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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Stock Price October Sky S/M Vase-shaped clump with powder-blue on both the top and bottom of the foliage blends the best of ‘Frosted Dimples’ and ‘Salute’. Leaves hold their color until October’s frost in Minnesota. (Only:7) $14.00 O'Harra mini Small narrow yellow leaves on a fast growing low mound. (Only:13) $8.00 Olympic Edger S Rounded yellow-green leaves with a white margin on this sport of 'Gold Edger'. (Only:3) $12.00 Olympic Glacier M Reverse sport of H.'Pathfinder'…thick dark green leaves have a wide white irregular border with green flecks sprinkled throughout. (Only:11) $14.00 Olympic Gold Medal M All gold sport of ‘Olympic Sunrise’...growing habit, leaf shape and vigor are same as the parent but 'Olympic Gold Medal’ has beautiful, glowing, gold leaves that become more yellow. (Only:4) $14.00 Olympic Silver Medal M All blue sport of ‘Olympic Sunrise’...growing habit, leaf shape and vigor are same as the parent but ‘Olympic Silver Medal’ has super thick, intensely blue leaves that hold all season. (Only:1) $14.00 Olympic Twilight M Reverse variegated sport of ‘Olympic Sunrise’ has thick blue leaves with a narrow chartreuse border that becomes yellow by the end of the season. Clump has upright form and variegation improves with age. (Only:50) $14.00 One Man’s Treasure M Very shiny dark green leaves are wavy and held on beautiful red petioles...the red reaches up into the leaf and adds to the elegance. . Medium lavender flowers are held on purple scapes. (Only:28) $14.00 Ophir M Elongated bright golden leaves with a wavy margin turns greenish-yellow later, reddish petioles. (Only:4) $14.00 Orange Marmalade M Sport of ‘Paul’s Glory’...the center of the leaf is a bright gold in spring, then turns to an orangish gold before it lightens to a pale yellow or white. Plant has good substance and pale lavender flowers (Only:1) $12.50 Orange Star M Sport from ‘June Fever’ and likes the sun! In morning sun the leaf centers will be orange in spring and fade to cream. Grow in shade and you’ll have yellow leaves throughout the season that will not darken. (Only:20) $14.00 Over the Waves S Little known "Benedict" in limited numbers...small clump of bluish-green foliage held on purple-red petioles with the red extending up into the leaf. Leaf texture is smooth and the clump is topped with lavender flowers. (Only:18) $18.00