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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Stock Price Magic Fire L Thick, deep green leaves with a wide yellow border that streaks toward the center. The leaves twist and fold forming a dense clump topped with lavender flowers in midsummer (Only:14) $18.00 Magic Island M Thick blue-grey leaves with a flaming creamy-yellow center. 'Halcyon' sport that resambles 'High Society' One of our favorites!. (Only:8) $18.00 Magical Mouse Ears mini Sport of Blue Mouse Ears found the Fransen's nursery and named by Hugo Philips...the leaves start creamy in spring and color to a grey-green. This is a good growing Mouse and very attractive in spring. (Only:38) $22.00 Mango Salsa M Yellow wavy leaves are held on deep red petioles and the scapes are also red. Will brighten up your life! (Only:12) $18.00 Marilyn Monroe M Shiny thick grey-green leaves are quite ruffled and have white backs...held on reddish petioles and a vigorous grower. (Only:15) $18.00 Marrakech S Bright yellow leaves are lance-shaped and sport a wavy edge. Pinkish scapes with pinkish buds lead to light lavender flowers. (Only:12) $18.00 Mata Hari M Sport from ‘Striptease’...leaves have the typical white line around a yellowish-green center but, what’s really different about this one is the wide border which is shiny green and very thick. Has proven to be an excellent grower. (Only:2) $18.00 Maya Infatuation M This is a great addition to the "Scheer" line--dark red petioles hold golden-yellow leaves in an upright manner. Makes a very stately clump. (Only:24) $24.00 Mean Gene M A seedling from Mito-No-Hana...the leaves start creamy-white and later develop green flecks/spots and finally turn totally dark green depending on temperature and light. This one has white, rectifolia-type flowers on long stems (Only:40) $30.00 Mean Green Thing M All green sport of a plant named 'The Sweetest Thing' which was a seedling from 'Invincible'. Very FRAGRANT lavender flowers. OS stock (Only:4) $16.00 Megan's Angel L Large, heart-shaped blue-green leaves have a greenish-yellow border and make a very impressive clump (Only:10) $22.00 Mellow Mood S Sport from ‘Whirlwind’...the wavy leaf has a limey-yellow center with prominent veins framed by a dark green, irregular border. Clump stays smaller and the leaves twist outward and upward. (Only:38) $18.00 Memphis Blue L Olga loves BIG! And this one has large blue leaves that are nicely puckered. (Only:9) $18.00 Metallica M Blue-green leaves change to shiny dark green leaves with a wavy the end of the season (Only:10) $16.00 Midnight Oil M Thick, dark green leaves are very shiny and show lots of corrugation. One of the better green hostas and finally available again. (Only:3) $18.00 Mike Shadrack M Round and cupped blue-green leaves with a wide yellow margin on a very attractive hosta! Named for a long time hostasexual! (Only:9) $20.00 Mini Skirt mini PP26743 And the mice continue to nest...this sport is a 'Mighty Mouse' sport with a nice wide ruffled border that is quite showy. Thick leaves make a dense mound that stands out from afar. (Only:26) $16.00 Minke Giant Large, upright grey-blue leaves have a yellow border. This impressive huge hosta looks like a combination of ‘Frances Williams’ and ‘Sagae’. (Only:14) $20.00 Minnesota Wild M/L Introduction from Monty Carlson...large heart-shaped green leaves with good substance are framed with a wide creamy-white border and lots of ruffles. Monty says does not burn and looks great right up until the end of the season. (Only:20) $18.00 Minutini S Small greyish-green leaves make a dense little clump on this smallest hosta in the 'tini' series of Mark Zilis. (Only:3) $14.00 Mirage M Ruffled green leaves with deep veins, An unusual hybrid of 'Precisely' and yingeri with FRAGRANT white flowers (Only:9) $18.00 Mirror Lake M This is the first of many plants to come from Jeff Moore of Wisconsin. 'Mirror Lake' is one of his State Park Series and is a hybrid from 'Candy Dish' x 'Smokey'. Green leaves are heart-shaped, have a nice sheen and ruffles galore work their way out to a twisted tip...add reddish petioles and white leaf backs and I think you have a "hosta vision"! (Only:51) $25.00 Miss Mitzi S Vigorous grower and makes a nice mound of bright green leaves framed with a feathered border...really adds after the Schroeder's dog (I am sure many of us have had a Mitzi or two in our lives (Only:22) $24.00 Moon Dance M This medium-sized clump forms an eye-catching mound of puckered leaves that emerge chartreuse-yellow with an irregular and creamy-white, feathered border. A second flush appears bright yellow with a white edge above the first and create a two-toned layered appearance. (Only:18) $20.00 Moonrise L Puckered green leaves have a yellow border on this very nice seedling of 'Dorothy Benedict'. (Only:7) $20.00 Morning's Glory M We are excited to be introducing some new hostas by Jim & Meg Dalton of NY--'Morning's Glory' has beautiful large green leaves with a stunning wide white border that feathers around the center. You will spot this one from across the garden. (Only:24) $25.00 Mouse Capades mini Blue-green leaves with a yellow border and a wavy margin on this sport of 'Mighty Mouse'. (Only:50) $16.00 Movin on Up S Really a neat little blue hosta for a small plant...pointed leaves twist and display ruffles all the way to the tips...lots of character! (Only:74) $32.00 Mr Blue S This is a great introduction...small hosta has striking blue leaves held on deep reddish-purple petioles that show good color up into the leaves. (Only:10) $18.00 Mystic Star M Heart-shaped blue leaves create a dense clump on this yingeri x 'Dorset Blue' hybrid. (Only:11) $16.00