large mound of dark green leaves with some rippling. Beautiful specimen/ $14.00 Lady Guinevere M Sport of ‘Elisabeth’ with gold-centered leaves that are quite nice. Topped with pale lavender flowers in midsumme $14.00 Lakeside Alex Andra M/L Yellowish-green leaves sport a white margin and are slightly corrugated. Good grower that clumps up fast.. $16.00 Lakeside Elfin Fire mini Narrow white leaves have a green margin on this mini that looks like ''Masquerade'', Plant is very bright. $12.50 Lakeside Roy El M Named after Mary's husband, Roy. Upright green leaves have a wide yellow border that turns white with time on this good grower. Good substance. $14.00 Lakeside Tee Ki S Small hosta with yellow-chartreuse leaves that are elongated and have a white border that is quite wavy--almost rippled in places. $15.00 Lakeside Zinger mini Dark green leaves with a wide white border on a very good grower.. $14.00 Laura Lanier M Sport from H. ‘Sea Yellow Sunrise’ with yellow leaves surrounded by a variable green border that intensifies with the season. $14.00 Lederhosen M Thick elongated leaves have a wavy margin and form a dense mound. Equally outstanding are beautiful fragrant lavender flowers that open in late summer $12.50 Let's Twist Again S Wavy green leaves with a white margin. An unusual sport of ‘Patriot’ from Danny Van Eechaute. It has the appearance of ‘Wheee!’ BUT WITH A WHITE BORDER. $16.00 Lime Fizz mini Dark green leaves with a wavy white margin, excellent sport of 'Lemon Delight', very vigorous grower. $10.00 Lime Smoothie M Always sought after and a very good plant. Heart-shaped blue-green leaves have a wavy greenish-yellow margin that turns brighter. $18.00 Limey Lisa mini Rounded slightly cupped yellow leaves that turn lime green later--vewry cute plant. $12.00 Little Miss Muffet mini Nice little hosta with small chartreuse-green leaves on this venusta selection. A miniature 'Gold Edger'.. $12.50 London Bridge S Unique sport of 'Allegan Fog. Unruly, twisted white leaves have a green margin and form a dense clump.. $15.00 Luna Moth M This sport of the vigorous "Parky's Prize" is really a wonderful improvement...thicker leaves and a wider border make a very showy plant. Dark green, heart-shaped leaves appear in spring with wide pale green borders that brighten to yellow in time. Topped with lavender flowers. $15.00 Magic Island M Thick blue-grey leaves with a flaming creamy-yellow center, 'Halcyon' sport that resambles 'High Society' One of our favorites!. $15.00 Majestic M Very shiny dark green leaves with an irregular wide yellow margin that changes to white. $14.00 Majordomo M Beautiful clump has heart-shaped leaves that are a metal blue color The leaves arch and are somewhat wavy. $14.00 Malabar M Large green leaves have a yellow border that turns white by the end of the season. $14.00 Maya Tritone M Chartreuse changing to yellow and/or creamy-white leaves, the veins remain darker than the rest of the leaf. $14.00 Memories of Dorothy M Blue-green leaves with a creamy-yellow margin make a dense mound. $14.00 Midas Touch M Thick cupped and puckered golden leaves, 'Tokudama' type, 'Gold Cup' x 'Golden Waffles' hybrid $12.50 Millennium L Commanding clump of intensely blue-green leaves with slightly rippled margins. Tremendous substance and pure white flowers in July $14.00 Mirage M Ruffled green leaves with deep veins, An unusual hybrid of 'Precisely' and yingeri with FRAGRANT white flowers $16.00 Miss Linda Smith M Heart-shaped grey-green leaves are held on very good purple-red petiols. $14.00 Moody Blues M Blue from the Netherlands with Tardiana background--wide leaves come to a point and are intense blue with good substance. Topped with pale lavender flowers $14.00 Moon Lily M Somewhat cupped golden leaves have great substance and form a low mound. Good grower. $12.50 Moonrise M Seedling from 'Dorothy Benedict' has nicely corrugated green leaves with a yellow border. $18.00 Morning Light S Leaves have a bright yellow center with a wide dark green border on this sport from 'Twilight' Great substance and the leaves have a nice sheen. $12.50 Morning's Glory M We are excited to be introducing some new hostas by Jim & Meg Dalton of NY--'Morning's Glory' has beautiful large green leaves with a stunning wide white border that feathers around the center. You will spot this one from across the garden $28.00 Mrs Minky