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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Stock Price Mack the Knife S Great little hosta with very thick green leaves that have an unusual "orange" colored margin. The elongated leaves are slightly twisted and exhibit a rippled edge. Topped with lavender flowers in July. (Only:7) $15.00 Made in Spades S Small heart-shaped golden leaves have a green border. A very pretty little plant and as far we know the only sport of the classic ‘Golden Spades’. (Only:34) $18.00 Majordomo M Beautiful clump has heart-shaped leaves that are a metal blue color The leaves arch and are somewhat wavy. (Only:16) $15.00 Mantis S Tetraploid sport of 'Lancifolia' but has not been tested to prove it. Very thick, long dark green leaves and bigger flowers than the parent. Of interest to hybridizers is the fact that this one might set seed as 'Lancifolia' almost never does and pass traits of shininess, elongated leaves and a super growth rate. (Only:15) $15.00 Marilyn Monroe M Shiny thick grey-green leaves are quite ruffled and have white backs...held on reddish petioles and a vigorous grower. (Only:10) $15.00 Marmalade on Toast L Sport from ‘Orange Marmalade’ with heart-shaped blue leaves that display gentle wavy margins and moderate corrugation. Fast grower that fills out nicely. (Only:8) $14.00 Marshmallow Sky M We are excited to bring another sport of 'Orange Marmalade' from Marco Fransen...leaves have a beautiful white center surrounded by a blue-green border. You'll like this one!! (Only:69) $18.00 Maui Buttercups S/M Sturdy little hosta with leathery yellow leaves that are rounded, cupped and heavily puckered. Violet flowers on 18" scapes top the small but elegant clump . (Only:33) $12.00 Maya Tritone M Chartreuse changing to yellow and/or creamy-white leaves, the veins remain darker than the rest of the leaf. (Only:10) $16.00 Mean Green Thing M All green sport of a plant named 'The Sweetest Thing' which was a seedling from 'Invincible'. Very FRAGRANT lavender flowers. OS stock (Only:16) $15.00 Medievil Age M Heart-shaped green leaves with a narrow yellow border that is wavy on a seedling with 'Galaxy' genes. Very attractive plant. (Only:12) $16.00 Mellow Mood S Sport from ‘Whirlwind’...the wavy leaf has a limey-yellow center with prominent veins framed by a dark green, irregular border. Clump stays smaller and the leaves twist outward and upward. (Only:42) $18.00 Mighty Mite S Thick, glossy dark green leaves have an almost "plastic" substance...they are wavy and twisted and form a dense, compact, low mound. This little guy is very vigorous and loves the sun. (Only:8) $15.00 Mike Shadrack M Round and cupped blue-green leaves with a wide yellow margin on a very attractive hosta! Named for a long time hostasexual! (Only:7) $20.00 Milkmaid S/M Great hosta from Janet Harvey ... found this seedling in her garden...leaves are thick and a bright medium green with pale green, creamy white and pale yellow streaks and speckling. Leaves also have a nice sheen on both sides.The clump is upright and reaches about 12" tall. (Only:21) $22.00 Mini Skirt mini PP26743 And the mice continue to nest...this sport is a 'Mighty Mouse' sport with a nice wide ruffled border that is quite showy. Thick leaves make a dense mound that stands out from afar. (Only:43) $15.00 Minke Giant Large, upright grey-blue leaves have a yellow border. This impressive huge hosta looks like a combination of ‘Frances Williams’ and ‘Sagae’. (Only:39) $18.00 Minuteman M Similar to ’Patriot’...a thicker darker green leaf and a more creamy-white cupped margin. Very nice plant! (Only:23) $14.00 Miracle Lemony M Green leaves with a wavy margin. Unique plant because of the yellow flowers. A tsushimensis seedling that needs a sheltered, shady and warm spot. (Only:43) $18.00 Mirror Lake M This is the first of many plants to come from Jeff Moore of Wisconsin. 'Mirror Lake' is one of his State Park Series and is a hybrid from 'Candy Dish' x 'Smokey'. Green leaves are heart-shaped, have a nice sheen and ruffles galore work their way out to a twisted tip...add reddish petioles and white leaf backs and I think you have a "hosta vision"! (Only:68) $28.00 Miss Ruby M Great plant for hybridizers and collectors...wedge-shaped dark green leaves are held on red petioles and the red goes right up into the leaf. Pale purple flowers appear in late summer. (Only:13) $16.00 Misty Morning M Green leaves turn to gold on this vigorous grower that creates a low dense mound that''s pretty rugged. Good substance and lavender flowers (Only:15) $15.00 Monster Ears M This is NOT a member of the mouse family...its actually a sport from ‘Sunset Grooves’. Very round and very thick green leaves resemble a "mouse ears" but are much larger. Lavender flowers. (Only:33) $14.00 Moody Blues M Blue from the Netherlands with Tardiana background--wide leaves come to a point and are intense blue with good substance. Topped with pale lavender flowers (Only:15) $18.00 Moon Dance M This medium-sized clump forms an eye-catching mound of puckered leaves that emerge chartreuse-yellow with an irregular and creamy-white, feathered border. A second flush appears bright yellow with a white edge above the first and create a two-toned layered appearance. (Only:17) $20.00 Moonlight Sonata M/L Grey-green leaves turn shiny as the season progresses. Great substance and beautiful FRAGRANT pale lavender flowers in August. (Only:6) $18.00 Moonstruck S This is the reverse variegated sport of ‘Dress Blues’...upright, narrow leaves have a wide creamy-white center with a blue border. (Only:6) $15.00 Morning Light S Leaves have a bright yellow center with a wide dark green border on this sport from 'Twilight' Great substance and the leaves have a nice sheen. (Only:33) $15.00 Morning Star M A reverse variegated sport of ’Anne’...wide dark green borders surround a flared light yellow center with the leaf being divided into equal thirds. Vigorous grower with lavender flowers. (Only:49) $16.00 Morning's Glory M We are excited to be introducing some new hostas by Jim & Meg Dalton of NY--'Morning's Glory' has beautiful large green leaves with a stunning wide white border that feathers around the center. You will spot this one from across the garden. (Only:33) $25.00 Moulin Rouge M A smaller sport of ’Kiwi Full Monty’ from Belgium with different colors and leaf shape . Wavy dark green leaves have a lighter green center and the "family" white line separating the two greens. The center changes colors slightly later. (Only:20) $25.00 Mourning Dove M Forms a low spreading mound of blue leaves with a creamy-yellow border and the leaf backs are silvery. (Only:28) $18.00 Mr Blue S This is a great introduction...small hosta has striking blue leaves held on deep reddish-purple petioles that show good color up into the leaves. (Only:17) $18.00 Mrs Minky M From Great Britain...beautiful undulating golden-yellow leaves have an intriguing edge that is quite wavy and the leaf tips are long and elegant. Plant makes a dense mound topped with lilac flowers in June (Only:20) $15.00 My Marianne S/M Green leaves have a yellow border that changes to creamy-white on this 'Amy Aden' x 'Filagree' hybrid. (Only:8) $16.00