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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Stock Price Hammurabi M Elongated satin-green leaves create a beautiful and elegant hosta...seedling ffrom'Justice' and the all-green sport of a streaked Justice seedling 'Shamash' which failed in t.c...probably not be available after this year (Only:60) $30.00 Hanja's Falls L Denmark's Jan Hurup Hansen brings us this new one ..large light-green hosta that is speckled green for a short time in spring...wavy margin and deeply impressed veins. Could have some 'Niagara Falls' in its genes (Only:23) $30.00 Hanja's Red Edge M Another from Jan...dark green leaves that show year round a thin red edge...maybe best in a cooler climate...very Interesting hosta (Only:21) $30.00 Happy Valley M Dark green leaves have a wavy creamy-yellow border that changes to clear white. (Only:5) $16.00 Harry van de Laar M Grayish-green leaves with white backs held on red petioles. Good substance and topped with lavender flowers. (Only:20) $15.00 Hidden Treasure S Narrow green leaves have a white border with some ruffles on this sport of 'Hidden Cove'. (Only:30) $16.00 Holar Black Swan M Another great introduction from Ronny Van Keer of Belgium...dark-green leaves are shiny and held on red petioles...deeply impressed veins and wavy margins on this cross between 'One Man's Treasure' and 'Red Neck Heaven (Only:23) $35.00 Holar Mystic Purple M This intro from Ronny is a 'Purple Haze' leaves held on purple petioles and beautiful purple striped flowers that are fertile (Only:28) $35.00 Holar Purple Flash M The first time I saw the photo of this one I couldn't believe it. Now, we're talking puple splashed over thick gray-green leaves that are also held on purple petioles! Hybrid comes from 'Purple Haze' x 'Riptide' and I sure hope Ronny has more of this glamour to bring us... (Only:54) $30.00 Holar Red Wine S Bright green leaves are held on intensely red petioles with the red reaching far into the leaf blade...makes a nice clump (Only:29) $28.00 Holar Rising Flame M This intro from Ronny is destined to be a star! He crossed 'Tequila Sunrise' with 'Mr. Blue' and the result is a hosta with thick yellow leaves held on red petioles and the red reaches way up into the leaves.., leaves have a wavy margin (Only:42) $35.00 Holy Mole L Light green leaves change to gold and have a very wide green border...good substance, 'Guacamole' sport so beautiful FRAGRANT flowers (Only:27) $18.00 Homecoming Queen L Large pale-green to yellow leaves.can make an extra-large clump. This one has been around and was a guest plant in 2012 but now just available again (Only:27) $18.00 Hometown Hero M  Forms a low, broad mound with long, pointed leaves that are an incredible white-blue and holds up well all season...fertile. Named after a fallen soldier from the Stegeman's church. 'Smoke Signals' seeding (Only:17) $30.00 Honey Bear L Thick green leaves have a yellow border on this nice new sport of 'Honey Pie' (Only:12) $25.00 Hotshot M Here''s a stunner from Dan Wols! Puple ptioles (and I do mean PURPLE) and yellow leaves...what more could you want? Gorgeous upright clump holds the wavy leaves high enough to dance in the wind and constantly show off those purple legs!! (Only:75) $35.00 Hovercraft M A great blue from Doug Beilstein with very round leaves that create an open clump...great substance (Only:5) $22.00 Hudson Bay M SHADOWLAND* PP23598, CPBR4948 Improved version of 'Eskimo Pie'...wider, brighter blue border and green streaks frame the white center. Great looking plant that shows good vigor and bulks up fast. (Only:10) $18.00 Hydon Sunset S Heart-shaped yellow leaves on this fast grower that takes some sun for good yellow color. (Only:11) $12.00