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Hosta info

Hostas are very hardy, adaptable, easy to grow and principally known for their foliage. They come in sizes from miniature to giant, in colors from solids of green, blue or gold or variegations of mixed colors of border and center. Flowers are borne on scapes, some are fragrant, and most all bloom between May and September. They prefer rich, slightly acidic, well-draining soil that retains some moisture and do best in part shade.

Hostas can tolerate some sun, morning sun is best and the amount depends on your particular climate…these are shade-tolerant plants not shade-loving. A dormant period is required and is usually brought on by shorter days or first frost in the fall. Propagate by division and best done in early spring as the plant emerges but is not required.

They have few diseases and the only significant pests are slugs and snails…we also hear of problems with deer where there are heavy populations. Hostas are low maintenance plants and will truly be a great addition to your garden.

Hostas come in a wide range of sizes and as you go through our listing you will see a letter in parenthesis after the name which denotes the height of the plant…the ledger below will help to convert this to inches.

[mini]=dwarf 3-6”    [S]=small 6-12”    [M]=medium 12-24”    [L]=large 24-36”