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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Stock Price Baby Booties mini Small, heart-shaped green leaves with a white border make a nice compact clump...looks good and grows well. (Only:22) $14.00 Barbara Ann L An ‘Elegans’ sport...beautiful wide white border surrounds a nicely rounded and corrugated blue leaf. Great substance and forms a tight clump. Does best in filtered light. (Only:43) $18.00 Bashful S Open pollinated seedling from ‘Blue Cadet’...leaves come up in spring a creamy color mottled with green. The green slowly becomes more prominent but newer flushes will be lighter and misted. Small clump with white flowers . (Only:18) $16.00 Bedazzled S Small clump of blue-green leaves framed by a wide yellow-gold border. Great substance and some cupping on slightly corrugated leaves. (Only:16) $16.00 Behemoth Giant  Very large bright green hosta with deeply impressed veins and creates a unique mound...been around for a while but has never been readily available. (Only:3) $18.00 Ben Vernooij M Very striking and fully tetraploid form of ‘First Frost’...unbelievably thick blue leaves have a very wide feathered, creamy-yellow border. (Only:16) $18.00 Big Daddy L Chalky-blue leaves are rounded, cupped and puckered.very nice hosta that should be in every garden! (Only:19) $16.00 Blue Angel Giant Very large, blue-green leaves form a clump which commands attention.another must for any hostaholic! (Only:5) $16.00 Blue Cascade M Dense, medium-sized mound of highly pie-crusted intensely blue leaves. The leaf tips twist outward creating the illusion of constant motion. Lavender flowers midsummer. (Only:13) $20.00 Blue Elf mini Wonderful miniature with very blue leaves...great substance and good grower (Only:19) $16.00 Blue Flame M Variegated sport of ‘Fragrant Blue’...heart-shaped leaves are blue-green and framed by a variable yellow border. Possibly the same as H. ‘Secret Love’. (Only:18) $18.00 Blue Jay S Nice small blue that forms a dense clump of thick, solid blue leaves. In late May and June it is has intense blue color and is the perfect size to work into the front of the border. (Only:3) $16.00 Blue Mouse Ears mini/S Wonderful blue with very thick round leaves that form a tight mound. One of the best hostas and a great blue. (Only:29) $14.00 Blue Skin M Long, narrow-shaped leaves of an intense blue color on purple petioles on this wonderful new intro from Danny Van Eechaute...cross between 'Shimmy Shake' and 'Theo's Blue' (Only:17) $25.00 Blues Alley M An all blue tissue-culture sport of 'Quiet Wyatt' from Jeff Moore...thick blue leaves with a wavy border come to a point...impressive (Only:30) $20.00 Bounty S Tetraploid form of 'Lonesome Dove'...thick cupped leaves have a white center and a very wide blue-green border. This one will be a slow grower but will be worth the wait. (Only:10) $18.00 Boyz Toy S Named for us "boyz" at Naylor Creek...emerges bright chartreuse with pointy little red leaf tips. As the red fades, the slightly glossy leaves turn bright yellow. (Only:17) $18.00 Bright Star M Another wonderful wide-edged hosta from Jan Van den Top...tetraploid sport of ‘Dark Star’. Narrow and thick blue-green leaves with a wide creamy-yellow margin that eventually turns white. (Only:10) $18.00 Broadway M Here’s the tetraploid of ‘Border Street’ from Danny Van Eechaute...thick leathery dark green leaves have a broad creamy-white border. (Only:4) $20.00