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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Stock Price Ufo L Sport from ‘Gunther’s Prize’...different from the other yellow-edged ‘Sum and Substance’ sports. Leaves comes up dark green and develop a narrow yellow border. Later, the border fades some and the leaves turn yellowish-green." (Only:24) $20.00 Unchained Melody L Large shiny green leaves, wide yellow border (Only:10) $18.00 Unruly Child M Ruffles, shiny, twisted tips, wavy and dark green are all traits that make up 'Unruly Child'. Great looking hosta with so much going on that you'll spend a lot of time staring at it! (Only:14) $18.00 Urchin S I find this smaller hosta to be a lot of fun...upright green leaves are elongated and extremely rippled...tight ripples (Only:12) $20.00