Hosta introductions for hosta season 2019

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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Price Anglo Saxon M Grey-green leaves are rounded and have a variable yellow margin on this 'Crepe Suzette Streaked' x 'Halcyon' hybrid. $15.00 Appletini mini Small bright yellow leaves have good substance and change to apple-green later in the season. A hybrid of a gold sport of 'Blue Dimples' and 'Shining Tot'. $14.00 Aquamarine M Thick blue leaves have deep veins and are held on dark petioles…they are tinged with purple in spring. Blooms late in the season. THESE ARE SMALL PLANTS! $18.00 Becky's Choice M A medium-sized beauty with slender undulating leaves that are powdery blue. Good form and great substance. $16.00 Big Beauty L Very large blue-green leaves with a yellow border that will change to white depending on the light. ‘Gray Cole Streaked’ is the mother plant. $18.00 Bitsy Gold mini/S Narrow elongated yellow leaves form a cute small clump...longissima seedling. $14.00 Black Light M Cross 'Dewed Steel' and 'Devon Green' and you get a great hosta with thick leaves and a wonderful shiny finish. Black-purple petioles absolutely glow and thus the name! $24.00 Blaue Venus M Small round intense blue leaves, one of the best of the German Tardianas and finally available again. $18.00 Blue Wu L One of the early hybrids from ‘Empress Wu’...crossed with ‘Skylight’ and gives a very large blue-green hosta with nice veination and good substance. $18.00 Blueberry Tart M Intense blue and somewhat folded leaves on a rapid growing hybrid of 'Blue Cadet' and 'Fall Bouquet'. $16.00 Bobbie Sue M A dramatic hosta with dark green satiny leaves framed with a very wide creamy border that turns white by the end of the season. $15.00 Bounty S Tetraploid form of 'Lonesome Dove'...thick cupped leaves have a white center and a very wide blue-green border. This one will be a slow grower but will be worth the wait. $18.00 Brass Ring M Grey-green leaves have a wide yellow border that turns creamy-white later...good growing seedling of 'Neat Splash'. $18.00 Caid Man L First introduction from Jim Heinz. Forms a sturdy mound of heavy, blue-green leaves that show nice corrugation and lightly rippled margins. A strong grower to about 26" tall x 36" across. $25.00 Candy Kisses M Glossy green leaves with a heavily ruffled margin...late season bloomer that is a cross between ''Candy Dish'' and ''Raspberry Sorbet'' $18.00 Champagne for All M Creamy-white leaves have good substance and are surrounded by a dark green of 'Champagne Toast' and has all the characteristics of a tetraploid. $20.00 Chanticleer M A large rich green hosta that stands apart by its showy deep set puckered leaves. ‘Chanticleer’ forms a large rounded clump which stands out due to its intense green color and deep rugosity. A terrific choice for a special location in the garden. $32.00 China Girl M Cross between ‘Maya Kingsnake’ and ‘Funny Cide’ growing medium-sized plant with undulating shiny green leaves held on deep red petioles. Makes a semi vase-shaped clump. Very fertile both ways. $15.00 Chop Sticks M Green leaves on long red petioles with the red clearly visible because of the upright growing habit. $16.00 Coconut Custard M from Bob Solberg and has frosty yellow leaves held on red petiols...interesting and nice hybrid of ''Blue Cadet'' and ''One Man''s Treasure''. $20.00 Colored Hulk M Reversed variegation of ‘Anne’...heart-shaped leaves have a light green center framed with a wide dark green border. Thick leaves show some cupping and a sheen. $15.00 Corkscrew S Twisted thick dark green leaves on a very special hosta with 'Tortifrons' and 'One Man's Treasure' as parents. $16.00 Cotillian mini Narrow dark green leaves with a thin white border...good grower and nakaiana is one of its parents. $12.00 Cream Edger S Rounded yellow-green leaves with a white border on this sport of 'Gold Edger' and identical to 'Olympic Edger'. $12.00 Crimson Desire M Elegant green leaves have a beautiful sheen and are held upright as they dance in the wind showing off their outrageous reddish-purple legs...simply glows bright when struck by the sun. The matching bright scapes carry deep lavender blooms in August. $32.00 Dance with Me M Greenish-yellow leaves have a wide dark green border and good substance...reversed sport of 'Summer Music'. $16.00 Delicious M Grey-green leaves have a light yellow border that turns white quickly. A 'Vivacious' sport with the same red petioles. $20.00 Devon Dream M COLLECTORS PLANT and very limited...a 'Halcyon' with a greenish border in spring that fades…OS stock and will not be offered again. $32.00 Diamond Lake L PPAF CPBRAF Attractive, heart-shaped blue leaves are thick and and have heavy corrugation with wavy margins. Very attractive! $18.00 Dino M Great new variegated sport from H. ‘T-Rex’ so should make one of the largest variegated hostas there is...very large green leaves with a variable yellow-green border. $18.00 Eco Mirror M Danny's all green sport from 'Oil Paint is very shiny and the bright green color really makes it standout. Fertile. $18.00 Enchanted Mist S Very nice small hosta with a white center framed in a wide dark green border that sometimes streaks to the center and often creates a third color. $28.00 Essence of Summer L Very thick blue-green leaves with large fragrant flowers on this tetraploid sport of 'Warwick Essence'. $20.00 Etched Glass M A sport of 'Stained Glass' that has wider borders and thicker leaves than the parent...Very wide, dark green border surrounds a bright yellow center. Between the margin and the centers is a light green pattern. Fragrant flowers! $18.00 Eternal Flame M Creamy-white leaf centers surrounded by a wide green border... a beautiful 'Whirlwind' sport that holds its color. $16.00 Exotic Presentation M Graceful dark green leaves start with a yellow border that changes to white. Leaves are held in an upright manner creating a beautiful vase-shaped clump. $16.00 Eye Catcher S Cupped and corrugated bright yellow leaves in spring that turn greenish-yellow later. $15.00 Fire Dance M New introduction from Danny Van Eechaute…satin, shiny dark green leaves on very intense red-purple petioles. Upright vase-shaped grower...beautiful and very fertile...a 'Kempen Red Twist' seedling and a must for hybridizers. $25.00 First Dance M PPAF Sport of 'Dancing Queen' with a yellow center framed with a green ruffled border. Similar to 'Amalia' but not sure if it is the same. $20.00 Flapjack M Heart-shaped grey-green leaves have a very wavy creamy-white border...a 'Christmas Tree' x 'Donahue Piecrust' hybrid. $18.00 Flemish Tradition L Exciiting new seedling from 'Best in Town' …large Hosta with intense blue leaves surrounded by a gold margin that turns creamy later in the season. $22.00 Floratini S Small green leaves with a wavy margin on this fast growing cross between 'Pilgrim' and 'Shining Tot'. $14.00 Florence Nightingale L A tall red petioled beauty with gray/blue/green gently wavy elegantly formed leaves held high on the petioles. This fertile red is the largest red to come out of Rick's breeding efforts. A must have for hybridizers and all gardeners who need a touch of red to brighten and accent their borders $35.00 Flower Power L Upright grey-green leaves have good substance on this nigrescens x plantaginea hybrid…fragrant lavender flowers! $15.00 Frank Fetch M Green leaves have an irregular wide yellow border that lightens dramatically on this hybrid of 'Pin Stripe'. $24.00 Frisian Misty Sky M New intro from Bate Aukema with blue=green leaves that have gentle ruffles that makes one feel like they are flowing… $28.00 Ghost Spirit M ''Misty greenish-white leaves with a blue-green margin, nice sport of ''Valentine Lace'' $16.00 Giantland Mouse Cheese mini/S Makes a small mound of green foliage that turns yellow and is a good grower. $16.00 Gitchigumi Giant Very large blue-green leaves have good substance and the undersides of the leaves are white. $18.00 Golden Spades S Heart-shaped leaves are dark gold in color on this 'Kabitan' hybrid…NOT the same the characteristics as the parent. $14.00 Good Times M Chalky yellow-green leaves are heart-shaped and have a yellow border that is slighty paler than the center of the leaf on this sport of 'Early Times'. $18.00 Grand Prize S Very nice sport of 'Grand Tiara' with green leaves that have a wide yellow border that changes to cream. $14.00 Grune Dame L Upright dark green leaves on a rectifolia hybrid that looks a lot like 'Tall Boy' but is different. $14.00 Hacksaw M Long narrow leaves are intensely rippled and serrated on a rapid grower...interesting for hybridizing. $16.00 Hanky Panky M Green leaves with a green border that changes to creamy-white and the center also turns lighter...'Striptease' sport. $16.00 Happy Accident S Sport from 'Serendipity Singer' and has creamy-white leaves with a blue border…leaves are lance-shaped and slightly folded. $28.00 Hawaiian Luau M Believed to be the tetraploid version of 'Pineapple Upsidedown Cake'…thick leaves have a yellow center with a dark green, somewhat wavy border. $16.00 Heavenly Tiara S Light green leaves with a wide yellow border that turns white later...good substance on this 'Grand Tiara' sport. $16.00 Holar Ice Empress L An 'Empress Wu' x 'Mr Blue' cross that gives us very powdered, milky blue leaves. Medium to large plant and will only be available this year. $40.00 Holar Red Spear M Thick, strong and shiny leathery leaves are held on red petioles…the red goes deep into the leaf on a medium sized vigorous grower. $30.00 Honey Bee M An open pollinated seedling of 'Grace Like Rain' from Trudy Van Wyk …greenish-gold leaves have good substance and brighten with the sun. $16.00 Incoming L Heart-shaped to elongated arching dark green leaves have purple petioles and scapes...probably kikutii background. $18.00 Inspire Greatness L Blue-green leaves have a wide yellow border that changes to creamy white on this stable sport of ''Brave Attempt''. $18.00 Judy Rocco M Green leaves with purple-red petioles and the red goes into the leaves...pycnophylla is involved in this hybrid. $18.00 Kempen Magenta Blue M A beautiful 'Deane’s Dream' seedling from Patrick Butaye...unique blue color and a great form. Good fertility on a medium sized hosta that tolerates lots of sun. $28.00 Kempen Sky High M This new introduction from Patrick is an open pollinated seedling of 'Tequila Sunrise'…vigorous grower with blue-green leaves that fold inward and are held upright. This form will add lots of texture! $36.00 Kempen Waving Shadow M/L Patrick Butaye is becoming the master of hostas that stand tall and proud…this seedling has'Spritzer' and 'Tequila Sunrise' in its linage. Medium to large in size with long yellow leaves on a fast grower that colors up best in a sunny location. $36.00 Lakeside Sassy Sally L Bright yellow leaves have a wavy border and good substance...some sun is needed for intense gold color. $16.00 Li'l Abner M Green leaves framed with a yellow border. Fast grower and an unstable sport of the unknown 'Rosedale Daisy Mae'. $16.00 Li'l Smooch mini Dan Wols brings us a wonderful new mini with leaves that stay yellow all season and are held on red petioles that creep up and leave a kiss of red in each leaf base…later purple flowers set atop short red scapes in perfect proportion to the plant. $32.00 Lime Fizz mini Dark green leaves with a wavy white margin, excellent sport of 'Lemon Delight', very vigorous grower. $10.00 Long Tail Lights S Green leaves have deep veins and a beautiful wide yellow border that becomes white in time. Kikutii in the parentage. $28.00 Lunar Orbit L Lime green leaves change to yellow with a wide green border on one of the better 'August Moon' sports. $15.00 Mack the Knife S Great little hosta with very thick green leaves that have an unusual "orange" colored margin. The elongated leaves are slightly twisted and exhibit a rippled edge. Topped with lavender flowers in July. $15.00 Midnight Oil M Thick, dark green leaves are very shiny and show lots of corrugation. One of the better green hostas and finally available again. $18.00 Mohegan M Unique hosta with very thick intense blue, almost perfectly round, leaves that show good corrugation and will be topped with white flowers. Has proven to be a vigorous grower and makes a stunning clump $16.00 Moonstruck S This is the reverse variegated sport of ‘Dress Blues’...upright, narrow leaves have a wide creamy-white center with a blue border. $15.00 Mouse Trap mini Thick round white leaves with a blue-green marginon this sport of 'Blue Mouse Ears' that looks a lot like 'Snow Mouse' but is supposed to have more white in the center. $18.00 My Friend Nancy M Thick blue-green leaves have a creamy-white border on this 'Dorothy Benedict' x 'Chirifu' hybrid. $16.00 My Marianne S/M Green leaves have a yellow border that changes to creamy-white on this 'Amy Aden' x 'Filagree' hybrid. $16.00 Night Flight M Remember the persistent beat and rolling sound of 80’s rock-n-roll? Now, take a look at the ruffles on these blue-green leaves held on black-purple petioles..the darkness extends into each leaf. Finally the clump is topped with pale lavender blooms on very dark scapes in August. $32.00 Nightlife M Thick bluish, dark green leaves in spring and shiny dark green later in the season on this 'Invincible' x sieb. 'Elegans' hybrid. $16.00 Oh Cindy L Thick dark green leaves have a wide yellow border that quickly turns white on this stable sport of 'Outrageous'. $15.00 Olive Bailey Langdon M Similar to ''Frances Williams'' but the border does not burn! $16.00 Ops S Light green leaves have a creamy-white border and good substance for a small hosta…Flayboant hybrid. $15.00 Ovalwood M Oval-shaped dark green leaves that are deeply corrugated. $20.00 Paisley Border M Here we have the reverse variegation of 'Lakeside Paisley Print'--dark green leaves have a fairly wide creamy-white border. Great substance and lots of style! $18.00 Pamela Lee M Thick green leaves have a wide greenish-yellow border on this ''Radiant Edger'' sport. $16.00 Paradise Ocean L Thick blue leaves are corrugated and make an impressive clump...all-blue sport of 'Paradise Glory'. $14.00 Paradise Standard L Green leaves change to a yellow color and are surrounded by a yellow border that turns white…'Gold Standard' sport' $14.00 Peacock Feathers M Light blue leaves on a hosta that is special because of it's flowers…each flower has extra petals. $18.00 Pebble Creek L WOW! Large soft yellow leaves are cupped and puckered on a fantastic new big yellow from the Beilsteins. $22.00 Pineapple Punch M Narrow grey-green leaves have a ruffled creamy-yellow border that turns white on this sport of 'Pineapple Upsidedown Cake'. $15.00 Piper Cub M Elongated wavy yellow leaves turn greenish later in the season on this seedling of 'Glacier Cascade'. $18.00 plantaginea M Heart-shaped shiny green leaves...also known as plantaginea 'Grandiflora'. Needs warmth to flower which happens late in the season. $15.00 Plug Nickel mini Small shiny green leaves on the green sport of 'Cracker Crumbs'...nice looking and a good grower. $10.00 Potomac Glory L Upright greenish-yellow leaves with a shiny dark green margin, a sport of ''Potomac Pride''. $25.00 Potomac Pride L Upright shiny dark green leaves have good substance on this 'Blue Umbrellas' x 'Treasure Island' hybrid. $15.00 Powerline L Very thick, dark green leaves on the all-green sport of 'High Voltage'...robably fully tetraploid. $15.00 Purple and Gold S Narrow golden leaves and beautiful purple-red flower scapes on a fast grower...'Wogon' x 'Undulata' hybrid. $12.00 Purple Haze M Very unique hosta with blue leaves held on purple petioles...the purple color continues into the veins of the leaf creating a "purple haze" on the center portion of the leaf surface. This color is very evident in spring and does fade as the season progresses. Good substance on nicely textured leaves that are topped with lavender flowers. $18.00 Rebecca M Powdery yellow leaves turn bright gold later on an impressive all around nice hosta…this one will show you the "beef"! $18.00 Red Neck Heaven M Green leaves have a thick white wax on the back of the leaves...reddish-violet petioles on this kikutii caput-avis seedling. $15.00 Red Sox M Green leaves held on very red the earliest cultivars with red petioles...longipes f. hypoglauca x 'Maruba Iwa' hybrid. $16.00 Rembrandt Blue L Very large blue-green leaves on a sieboldiana 'Elegans' seedling that has been around for many years and finally available. $16.00 Reptillian L Lots going on with this hosta…grey blue-green leaves are cupped with a piecrust edge and held on red petioles also, flower stems! $16.00 Rhino M Glossy dark green leaves have a yellow border that changes to creamy-white...tremendous substance. $16.00 Ripped M A strongly puckered blue with "perfect abs" for leaves which are held uniquely upright...a seedling out of the late Marge Soules program that Rick acquired as an unnamed seedling in 1996. 'Ripped' puts on a large show yet takes up only medium sized space. $32.00 Rocky Mountain High L Green leaves have a wavy yellow border and good substance on this 'Crispula' x sieboldiana hybrid. $18.00 Rosedale Richie Vallens L Medium to dark green leaves have a slightly rippledborder and good substance...makes huge leaves. $16.00 Rosemoor S Small round green leaves have slightly wavy margins and seems to have a different form than others. $12.00 Rossing's Pride L Leaves emerge green and the center turns bright yellow in good light…looks a lot like 'Gold Standard' but the foliage is brighter in color. $16.00 Roy Klehm L Upright yellow leaves have a wide green border aand are held horizontally...tetraploid sport of 'Summer Serenade'. $16.00 Royalty S Narrow pointed greenish-yellow leaves have a wavy margin...good grower. $14.00 Ruffled Pole Mouse mini New "mouse" from Jan van den Top! 'Green Mouse Ears' with a white center. This one is more stable than some of the others and the leaves fold somewhat just like its parent' Very limited! $18.00 Sada M Stable form of 'Lasergame'…longish, somewhat shiny dark green leaves have a thin creamy border... $25.00 Sea Current L Green leaves have a heavily rippled margin and show a slight pucker in the center...'Sea Frolic' hybrid. $18.00 See No Evil M Another super sport from 'Funky Monkey'…this one has a green centered leaf and a beautiful "WHITE" border. Starting apple green in spring like its parent but with a yellow border and then depending on light and temperature See No Evil changes into a funky yellow with a white border...the upright form makes the intense purple petioles easily visible. $32.00 Silver Lining M Green leaves sport a narrow white border on a smaller 'Fortunei' type…quite similar to 'Gloriosa'. $15.00 Silver Sheen M Yellow leaves with a blue margin. A 'Gold Standard' look alike but the leaves are covered with a silver'blue sheen like its parent 'Kiwi Full Monty'. $16.00 Silver Wedding M Pointed blue leaves have wavy margins on this new Hosta from ‘Halcyon’ and ‘Spritzer’…it emerges early in the garden like ‘Spritzer’ and holds up till late in the fall like ‘Halcyon’. $25.00 Singing in the Rain L Rounded blue-green leaves have a yellow border that changes to cream on this 'Blue Umbrellas' sport. $18.00 Smiley Face S/M Bright yellow leaves in spring on very red petioles and the leaves turn yellowish-green later in the season. $16.00 Snowy Lake S/M Thick rounded blue-green leaves have a yellow border that turns cream on this tetraploid sport of 'Veronica Lake'. $15.00 Sorbet M This is the reverse variegated sport of 'Raspberry Sundae'…red petioles hole green leave with a nice white border. $20.00 Soul Shine M Soul Shine will outdo the sun when you see this medium sized, upright and cascading clump from across the garden. The broad, pointed leaves are heavily puckered and a beautiful golden color. $32.00 Spinach Pie L This is the all green sport of 'Honey Pie'…slightly wavy, gree leaves are puckered and topped with FRAGRANT near-white flowers' $16.00 Spring Luau M All-green foliage has thick substance on this sport of 'Hawaiian Luau'... leaves are moderately wavy with a thick glaucous bloom on top. $15.00 Spring Shower M Heart-shaped leaves are soft-blue and have good substance... one of the Bob Solberg's Longianas. $16.00 Squash Casserole M/L Green leaves have a heavily rippled margin and eventually chage to yellow on this 'Hirao Elite' x 'August Moon' hybrid. $15.00 Summer Squall M Leaves are held upright and are an intense blue with good substance…we think this is the best blue of Solberg's Longianas. $16.00 Sun Worshipper S/M Bright yellow leaves on red petioles that to a bit darker yellow on this seedling from 'Whiskey Sour'. $16.00 Susanna M Rounded yellow leaves in spring turn light-green later in the season. Lehel Kosá named this introduction for his wife. $22.00 Tall Boy L Upright green leaves have deeply impressed veins and are topped with very tall flower scapes...rectifolia hybrid. $15.00 Teaspoon S Small rounded and cupped green leaves on a 'Birchwood Parky's Gold' x 'Golden Tiara' hybrid that is a rapid grower. $12.00 Tequila Sunrise M Arching yellow leaves have a nice ruffled margin and are help on red petioles…turns light green later. $18.00 That's the Spirit M Variegated sport of' Invincible Spirit'…emerges yellow like the parent and the center greens up so the border is more visible. $30.00 The Devil's Edge