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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Stock Price Cadiz Springs M Beatiful introduction from Jeff Moore with red petioles that hold exquisite green leaves in an upright fashion...Leaves are not only wavy but also rippled all the way to the pointed tip that points downward from the tall petioles (Only:68) $25.00 California Goldrush L Large leaves are rounded and heavily corrugated, chartreuse turning yellow in the center with a green of 'Sutters Mill' (Only:29) $20.00 Cathedral Windows M PP17295 Wonderful sport from ‘Stained Glass’...vigorous grower with heart-shaped leaves that have a glowing golden center between the very wide dark green border. Bright filtered light will give the best coloration. N (Only:8) $18.00 Catherine M Heart-shaped soft-yellow leaves with a wide blue margin, sport of 'Halcyon', looks like 'Touch of Class'. (Only:38) $18.00 Celtic Bouquet L Dramatic glossy, heavily textured, rounded foliage makes a medium, flared mound and works to highlight it's neighbors. Red petioles are beneath the foliage, but the show is above the leaves. Black-purple scapes emerge in early July carrying red-purple bracts to compliment an abundance of large, bell-shaped medium-lavender flowers...a bouquet deserving of a vase. (Only:17) $25.00 Celtic Dancer M Upright clump with medium green leaves reaching upward have great substance and lots of ripples. Leaves twist toward the tip and are held on sturdy petioles that show some red. (Only:15) $18.00 Chain Lightning M Superb grower with thick gray-green leaves that have an irregular yellow to creamy-white center. (Only:16) $18.00 Chanticleer M A large rich green hosta that stands apart by its showy deep set puckered leaves. ‘Chanticleer’ forms a large rounded clump which stands out due to its intense green color and deep rugosity. A terrific choice for a special location in the garden. (Only:55) $25.00 Cherry Flip M A Bob Solberg creation from 'One Man's Treasure...rippled, dark green leaves grow into an upright clump which shows of the intense purple petioles very well.  (Only:9) $20.00 Chesapeake Bay M Large blue-green leaves sport a wavy margin...great substance and a good grower that holds up well (Only:4) $18.00 Childhood Fantasy M Long and pointed dark green leaves coated with some bloom have a twisted tip and a very nice wavy margin. The clump is stunning with the leaves reaching upward and outward. (Only:15) $18.00 Chili Fries S ‘Chili Fries’ is a great new sport from 'Curly Fries' with dark green-centered leaves that sport a narrow yellow border...will make a nice tight small clump just as the parent does. (Only:8) $24.00 Chris' China Star M First introduction from Christina Brinkmann of Germany...'China Girl' seedling starts shiny gold on intense red petioles, greens a bit with time and has a fantastic purple haze in July/August creating interest all season (Only:10) $25.00 Christmas Cookies M White leaves have a wide dark green border on this tetraploid sport of 'Night before Christmas' shows more white and grows pretty well (Only:10) $20.00 Christmas Pageant M/L Great sport from ‘Christmas Tree’ with dark green leaves framed by a very wide yellow to creamy-white border. Vigorous grower with thick corrugated leaves. (Only:24) $20.00 Citric Star S First introduction from Louis Vissers of Belgium...not just another gold as this one has very thick wavy leaves that stay gold throughtout the season. Very limited and plants are small (Only:6) $28.00 Climax M Sport from ‘High Noon’...dark green leaves have a wide golden-yellow border and good corrugation. Great substance on a vigorous grower. (Only:5) $18.00 Con te Partiro S Very nice small blue-green hosta with a creamy-white border that will make a delightful statement in any garden. The leaf shows a slight ripple and is topped with lavender flowers. (Only:10) $18.00 Considering Concordville M Another absolutely amazing introduction from Jeff Moore! Intensely RED petioles hold elegant elongated green leaves upright creating a vase shaped can see those red legs from across the garden...plants will be small! (Only:8) $25.00 Cool Mistress M This great looking hosta from Hugo Phillips of Belgium is a cross between 'Beatrice' and 'June Fever'...Blue-green leaves have a creamy-white border...good grower and great form (Only:22) $28.00 Cranberry Wine M Exceptional plant! Seedling from 'Cinnamon Sticks' x 'Tequila Sunrise' with bright yellow leaves that turn chartreuse. Pointed leaves are shiny, very wavy and have wonderful substance. The petioles become cranberry colored and purple flowers appear late in the season. (Only:12) $18.00 Crimson Desire M Elegant green leaves have a beautiful sheen and are held upright as they dance in the wind showing off their outrageous reddish-purple legs...simply glows bright when struck by the sun. The matching bright scapes carry deep lavender blooms in August. (Only:54) $28.00 Crinkled Leather M/L A fantastic blue from Don Dean with thick blue leaves that are crinkled and cupped and folded with a wavy edge. Sold out early last year! (Only:59) $22.00 Cup of Joy M Large ''gold'' with very round and puckered leaves that are deeply cupped. Great substance and good color. Seedling from ''Abiqua Drinking Gourd'. (Only:28) $18.00 Curly Fries S Extremely ruffled narrow leaves emerge yellow and slowly turn to near-white. One of the most popular hostas of the last couple of years. (Only:7) $16.00