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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Stock Price Early Times M This is the all gold sport from ’June’...very bright yellow in the spring but does darken to a chartreuse with the season. (Only:7) $14.00 Earth Angel L A variegated sport from ‘Blue Angel’ with large thick heart-shaped blue-green leaves that have a wide creamy-white border. (Only:15) $15.00 Ebony Towers M Becomes a dense mound of glossy, wavy green foliage on speckled red-purple petioles. (Only:17) $16.00 El Nino M PP14632 Sport from 'Halcyon'...very blue leaves surrounded by a tidy bright white border. Good substance on a plant that can be absolutely stunning. (Only:27) $14.00 Elbridge Gerry M Oval-shaped green leaves have a wide dark yellow margin. A 'Galaxy' x ('Fantastic' x 'Elatior') hybrid.. (Only:4) $14.00 Electrocution S Long green leaves have a yellow border (later turns to white) that twists severely as they reach upward. A vigorous grower that definitely requires a second look when you walk by. Lavender flowers in July (Only:4) $12.00 Elkhart Lake M Huge green leaves have a white back on this hybrid between 'June' and hypoleuca…leaves are somewhat wavy. (Only:18) $15.00 Elvis Lives M Lance-shaped blue-green leaves have a rippled margin on this 'Peter Pan' x 'Green Fountain' hybrid. (Only:11) $14.00 Emerald Necklace M Twisted green leaves have a creamy-yellow center in spring and do green up some by the end of the season. (Only:4) $15.00 Emeralds and Rubies S Shiny narrow green leaves are held on beautiful red petioles…red scapes on this 'Emerald Carpet' seedling. (Only:14) $12.00 Empress Wu VL SHADOWLAND* PP20774, CPBR4240 The largest hosta we grow...this seedling surpasses all hostas we know. Huge dark green leaves have deeply impressed veins and tremendous substance. In 5 or 6 years a mature clump can reach 4 1/2’ tall. (Only:26) $15.00 Endearing Endeavor M Blue-green leaves have an irregular, wide yellow border that becomes near white by midseason. Good substance and forms a medium low mound of wavy and folded heart-shaped leaves. (Only:9) $18.00 Exotic Presentation M Graceful dark green leaves start with a yellow border that changes to white. Leaves are held in an upright manner creating a beautiful vase-shaped clump. (Only:15) $18.00 Eye Candy M Green leaves start with a pale yellow border that changes to a wide white border. Upright habit. (Only:12) $16.00