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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Stock Price T Rex VL A HUGE hosta so give this one lots of room! Gigantic green leaves tend to be rather floppy because they are so big. Near-white flowers. (Only:25) $18.00 Tatooine M Jeff Moore is a star in the Hosta World...this beautiful plant is out of 'Independence Streaked' x 'Justine' and should be a full tetraploid. Thick green leaves are heartshaped and have a wide light green border (Only:28) $35.00 Tenryu L Upright powdery blue-green leaves on a large clump...similar to nigrescens and has tall flower scapes. (Only:16) $18.00 Terry M Grey-green leaves with a wide creamy-white margin on this, stable sport of 'Sally and Bob' which is a streaked plant. (Only:13) $18.00 The High Life M Thick yellow leaves have a wide green border...good substance (Only:18) $20.00 The Leading Edge M Heart-shaped green leaves have an irregular yellow border... 'Dorothy Benedict' is one of its parents (Only:17) $18.00 The Minnesota Mafia M If you've been to a convention you've probably run up against The Minnesota Mafia at an auction...they form a cartel so they can bid the highest on the rarest...and they smile all thu it..long bright yellow leaves change to chartreuse on this 'Jade Cascade' sport (Only:19) $25.00 The Razor's Edge S Small green hosta that makes an arching mound of long narrow and rippled at the base of the petioles (Only:18) $16.00 The Shire M It is always exciting to bring you new hostas from Rick Goodenough...'The Shire' is an elegant, glossy deep green with leaves held upright creating a fountain effect (only in 1 garden) (Only:35) $32.00 The Sweetest Thing M Shiny leaves with creamy -white streaks and a wavy margin on this 'Invincible' seedling. Makes a dense mound and really stands out with its FRAGRANT lavender flowers. Should be great for hybridizing! (Only:7) $45.00 Tick Tock S This sport of ‘Gold Drop’ has proved to be an outstanding performer. Thick leaves have a chartreuse-green center framed with a nice blue-green border. Lavender flowers midsummer. (Only:29) $16.00 Tickle Me Pink S Leaves emerge bright yellow-chartreuse on red petioles with red tips and some red brushed across the shiny backs. Later the leaves become a golden color. Fuchsia-pink buds emerge in September on dark scapes. (Only:19) $18.00 Tiny Bubbles S Pointed shiny yellow leaves, a cross between 'Corkscrew' and 'Lemon Frost', very rapid growing plant. (Only:15) $18.00 Titanic Giant Very large dark green leaves have a wide golden border on this 'Sum and Substance' sport...somewhat unstable variety and does throw a lot of all gold sports (Only:23) $22.00 Titanium M Vigorous silver-blue clumps up quickly with leathery, smooth centered and wavy edged leaves heavily coated with wax on both sides. At only 9" tall, this clump is perfect for the front of the border. A second flush mid to late season keeps the blue coming. Lavender flowers. (Only:21) $18.00 Top of the Mornin' S This small yellow, flared mound has something going on all season...heavily dimpled foliage has lots of ruffles and unusual rosy-red petioles followed by scapes of the same color...dark lavender flowers top it off (Only:23) $30.00 Totally Twisted M Fast grower with long, light, soft green leaves, white backed, red petioles, un-tamed and twisted. As the season grows on, the first flush of leaves can (with the right exposure)develop yellow flecks and speckles. This trait can be passed on to offspring. Tolerates sun well and is fertile . (Only:9) $18.00 Twisted Spearmint S A sport from 'Kiwi Spearmint' with leaves that are extremely twisted (Only:17) $22.00