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Naylor Creek Hosta Nursery

Jack and I are more than excited to hit the streets with our 2019 Mail Order list of hostas! This past year was probably the busiest we have known. Someone once told us you couldn’t make a living just selling hostas…there have been many years we had to give that statement some serious thought! Thanks to all of you and a big thanks to Jeff Moore’s Hosta Buyers Guide Facebook page we finally believe you can. We now concentrate all our efforts on mail order and no longer do any offsite activities. We no longer can accommodate visitors to the nursery as we two are the only workers and time is always short…we do receive emotional support from Snickers the dog, Blackberry the cat and Midnight & Cyclone, the mom & son goat duo! Please use the website, email, Face Book or the telephone to meet your hosta needs.

We no longer do a print catalog but there is a pdf file button on the home page that will allow you to print the website in a very usable form with photos and descriptions. If you can’t do it there may be a family member or friend who will do it for you. Last resort, ask us and we will print it and mail you a copy at a charge of $10 (it is about 150 pages).

We work hand in hand with Marco and Joyce Fransen in the Netherlands and if not for them our offerings would be so limited…Jan van den Top and Danny Van Eechaute are also invaluable sources for helping us to procure plants from Europe. We are so excited this year about the many new hosta introductions we are able to offer from so many great hybridizers. Also, we are bringing back the best of the older varieties but many are in limited numbers as we lost some of the major tissue culture labs and there just isn’t the production available. You will find new introductions from the US and Europe throughout our offerings and several new hybridizers have some outstanding work that is finally available. We feel we are working closely with many of the most serious folks who spend half their lives involved in hostas! We continue to grow mostly tissue-cultured hostas as this allows us to bring production to market at a reasonable price and maintain adequate supplies. We are doing more dividing these days so we can continue to supply older varieties.

Also, tissue-culture aids in the attempt to assure we are providing disease free plants. We, and our suppliers, are testing old and new plant stocks on a regular basis in the hope of accomplishing this goal. Please note the “Hosta Introductions 2019” listings as these are NEW AND returning hostas all in one page...DON’T FORGET TO GO THROUGH THE REST OF THE CATALOG as our choice stocks will be found there as well. Our growing season commences early and we can normally ship from mid-March through September without interruption.

It just gets better and better and we wish you Happy Gardening in 2019……….…The Boyz, Gary & Jack