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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Price Rain Dancer L Quite sturdy and attractive sport from H. ‘Blue Umbrellas’ leaves have a variable yellow border. Topped with lavender flowers. $12.50 Rainbow’s End S A sport from H. ‘Obsession’ with very thick, bright gold leaves framed by a wide, dark green border. Topped with lavender flowers on red-purple flower spikes. $15.00 Rainforest Sunrise M Great sport from H. ‘Maui Buttercups’...bright gold leaves are framed with a dark green border and show lots of corrugation. Vigorous grower topped with lavender flowers in early summer $12.50 Rebel Heart M Heart-shaped grey-green leaves with a gold border that changes to creamy white.. $15.00 Red Bull M Seedling from H. 'Maya Kingsnake' and H. 'Purple petioles hold nicely shaped medium green leaves with good substance. Good veination and lots of substance. $18.00 Red Cadet S Purple-red petioles and scapes....gray-green leaves form a vigorous clump with lavender flowers on this cross between ‘Riptide’ and ‘Blue Cadet’. $12.50 Red Dog M Cherry-red petioles hold long narrow shiny green leaves with a very wavy edge. Upright grower creates a vase-shaped clump of pointed leaves with long tips. Vigorous grower with lavender flowers. $14.00 Red Dragon M Nicely rippled, shiny bright green leaves are held on strong upright red petioles. The red extends all the way up to the leaves and even the flower stalks are bright red. Purple flowers in August that are fertile. $14.00 Red Stepper M Seedling from 'Invincible?--like its parent it loves the sun and has bright reflecting blades that glisten when the light hits them. Add to this, bright red petioles and pale lavender flowers late. Named after the Red Steppers from Indiana University $16.00 Reflections M Pretty plant with shiny medium-green leaves that have a creamy-white variable border...some streaking to the middle. Lavender flowers. $14.00 Regal Supreme M/L Sport from H. ‘Krossa Regal’ with a very wide creamy-white border. Frosty blue-green leaves are held upright creating a vase-shaped clump. Topped with lavender flowers in midsummer. $14.00 Remember Me S PPAF Sport of H. ‘June’...heart-shaped leaves have a bright creamy-white center surrounded by a blue-green border. Topped with lavender flowers. $12.50 Restless Sea M Gray-green leaves have a serrated edge and an undulating leaf margin. Lavender flowers $14.00 Rhino Hide M PP23665 Extremely thick leaves...much thicker than any other hosta and they feel just like rubber. Strong petioles hold leaves with bright green centers and a wide blue border. Leaves are deeply cupped and have lots of puckering. $14.00 Riviera Sunset M A fairly wide irregular orange-gold border really sets off the green leaf...where the primary colors overlap a couple of other tones develop. Heart-shaped leaves make a dense mound that is topped with pale lavender flowers in July $16.00 Rock and Roll L Very blue leaves have thick substance and lots of corrugation. Beautiful plant! $16.00 Rock Isand Line M Small green leaves with a white border on this 'Flamboyant' x venusta hybrid. $14.00 Roseann Walters M Impressive plant with heart-shaped gray-green leaves that have a wide yellow border that turns creamy-white by the end of the season. $14.00 Royal Charmer L Shiny green leaves with a beatiful irregular white margin are topped with fragrant white flowers. H. 'Royal Standard' sport. $16.00 Royal Wedding PP26727 M PP26727 'Diana Remembered' is already a stunning hosta but now we add a much wider border and it really stands and white leaves topped with large fragrant white flowers. $14.00 Ruffled Mouse Ears mini Blue-green leaves have a ruffled margin with a border that is slightly lighter than the rest of the leaf but not as noticeable as ‘Church Mouse’ or ‘Dancing Mouse’. $14.00