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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Stock Price Gemstone M Small blue-green leaves on a rapid growing seedling of venusta and 'Dorset Blue' with the best characteristics of both parents. (Only:15) $14.00 George Smith M Sport of sieboldiana ‘Elegans’...leaves have a yellow-gold center and a wide blue-green margin and grow into a beautiful clump. (Only:15) $15.00 Georgia Sweetheart M Leaves have yellowish-orange centers that fade to a very pale yellow as the season progresses...the wide variable border is dark green and will be topped by lavender flowers. (Only:31) $16.00 Giantland Mouse Cheese mini Makes a small mound of green foliage that turns yellow and is a good grower. (Only:7) $16.00 Giantland Sunny Mouse Ears mini New hybrid that resulted from 'Blue Mouse Ears' x 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd'...bright gold in the spring and then becomes chartreuse by mid summer. A gold mouse ears! (Only:26) $14.00 Glacial Towers L Beautiful upright clump with the leaves held almost flat but layered well above the ground. The medium green leaves have a wide creamy-yellow to white feathered border and where there is overlap two shades of grey-green develop. (Only:8) $16.00 Glory Hallelujah M Heart-shaped blue-green leaves with a green border that changes to yellow...this is the reversed variegated sport of ‘Paul’s Glory’. (Only:17) $16.00 Gold Power M The all gold form of 'High Voltage'...thick gold leaves have a nice sheen. (Only:9) $14.00 Goldbrook Glory M/L Sport of ‘Zounds’...good substance on a dark green leaf with a bright creamy border that later turns white. Vigorous grower will be topped with lavender flowers. (Only:15) $16.00 Goldbrook Grayling S Small tardiana type that is a seedling from ‘Happiness’ with long pointed gray-green leaves topped with pinkish flowers midsummer. Fast grower suitable for a groundcover (Only:4) $12.50 Golden Meadows M Outstanding color combination...leaves are light green with dark green margins and medium green streaks between the two colors. Super substance and white flowers in summer. (Only:3) $16.00 Goldrush M Round golden leaves with a grey-green margin, 'Birchwood Parky's Gold' sport. (Only:17) $12.50 Gone with the Wind M Large dark green leaves have great substance and a rippled creamy-white margin that becomes pure white. (Only:7) $18.00 Gosan Hildegarde S Narrow, pointed golden leaves on this 'Little Aurora' x 'Ginko Craig' hybrid. (Only:5) $14.00 Gosan Leather Strap M Very thick narrow,shiny green leaves, Doesn't look much like a hosta at all. (Only:5) $12.50 Grand Canyon M Upright greenish-yellow leaves have rippled margins on this 'Sum and Substance' x montana f. macrophylla hybrid. (Only:7) $15.00 Grand Rapids L Beautiful gray-green leaves with a wavy margin are held on stunning purple petioles...good color combination. Lavender flowers also on purple scapes (Only:5) $16.00 Great Arrival L Rounded blue-green leaves have a bright golden border that changes to white, 'Great Expectations' sport. (Only:25) $14.00 Great Escape M PP19003 Sport from ‘Halcyon’ with a very wide white border...outstanding! Vigorous grower with all the same attributes as its parent especially great substance. (Only:51) $15.00 Great Expectations L A real prize when mature...grows slowly and requires a warm sunny spot. Leaves have extremely wide blue-green margins enveloping a yellow-cream center. (Only:13) $14.00 Green Mouse Ears mini Sport of ‘Blue Mouse Ears’...very thick, round dark green leaves form a dense clump. European form and the leaves show some folding. (Only:77) $14.00 Green Wings M/L We really find this plant to be attractive and a good grower…large pale-green wing-shaped leaves make a tall vase-shaped clump that is quite attractive. Hybridizer and origin of plant unknown. (Only:17) $25.00 Guacamole L Best planted in a sunnier location...forms a large mound of gold leaves with dark green margins by the end of the season (in cooler climes it doesn’t show good variegation until June). Very large fragrant near-white flowers. (Only:4) $14.00 Guardian Angel M/L Variegated sport of ‘Blue Angel’...white-centered leaf early in the spring grows progressively greener and ends with a medium green center and blue border. In time this plant will be a large clump of blue foliage topped with white flowers. In cooler climates the distinct variegation holds well into the season. (Only:21) $15.00