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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Stock Price Hacksaw M Long narrow leaves are intensely rippled and serrated on a rapid grower...interesting for hybridizing. (Only:20) $16.00 Hammurabi M Elongated satin-green leaves create a beautiful and elegant hosta...seedling ffrom'Justice' and the all-green sport of a streaked 'Justice seedling 'Shamash' which failed in t.c...probably not be available after this year (Only:19) $20.00 Hands Up S True tetraploid of ‘Praying Hands’ with lots of great attributes...very thick leaves (almost feel like rubber) that stay much smaller than the parent and a creamy-yellow to white border that is much more defined. (Only:54) $16.00 Hanja's Red Edge M Another from Jan Hurup Hansen...dark green leaves that show year round a thin red edge...maybe best in a cooler climate...very Interesting hosta (Only:4) $30.00 Hans M A sport of 'Andrew'.and similar but much more vigorous! Corrugated, puckered and folded leaves with ruffling at the base are blue-green with a showy white center. Green streaks appear late in the summer which contribute to the added vigor. (Only:18) $20.00 Harry van de Laar M Grayish-green leaves with white backs held on red petioles. Good substance and topped with lavender flowers. (Only:4) $18.00 Hasta Manana PP30,157 M PP30,157 New introduction has apple-green leaves framed with a white border that change to gold and then each new flush begins apple-green again. Sport from 'Gold Standard' (Only:5) $18.00 His Honor L Large rounded medium green leaves are surrounded by a wide greenish-yellow border that turns to creamy-white. (Only:6) $18.00 Holar Arches Park Giant Ronny Van Keer continues to bring us a series of superior plants. This hybrid from 'Arch Duke' x 'Jurassic Park' has beautiful puckered leaves that become more than 20" long. WOW!! (Only:1) $25.00 Holar Black Swan M Another great introduction from Ronny Van Keer of Belgium...dark-green leaves are shiny and held on red petioles...deeply impressed veins and wavy margins on this cross between 'One Man's Treasure' and 'Red Neck Heaven (Only:25) $28.00 Holar Garnet Crow M This eye catcher from Ronny Van Keer is still limited...yellow leaves have a satiny finish and are held on very dark red petioles (Only:14) $30.00 Holar Ice Empress L An 'Empress Wu' x 'Mr Blue' cross that gives us very powdered, milky blue leaves. Medium to large plant and will only be available this year. (Only:28) $35.00 Holar Red Spear M Thick, strong and shiny leathery leaves are held on red petioles…the red goes deep into the leaf on a medium sized vigorous grower. (Only:20) $30.00 Holar Red Wine S Bright green leaves are held on intensely red petioles with the red reaching far into the leaf blade...makes a nice clump (Only:16) $28.00 Holar Rising Flame M This intro from Ronny is destined to be a star! He crossed 'Tequila Sunrise' with 'Mr. Blue' and the result is a hosta with thick yellow leaves held on red petioles and the red reaches way up into the leaves.., leaves have a wavy margin (Only:37) $30.00 Holar Wild Side M This hybrid from 'Neptune' x 'Tequila Sunrise' made me giggle! "A picture is worth a thousand words" sure fits this hosta as trying to describe its wavy and ruffled leaves is almost impossible and it grows like a weed! (Only:7) $25.00 Holy Mouse Ears S Another sport from ‘Blue Mouse Ears’...thick leaves have a white center surrounded by a blue-green border. (Only:22) $18.00 Homecoming Queen L Large pale-green to yellow leaves.can make an extra-large clump. This one has been around and was a guest plant in 2012 but now just available again (Only:9) $18.00 Hometown Hero M  Forms a low, broad mound with long, pointed leaves that are an incredible white-blue and holds up well all season...fertile. Named after a fallen soldier from the Stegeman's church. 'Smoke Signals' seeding (Only:10) $25.00 Honey Bear L Thick green leaves have a yellow border on this nice new sport of 'Honey Pie' (Only:6) $25.00 Hot Air Balloon VL Large to very large green-gold with huge unique leaves that seem to float in the breeze. Vigorous grower with very wide and deep set veins...stitched effect. Can take lots of sun. (Only:6) $16.00 Hovercraft M A great blue from Doug Beilstein with very round leaves that create an open clump...great substance (Only:3) $22.00 Humpback Whale L Forms a massive dome-shaped clump of blue-green heart-shaped leaves that are nicely corrugated. Give this one plenty of room as it be an imposing hosta! (Only:6) $20.00 Hush Puppie S Grows like a weed...venusta hybrid that has small, heart-shaped gray-green leaves with a creamy-white margin. Size and rapid growth rate make it suitable for edging. (Only:18) $14.00 Hydon Sunset S Heart-shaped yellow leaves on this fast grower that takes some sun for good yellow color. (Only:7) $14.00