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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Stock Price Tappan Zee M Very thick green leaves with an irregular white margin, 'Electrum Stater' sport with green center. (Only:2) $16.00 Tattle Tails mini Variegated sport from ‘Dragon Tails’...long, wavy leaves have a green center framed by a yellow border. Leaves tend to grow upward and then cascade down making a perfect little mound. (Only:9) $12.50 Tea at Betty’s M Very nice variegated sport from ‘Rippled Honey’...medium green leaves have a pale yellow border with a heavily rippled margin. Shiny leaves are topped with FRAGRANT lavender flowers. (Only:34) $14.00 Teacher's Pride M Heart-shaped blue leaf with a white center that slowly turns green through the season. A sport of 'Halcyon' that acts like 'Guardian Angel'. (Only:23) $16.00 Tears of Joy mini Narrow upright leaves are green and somewhat folded--an interesting sport of 'Tiny Tears'. (Only:11) $12.00 Teatime M A sport from ’English Sunrise’ leaves have a subtle yellow border. Lavender flowers on this probable reverse of ‘June’ (Only:10) $14.00 Teeny-weeny Bikini mini Charming mini with pale yellow leaves framed by a medium green margin that streaks to the center. Pointed leaves have a nice sheen and will be topped with deep purple flowers in August. (Only:47) $12.00 The King M Large heart-shaped blue-green leaves have a wide and irregular border that eventually turns creamy-white and often streaks to the center. The leaves are wavy and held somewhat upright. Topped with lavender flowers. (Only:5) $18.00 The Leading Edge M Heart-shaped green leaves with an irregular yellow margin, Comes from 'Dorothy Benedict' . (Only:5) $16.00 Theo’s Blue M Beautiful powdery-blue leaves are held on purple-red petioles. The back of the leaf is white. Lavender flowers. (Only:12) $14.00 Theo’s Red M Another pycnophylla type from Theo Leydens of the Netherlands...wavy gray-green leaves are held on long reddish petioles. Leaf backs are white and lavender flowers appear in midsummer (os stock). (Only:25) $12.50 Tick Tock S This sport of ‘Gold Drop’ has proved to be an outstanding performer. Thick leaves have a chartreuse-green center framed with a nice blue-green border. Lavender flowers midsummer. (Only:16) $12.00 Tilt-a-Whirl mini Bob accomplished making a blue verson of 'Corkscrew' by crossing it with 'June' and this small, upright, highly twisted hosta is the result.. (Only:31) $16.00 Timeless Beauty M Heart-shaped blue leaves have an irregular "feathered" center that changes from yellow to white. Great substance and good growth rate. Lavender flowers. (Only:32) $16.00 Titanium M Vigorous silver-blue clumps up quickly with leathery, smooth centered and wavy edged leaves heavily coated with wax on both sides. At only 9" tall, this clump is perfect for the front of the border. A second flush mid to late season keeps the blue coming. Lavender flowers. (Only:17) $14.00 Tokudama Flavocircinalis M Blue-gray leaves with a yellow margin have heavy substance. (Only:10) $16.00 Tom Terrific L a great new introduction from Bob Solberg and a hybrid from ''Key West''...large yellow leaves are dome-shaped and show nice veination. Held on red petioles the leaves will hold their color all season. Named after Tom Micheletti, past president of the AHS. (Only:7) $45.00 Tongue Twister S Shiny dark green leaves twist upward and outward and always maintain a fresh appearance. Good substance on a vigorous grower with pale lavender flowers in early fall. (Only:8) $15.00 Tootie Mae M Blue leaves with a wide yellow margin on this 'Tokudama Flavocircinalis' sport...has a better yellow edge that remains clear through most of the season. Topped with lavender flowers (Only:30) $16.00 Totally Twisted M Fast grower with long, light, soft green leaves, white backed, red petioles, un-tamed and twisted. As the season grows on, the first flush of leaves can (with the right exposure)develop yellow flecks and speckles. This trait can be passed on to offspring. Tolerates sun well and is fertile . (Only:7) $18.00 Touch of Class M A tetraploid with intense blue leaves set off by a yellow-gold center. Topped with lavender flowers. (Only:11) $12.50 Touch of Flame M Green leaves have a white center and are rather twisted and wavy--pale lavender flowers show on pink scapes. Sport from 'Searing Flame'. (Only:19) $18.00 Treasure Hunt M Nice heavy green leaves have a variable yellow border on this sport of 'Kiwi Gold Rush'. Good grower that bulks up fast. (Only:8) $16.50 Triple Ripple M Very large soft green leaves with a thin yellow margin that is heavily rippled. Pretty hosta. (Only:1) $16.00 Tropical Dancer PP21209 M ‘Spring Fling' with attitude! This wonderful sport has a very wide, intensely ruffled, creamy-white border surrounding beautiful long, tapered, green leaves. Vigorous grower. (Only:13) $14.00 Tropicana M Nice hybrid from 'Sea Prize' x 'Yellow River'. Green leaves start with a yellow border that changes to white. Good substance and a vigorous grower. (Only:16) $16.00 Tutu M Grey-green leaves with a rippled margin have good substance and are the clump is quite attractive. 'Donahue Piecrust' x pycnophylla hybrid. (Only:7) $14.00 Twilight M PP14040 Makes a medium sized clump of tough green leaves that sport a very wide yellow border. Substance is excellent making this one more pest resistant. (Only:5) $12.50 Twist of Lime mini Narrow yellow leaves with a green margin, nice sport of 'Lemon Lime', very floriferous. Grows into a "heavy" clump and great for the front of the border.. (Only:2) $8.00 Twist Tie S A new small hosta from Bob Solberg...hybrid from ''Tongue Twister'' has small blue-green leaves that are twisted and held upright...very good substance and hangs on to the very end of the season. (Only:9) $22.00