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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Stock Price Scheherazade M Jim & Meg Dalton have come to be hybridizers we look to for exciting new varieties to bring to you all. 'Scheherazade' is an open pollinated seedling from kikutii Leuconata and has intense blue, pointed, lance-shaped leaves that look good all season. Deeply impressed veins add character to a hosta with unique form. (Only:11) $25.00 School Mouse mini PPAF Excellent sport from 'Churh Mouse' with a nice wide yellow border… The leaves are quite wavy and add lots of interest--cute plant and a great addition to the "mouse" collection. (Only:60) $15.00 Sea Gulf Stream M A great plant...medium-sized hosta with rich chartreuse-gold leaves that have a wonderful piecrust edge (looks serrated when the leaves emerge)and deep blue-green veins in spring. (Only:3) $15.00 Secret Ambition M The tetraploid form of ‘Secret Love’...unique colored blue-green leaves are surrounded by a very wide yellow border. Extremely thick leaves on a clump topped with near-white flowers. (Only:8) $16.00 Secret Love M Variegated sport from 'Fragrant Blue' heart-shaped leaves with a yellow border. Topped with near-white flowers in early summer. (Only:19) $14.00 Secret Treasure M ‘One Man’s Treasure’ has been one of our favorites for years and now Jan has produced it with a nice wide white border. Shiny dark green leaves have great substance and are held on red petioles that show color well up into the leaf. (Only:55) $16.00 Shazaam M Pointed dark green leaves have a creamy-yellow border and heavy substance on this 'William Lachman' seedling. (Only:16) $14.00 Sherborne Swallow M Nice heart-shaped blue leaves on good grower with lavender flowers. (Only:19) $12.50 Sherborne Swan M Heart-shaped bright blue leaves are slightly corrugated. Lavender flowers. (Only:20) $12.50 Sherborne Swift S/M Narrow blue leaves have an intense color and form an upright clump . (Only:20) $12.50 She's Got the Moves S Hugo Phillips of Belgium brings us a nice seedling from a cross of Setsurei and pulchella. Very nice green hosta with heavily ruffled leaves that fold some...good substance and nice form. Fertile and will be of interest to the hybridizers. (Only:18) $16.00 Shimmy Shake M Beautifully shaped light green leaves ripple and twist as they reach up and outward making a flat spreading mound. The purplish-red petioles are easily seen as the leaves dance atop them. Exquisite lavender flowers. (Only:4) $14.00 Shiny Penny mini Tiny heart-shaped shiny golden leaves change to light green.with the progression of the season. (Only:17) $12.00 Shiny Sonata M Sport from 'Moonlight Sonata' with very shiny dark green leaves--will have fragrant lavender flowers. (Only:31) $16.00 sieboldiana ‘Elegans’ L Heavy textured blue-green leaves are corrugated and puckered. White flowers. (Only:20) $10.00 Silver Bay M Intense silver-blue leaves make a flat mound about 14" tall. Leaves are quite round with some cupping and good corrugation. Pale lavender flowers in July. (Only:14) $14.00 Silver Mist M Heart-shaped leaves are a good blue and are slightly wavy. Good substance on this Tardiana look alike. (Only:7) $14.00 Silver Moon M Nice cross between 'Blue Moon' and 'Maekawa'...round powdery blue leaves sport a silver leaf back. Clump has a spreading habit and will be topped with lavender flowers late in summer (Only:16) $14.00 Silver Shadow M Shiny dark green leaves with a thin silvery-white margin on this sport of H. 'Devon Green'. Good substance and lavender flowers. (Only:18) $16.00 Sizzle mini Very long, narrow yellow leaves with tight ripples that run from the base of the petioles to the tip have a striking green border that accentuates the rippling. (Only:82) $14.00 Sky Dancer M Very nice gray-green, almost blue, leaves with a wavy margin. Has an obvious pycnophylla background but has much thicker leaves. The rounded leaves are topped with lavender flowers late in the season. (Only:15) $16.00 Sleeping Beauty M Sport from ‘Halcyon’ with pointed, frosty blue-green leaves surrounded by a creamy-white border. Thick leaves topped with pale lavender flowers. (Only:18) $12.50 Sleeping Star M Sport from ‘Sleeping Beauty’...beautiful frosty blue leaves have a wide creamy border that changes to white. Topped with lavender flowers. Another very nice hosta from Jan Van den Top. (Only:30) $16.00 Small Parts mini Mini with character...looks like a miniature 'Devon Green'. Dainty dark green leaves of good substance clump up fast. Vigorous grower with lavender flowers. (Only:1) $10.00 Smoke Signals M An outstanding "blue"...symmetrical clump holds intensely blue-green leaves in an upright manner with the somewhat folded, flat leaves filling every space. Holds its color late into the season. (Only:7) $14.00 Snow Boy S/M This is a sport from ‘Deja Blu’...heart-shaped gray-green leaves have a wide dark yellow border. In more sun the leaves develop a white line between the center and the border. (Only:12) $14.00 Snow Bunting M/L New variegated sport of H. ‘Snowden’ from Great Britain...large blue-green leaves have a yellow border and are held on long petioles that create an elegant upright clump. Topped with white flowers (Only:8) $18.00 Snow Mouse mini ‘Blue Mouse Ears’ sport with very thick white-centered leaves surrounded by a blue-green border. Leaf center stays white all season but does show green flecks later. Clump is topped with lavender flowers. (Only:20) $16.00 Sophisticated Lady M Dark green leaves with a creamy margin that changes to white. Good substance and makes an attractive clump.. (Only:2) $16.00 Southern Gold M Seedling thought to be from yingeri spring, flat rounded leaves are very bright yellow and held on reddish petioles. Excellent substance on a vigorous grower. (Only:16) $16.00 Spartacus L Variegated sport of ‘Sea Gulf Stream’...size and form same as the parent but the leaves have a nice dark green center surrounded by a ruffled and serrated yellow margin. (Only:1) $16.00 Spring Break M Leaves are bright chartreuse changing to lime-green with a white margin, 'Dorothy Benedict' x 'Dorothy Benedict Seedling' hybrid. (Only:17) $16.00 St. Paul L Great sport from 'Paul's Glory'...thick leaves have a gold center surrounded by a wide blue-green border. Great substance and vigorous grower topped with pale lavender flowers in early summer. (Only:1) $14.00 Stained Glass M Sport from ‘Guacamole’...much brighter gold leaf center throughout the season. The veins are quite evident and give the leaf a "stained glass window" effect. Large fragrant near-white flowers (Only:13) $14.00 Stand by Me S/M Unique sport of ‘June’...upright yellowish-green leaves have a very irregular blue border with lots of streaking toward the narrower center. Not as large as the parent but a vigorous grower and expands from a crown that looks like a large flower bud. (Only:34) $16.00 Stand Corrected M Beautiful green leaves have heavily impressed veins and a variable yellow border with a ruffled margin. Nice sheen on the leaves and this vigorous grower has lavender flowers. (Only:4) $14.00 Star Wars M/L Large, nearly round, yellowish-white leaves with a grey-green border. Nice veination and a bit of a sheen. Needs fertilzer and a not too dry spot to grow well. (Only:1) $16.00 Steffi M Light green leaves that color slowly to a deep green surrounded by a white border. Sport of 'Saint Elmo's Fire'. (Only:5) $14.00 Stephen King M The darkest red petioles we have seen! Intense, deep, black-red petioles are long and the small leaves showcase the red very well as they curve under on the upper half of the blade giving a nice twist and allowing full vision into the center of the clump. (Only:10) $18.00 Stiletto S Narrow green leaves with a rippled yellow border on a very fast grower. (Only:12) $8.00 Stimulation M Impressive intro from Tony Avent with heart-shaped glossy green leaves that have lots of rippling. Makes a dense layered clump with lavender flowers. (Only:15) $16.00 Stir it Up M A great Alttara Scheer plant…red petioles hold very wavy shiny green leaves that give the appearance of upward mobility. Leaf backs are white and make a dense clump topped with lavender flowers. We find this a very nice hosta to look upon. (Only:14) $16.00 Stranger in the Dark mini The all green form of 'Electrocution'--elongated, twisted blades reach for the sky. (Only:6) $14.00 Strawberry Parfait S Sharply pointed glaucous, both upper and lower, yellow leaves flare up and out with a rose-pink blush on the base of the petioles. This plant enjoys some sun. (Only:7) $15.00 Striptease M Dark green leaf has a unique thin white line that surrounds a narrow elliptical gold center. Vigorous grower that will perform well in most exposures but would be happiest with good morning sun. (Only:3) $14.00 Stuck in Time M Heart-shaped leaves are an Intense yellow color...the solid colored sport from ‘Stitch in Time’. (Only:14) $14.00 Sugar Daddy L Variegated sport of ‘Big Daddy’...corrugated and cupped blue leaves have a variable creamy-white margin up to about 1" wide. Same great substance and dense clump form as the parent. (Only:14) $16.00 Sugar Plum M Upright dark-green leaves on purple-red petioles. Already introduced in 2011 as one of the best with purple-red petioles and finally available. Our plants are smallish. (Only:17) $16.00 Sum and Substance Giant Very large hosta...satin-gold leaves make a huge specimen. In cooler climates grow in full sun. Lavender flowers. (Only:7) $14.00 Summer Breeze M Upright clump with green leaves surrounded by a wide gold margin. Leaves have a nice sheen and are topped with lavender flowers (Only:18) $14.00 Summer Lovin M Dark green leaves have a wide yellow border that turns to creamy-white later and thick substance. Give it morning sun or good light. (Only:7) $14.00 Summer Music M Very colorful leaves...snow white centers are surrounded by gold and chartreuse margins. Substance is pretty good and the clump is topped with lavender flowers (Only:7) $14.00 Sunset Grooves M A new sport from H. ‘Rainforest Sunrise’ with rounded leaves that sport a narrow "flamed" yellow center framed by a very wide green border. Leaves are somewhat cupped and have excellent substance. Vigorous grower. (Only:13) $16.00 Sunshine Glory L Thick round leaves have a chartreuse-yellow center and a wide white border...good substance and lots of corrugation. Lavender flowers. (Only:17) $14.00 Surfer Girl S Very nice little miniature named for wavy leaf margins reminiscent of the ocean waves. Pointed dark green leaves form an impressive little clump as the plant is stoloniferous. (Only:16) $12.00 Surprised by Joy S Delightful mini with cream to white leaf centers framed with crisp green borders...leaves are narrow and held upright. Lavender flowers make a delightful display. (Only:14) $12.00 Sweet Innocence M Tetraploid form of ’Fragrant Bouquet’...heart-shaped apple-green leaves have a very wide creamy border. When mature leaves have a dome shape and are topped with large fragrant near-white flowers. (Only:8) $14.00