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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Price Valley's Blue Curacao M/L One of the bluest hostas we have seen!...very intense blue heart-shaped leaves with well defined veins and a smooth texture create an open clump. Pale lavender flowers. $16.00 Valley's Lemon Squash M This new introduction of Jeroen Linneman of Hosta Valley fame is going to excite many collectors. This is a great yellow seedling from a cross of two pycnophylla seedlings. The leaves have a wavy margin and also white back. the petioles have also a purple colour. $25.00 Valley's Paparazzi M Jeroen gives us a new sport from H. 'Deane's Dream' with a creamy-yellow border. The gray-blue leaves display large gentle waves and almost fold in places. Stunning color combination and the form of the clump is star-like. Great substance. Great substance. Don't miss out on this one! $18.00 Valley's Red Scorpion M Shiny dark green leaves with a rippled margin. The red color of the petioles goes far in to the leaf. An impressive Dutch hybrid from Jeroen Linneman. $20.00 Valley's Sushi M Sport from 'Red October' leaves sport a white border on a medium-sized clump. Lavender flowers. $18.00 Valley's Vanilla Sticks S Light blue leaves make an elegant, tight clump. Purple petioles and flower scapes with lavender flowers. $14.00 Van Wade M Slightly cupped dark green leaves, have a creamy-yellow border on this 'Dorothy Benedict' x 'Northern Lights' hybrid. $14.00 Venetian Dream M Seedling out of 'Venetian Blue' has elongated blue leaves with a very wavy edge and good substance. $18.00 Venetian Skies M New sport of 'Venetian Blue' has long pointed frosty blue leaves with a narrow narrow, rippled, white margin. The upright clump cascades back toward the ground. Late in the summer lavender flowers appear. $20.00 Venetian Star M This hybrid offers heavily rippled margins, deep blue foliage, and an arching mounded growing habit. Great looker! $14.00 venusta 'Dwarf Form' mini Small green leaves areslightly wavy on this great venusta selection. $10.00 venusta 'Ki Nakafu Otome' mini Tiny yellow leaves are framed with a green border. By the end of the season the leaves usually are all green. $12.00 venusta 'Porter' mini Small rounded green leaves, identical to 'Thumb Nail', nice but not really different. $10.00 Victor M sport from H. "Whirlwind" (named after the hybridizer?s father) makes a medium-sized mound of shiny dark green leaves that have a narrow irregular yellowish "lightning bolt" center. Too much shade and the center will turn green. Lavender flowers appear midseason $20.00 Victory VL Huge variegated sport from H. ‘Elatior’...very large dark green leaves have a wide creamy-yellow border and are held upright. Topped with lavender flowers. $14.00 Viking Ship VL Huge oval to nearly round blue-green leaves stand upright on this giant hosta. Leaves have glaucous bloom top and bottom, are lightly corrugated and deeply veined. Light ruffling and some cupping is also evident. $18.00 Virginia Reel S This little guy forms a fairly flat, pinwheel-shaped clump of pointed blue-green leaves with a yellow border. Good substance and vigorous grower. $14.00 Volcano Island M Tetraploid form of H. ‘Paradise Island’...thicker leaves and a wider border makes for more contrast and the upright leaves showoff the cherry red petioles with the color reaching up into the leaves. Lavender flowers . $14.00 Vulcan M/L Sport from 'Captain Kirk' has creamy-white leaves with dark green margins. Golden-yellow streaks occur along the interior margins where the white and green overlap. Vigorous growth rate and pale lavender flowers. $12.50