Hostas starting with H

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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Price Hadspen Blue M A low-growing clump with rounded blue-green leaves that have excellent substance and good texture one of the bluest. $12.50 Hadspen Samphire M Very bright yellow leaves in spring are quite wavy and turn greenish-yellow later. $14.00 Halcyon M One of the best medium-sized "blues"...makes a wonderful clump of blue leaves topped with lavender flowers mid summer. $10.00 Half and Half M Sport from H. ‘Lakeside Cupcake’...emerges with a pure white center that remains for the season. Thick leaves have a dark green border and a third light green color where there is overlap. Lavender flowers. $14.00 Hands Up S True tetraploid of H. ‘Praying Hands’ with lots of great attributes...very thick leaves (almost feel like rubber) that stay much smaller than the parent and a creamy-yellow to white border that is much more defined. Clump will be topped with lavender flowers. $14.00 Hans M A sport of 'Andrew'.and similar but much more vigorous! Corrugated, puckered and folded leaves with ruffling at the base are blue-green with a showy white center. Green streaks appear late in the summer which contribute to the added vigor. $18.00 Happy Dayz M A sport from H. ‘Orange Marmalade’ we found several years ago and believed it to be a tetraploid but testing has proven it is not. The leaves are thicker and the bluish-green border is wider than the parent. The leaf center is a bright yellow but fades to a parchment color and shows some variability from plant to plant. $14.00 Happy Valley M Dark green leaves have a creamy-yellow border that is wavy and changes to white. $14.00 Hi Ho Silver mini Lance-shaped leaves with some ruffling on this wide white margined sport of H. ‘Ginko Craig' makes a small clump and maintains that cute look. Flowers are dark purple. $10.00 High Society S Leaves emerge with a yellow center that brightens to white and a variable wide blue margin. Good substance and pale lavender flowers. $12.50 High Voltage M Brand new tetraploid form of 'Paradise Power'...thick yellow leaves are surround by a wide green border. Should be a good grower and a real lookers. $25.00 Holy Mouse Ears S Another sport from H. ‘Blue Mouse Ears’...thick leaves have a white center surrounded by a blue-green border and topped with lavender flowers. $12.00 Home Sweet Home M Marco Fransen brings us a gorgeous new sport from 'Sweet Home Chicago'...heart-shaped yellowish-green leaves have a wide creamy-white border. $24.00 Hot Air Balloon VL Large to very large green-gold with huge unique leaves that seem to float in the breeze. Vigorous grower with very wide and deep set veins...stitched effect. Can take lots of sun. $14.00 Hudson Bay M SHADOWLAND* PP23598, CPBR4948 Improved version of 'Eskimo Pie'...wider, brighter blue border and green streaks frame the white center. Great looking plant that shows good vigor and bulks up fast. $14.00 Hush Puppie S Grows like a weed.. H. venusta hybrid that has small, heart-shaped gray-green leaves with a creamy-white margin. Size and rapid growth rate make it suitable for edging. $10.00 Hydon Sunset S Heart-shaped yellow leaves on a fast grower. Morning sun brings out more yellow color. $10.00