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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Stock Price Pacific Sunset M Grey-green leaves with a yellow margin that turns cream--great colors and a bit different that most others.. (Only:35) $18.00 Paisley Border M Here we have the reverse variegation of 'Lakeside Paisley Print'--dark green leaves have a fairly wide creamy-white border. Great substance and lots of style! (Only:13) $18.00 Pamela Lee M Thick green leaves have a wide greenish-yellow border on this ''Radiant Edger'' sport. (Only:11) $18.00 Paradigm M Shiny, slightly puckered golden leaves with a green margin on this 'Abiqua Recluse' sport. Very good hosta. (Only:14) $15.00 Paradise Backstage M Reverse sport of 'On Stage' leaves are long and narrow and have an irregular yellow border. Good substance and will be happiest if grown in morning sun. (Only:16) $18.00 Paradise Expectations L Sport of ‘Great Expectations’ with reverse variegation…large blue-green leaves are framed by a wide creamy-yellow border. (Only:35) $18.00 Paradise Glory L Sport from 'Paul's Glory' with very thick leaves that have a wide blue border surrounding a green center that later turns to yellow. Vigorous grower. (Only:31) $18.00 Paradise Island M Stunning variegated sport of ‘Fire Island'...beautiful yellow leaves framed by a striking green border and held on red petioles with the red reaching up into the leaf. (Only:6) $18.00 Paradise Joyce M Sport from ‘Halcyon’ that comes up blue, colors up with a yellow center resembling ‘June’ and finally, the center turns almost white-yellow and holds until the end of the season. . (Only:13) $16.00 Paradise Ocean L Thick blue leaves are corrugated and make an impressive clump...all-blue sport of 'Paradise Glory'. (Only:7) $14.00 Paradise Sandstorm M Heart-shaped blue-green leaves change to yellowish-white in some sun on this 'Paradise Joyce' sport. (Only:16) $18.00 Paradise Standard L Green leaves change to a yellow color and are surrounded by a yellow border that turns white…'Gold Standard' sport' (Only:15) $14.00 Paradise Sunset mini Variegated sport from ‘Hydon Sunset’...dainty green leaves have a good yellow border and dark purple flowers. Vigorous grower. (Only:13) $10.00 Paradise Sunshine M Reverse sport of ‘Guacamole’...vigorous grower that takes a few weeks to variegate but by summer you have a beauty with green leaves framed by a yellow border. Beautiful fragrant near-white flowers (Only:8) $16.00 Paradise Tritone S Sport of ‘Maya Tritone’ with a green border...leaves emerge bright chartreuse and change to a bright yellow. There is also a cream color present making the leaf interior tritone. Frame it with the green border and colors will vary with lighting. (Only:11) $16.00 Parisian Silk M Makes a mound of very round hearts that appear so silky smooth they beg to be touched. Intense blue color and an unusual concentration of silver wax coating to the center of the leaf. The final effect is the appearance of a faint halo that offers the illusion of the plant being backlit. (Only:46) $16.00 Party Popper M Nice smallish hosta with creamy-white center and blue-green border…thick leaves and good grower. Often name mistake..'Party POPPER' not Pooper! (Only:30) $18.00 Pathfinder M Thick leaves have a creamy-white center speckled with green flecks surrounded by a wide wavy green border. (Only:15) $16.00 Patriot M Deep forest green leaves have extremely wide, almost pure-white borders...tremendous substance and should be in every hosta garden. (Only:35) $12.00 Paul's Glory M Heart-shaped green leaves with a blue-green border change to golden leaf centers--one of the best hostas! (Only:14) $14.00 Peacock Feathers M Light blue leaves on a hosta that is special because of it's flowers…each flower has extra petals. (Only:4) $18.00 Peanut mini Unique and unusual mini that has very corrugated leaves...leaf has yellow centers that later turn white surrounded by a wide green border. (Only:11) $12.00 Pewterware S Incredible substance and thick wax coating come from both sides of its family, tardiana and a white backed longipes...perfectly smooth leaves have lightly ruffled edges and form a compact mound. (Only:16) $15.00 Pie a la Mode M Heart-shaped green leaves have a wide yellow border that changes to white…on this sport of 'Color a la Mode' . (Only:16) $16.00 Pinani Island Surf S Beautiful sport of 'Fire Island', bright yellow leaves are held on deep red petioles and now a striking white border has been added. A real attention getter! (Only:60) $18.00 Pineapple Punch M Narrow grey-green leaves have a ruffled creamy-yellow border that turns white on this sport of 'Pineapple Upsidedown Cake'. (Only:15) $15.00 Pin-up M Quite elegant sport from ’Kiwi Full Monty’...wonderful powder-blue border surrounds a creamy-white center much like ‘Risky Business' only blue rather than green. (Only:38) $18.00 Piper Cub M Elongated wavy yellow leaves turn greenish later in the season on this seedling of 'Glacier Cascade'. (Only:7) $18.00 plantaginea M Heart-shaped shiny green leaves...also known as plantaginea 'Grandiflora'. Needs warmth to flower which happens late in the season. (Only:11) $15.00 Playmate M Jan Van den Top loves sports from ‘Striptease’ and here is another interesting one! Starts out looking similar to some of the others but then turns into a wavy and twisted clump comprised of yellows and greens with the white line between the center and border. (Only:11) $20.00 Plug Nickel mini Small shiny green leaves on the green sport of 'Cracker Crumbs'...nice looking and a good grower. (Only:7) $10.00 Plum Creek M Leaves are a beautiful steel blue that reminded Kathie of a cold mountain creek. Attractive dusty 'plum' colored petioles add to the overall clump. (Only:10) $16.00 Pocketful of Sunshine M PP23709 Grows quickly into a compact clump of thick cupped yellow leaves framed with broad deep green borders. Leaf centers are chartreuse in spring and brighten with the season. (Only:8) $18.00 Poker M/L A beautiful new introduction from Danny Van Eechaute. Blue-green leaves have a yellow border and turn green with a white border. Makes a dense clump. (Only:35) $18.00 Popcorn M Leaves have a creamy-white center with a wide blue-green border...some cupping and a fair amount of pebbling. (Only:31) $15.00 Potomac Glory L Upright greenish-yellow leaves with a shiny dark green margin, a sport of ''Potomac Pride''. (Only:15) $28.00 Potomac Pride L Upright shiny dark green leaves have good substance on this 'Blue Umbrellas' x 'Treasure Island' hybrid. (Only:8) $16.00 Powder Blue Giant Very large heart-shaped to rounded thick leaves are a wonderful powder blue. Lots of corrugation on this seedling of Japanese origin (Only:34) $16.00 Powerline L Very thick, dark green leaves on the all-green sport of 'High Voltage'...robably fully tetraploid. (Only:5) $15.00 Prairie Moon M Bright yellow-gold leaves have a powdery overlay and the backs are silver...good substance and topped with lavender flowers in August. Nice addition to that dark corner. (Only:16) $16.00 Prairie Sky M Wonderful hybrid from ‘Blue Jay’ with nicely cupped powder-blue leaves topped with pale lavender flowers. Makes a tight clump. (Only:27) $15.00 Prairie's Edge M PPAF Sport from 'Prairie Fire' with a green border...bright yellow leaves are framed with the dark border and really stand out. Beautiful plant. (Only:14) $16.00 Praying Hands M A little weird...elongated dark green leaves have a waxy sheen and a very thin yellow rippled border. The leaves are folded and wavy, giving a twisted appearance. Light lavender flowers. (Only:48) $15.00 Prima Donna L Makes a wonderful mound of dark green leaves with a yellow-gold border that later changes to white. The leaf is rather shiny and pale lavender flowers are held on tall scapes. (Only:14) $15.00 Prom Queen M Nice introduction with three distinct colors on a yellow leaf...a wide blue-green border and where there is overlap a bright green appears. The center changes to a creamy-white. Pretty good grower for a white centered hosta.. (Only:11) $16.00 Proud Dragon M Tetraploid sport of 'Dragon 'Warrior'…beautiful shiny bright green leaves ane very thick and surrounded by a nice creamy-white border. (Only:79) $20.00 Proud Sentry M Vigorous grower and erect fountain shaped clump is all dressed up in its crisply pressed and edged uniform. The heavy substance of each leaf is held up and out to reveal the red slacks of this ‘Proud Sentry’ as it stands guard. (Only:7) $16.00 Proud Treasure PPAF M One of Jan's best tetraploids! Tet form of 'Secret Treasure' so you have nice red petioles that hold beautiful green leaves with a very wide yellow border that will change to white later. Really a pretty plant! (Only:115) $18.00 Punk Rock M The all blue form of 'Icicle' which is the tetraploid form ofsieboldiana ‘Elegans’. Very thick blue leaves and actually a pretty good looker! (Only:16) $14.00 Pure Heart mini The reverse variegation of ‘Mighty Mouse’...bright yellow leaves that later fade to pale yellow and are framed with blue-green borders. (Only:49) $15.00 Purple Haze M Very unique hosta with blue leaves held on purple petioles...the purple color continues into the veins of the leaf creating a "purple haze" on the center portion of the leaf surface. This color is very evident in spring and does fade as the season progresses. Good substance on nicely textured leaves that are topped with lavender flowers. (Only:18) $18.00 Purple Heart M Bright green to dark green leaves (depending on light exposure) are held on short petioles that are very dark. The leaves have a nice sheen and the red-purple color goes up into the leaf blade. Lavender flowers on red-purple scapes. (Only:31) $16.00 Purple Verticulated Elf S/M A Herb Benedict hybrid from 'Dorset Blue' with heart-shaped and elongated intense blue leaves. Cupped and wavy and one of the best small blues with a ‘Tardiana’ background. Named for its whorling flower habit. Finally available! (Only:15) $20.00