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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Price Waiting in Vein M Bright gold foliage has deep veination and slightly rippled edge; Good substance. Name comes from the impressed veins. $15.00 War Paint L Large pointed and pie-crusted leaves emerge in spring with a clear bright butter-yellow center framed by a dark green border. Yellow center darkens and by mid June the center fades to pale green. Violet flowers. $20.00 Warwick Curtsey S A small heart-shaped blue-green leaf with a creamy-yellow border...rapid grower that clumps up fast and has good substance. Compact plant that makes a good edger with lavender flower. $10.00 Warwick Essence L Large, rather glossy blue-green leaves on this beauty have tremendous substance...the clump makes a great specimen and is topped with beautiful fragrant white flowers. $14.00 Waukon Golden Pond M Bright gold hosta with round cupped leaves that are thick and held upright. They glow with a shine that makes the plant standout from afar and the color improves with the season. Lavender flowers. $14.00 Waukon the Moon M Very attractive blue that has great color and holds all season. Leave are quite round and have the feel of parchment...they are very smooth and held upright making them very pleasant to look down on. $16.00 Waukon Thin Ice M Variegated H. ‘Topaz’ sport with thick blue leaves and a greenish-yellow border that becomes yellow later in the season. Upright clump is a vigorous grower with lavender flowers. $12.50 Wave Runner M Chartreuse green leaves with a wide and heavily rippled yellow border on this sport of 'Squash Casserole'. $18.00 Wheee! M SHADOWLAND* PP23565, CPBR4948 Comes up in spring with the most amazing curly and twisty shoots and then, when it leafs out it continues to curl and twist. Vigorous grower...border can vary in width from year to year. Lavender flowers $12.50 Whirlwind S/M Leaves have outstanding substance and twist as they reach upward...they are white, yellowish and yellow-green with a dark green border that varies. Prominent veins and lavender flowers. $12.50 White Dove S Narrow, arching green leaves with a white border, interesting combination of variegated leaves and pure white flowers.. $14.00 White Feather M Leaves emerge totally white on this sport of ‘Undulata’ the season progresses they develop green streaks which gives them the chlorophyll to grow on. Unlike similar types, this plant is a good grower and can take considerable sun. $15.00 White Jewel M Very nice sport from H. 'Orange Star...pure white center surrounded by a wide dark green border on a leaf with a gentle twist and some waviness. The white center reaches completely to the tip. Pale lavenders flowers on creamy-white scapes. Another child of H. 'June Fever'. $18.00 Winsome S Heart-shaped green leaves with a good creamy-white border, 'Pin Stripe Sister' hybrid. $15.00 Winter Snow L Sport of H. ‘Sum and Substance’...beautiful shiny, medium green leaves have a nice white border of decent width and the clump is topped with lavender flowers midsummer . $14.00 Wishing Well L Don Dean is famous for his ‘blues’ and this one is really outstanding! Large blue leaves are deeply cupped, somewhat wavy and show lots of corrugation. Can take lots of sun and will stay blue late into the season. Great substance and near-white flowers. $15.00 Wonderful S Wonderful' is a small Hosta that has lavender flowers and grows in half shade/shade. Small elongated yellow leaves. $14.00 Woodland Elf mini Medium green leaves with a neat cream to white edge...substance is good on this rapid growing clumper that quickly forms a tight, neat mound a couple of inches tall. Lavender flowers. $12.50 Woop Woop M We found this unique sport of H. ‘Pathfinder’ many years ago...thick green leaves have a creamy-white center that runs right down the petiole. The leaves twist with the white going to the very tip. Lavender flowers in midsummer. Named after an Australian wine enjoyed at a friends house one infamous evening when the Fransens were visiting from Holland. $18.00