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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Stock Price Baby Booties mini Small, heart-shaped green leaves with a white border make a nice compact clump...looks good and grows well. (Only:21) $14.00 Barbara Ann L An ‘Elegans’ sport...beautiful wide white border surrounds a nicely rounded and corrugated blue leaf. Great substance and forms a tight clump. Does best in filtered light. (Only:43) $18.00 Bashful S Open pollinated seedling from ‘Blue Cadet’...leaves come up in spring a creamy color mottled with green. The green slowly becomes more prominent but newer flushes will be lighter and misted. Small clump with white flowers . (Only:15) $16.00 Ben Vernooij M Very striking and fully tetraploid form of ‘First Frost’...unbelievably thick blue leaves have a very wide feathered, creamy-yellow border. (Only:15) $18.00 Big Daddy L Chalky-blue leaves are rounded, cupped and puckered.very nice hosta that should be in every garden! (Only:18) $16.00 Blue Angel Giant Very large, blue-green leaves form a clump which commands attention.another must for any hostaholic! (Only:3) $16.00 Blue Cascade M Dense, medium-sized mound of highly pie-crusted intensely blue leaves. The leaf tips twist outward creating the illusion of constant motion. Lavender flowers midsummer. (Only:13) $20.00 Blue Elf mini Wonderful miniature with very blue leaves...great substance and good grower (Only:18) $16.00 Blue Flame M Variegated sport of ‘Fragrant Blue’...heart-shaped leaves are blue-green and framed by a variable yellow border. Possibly the same as H. ‘Secret Love’. (Only:18) $18.00 Blue Mouse Ears mini/S Wonderful blue with very thick round leaves that form a tight mound. One of the best hostas and a great blue. (Only:28) $14.00 Blue Skin M Long, narrow-shaped leaves of an intense blue color on purple petioles on this wonderful new intro from Danny Van Eechaute...cross between 'Shimmy Shake' and 'Theo's Blue' (Only:16) $25.00 Blues Alley M An all blue tissue-culture sport of 'Quiet Wyatt' from Jeff Moore...thick blue leaves with a wavy border come to a point...impressive (Only:30) $20.00 Boyz Toy S Named for us "boyz" at Naylor Creek...emerges bright chartreuse with pointy little red leaf tips. As the red fades, the slightly glossy leaves turn bright yellow. (Only:17) $18.00 Broadway M Here’s the tetraploid of ‘Border Street’ from Danny Van Eechaute...thick leathery dark green leaves have a broad creamy-white border. (Only:2) $20.00