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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Price Lady Guinevere M Sport of ‘Elisabeth’ with gold-centered leaves that are quite nice. Topped with pale lavender flowers in midsumme $14.00 Lady Luck M Danny pulls another one out of his bag of tricks...a H. longipes streaked x H. pycnophylla hybrid from Japanese seed. The plant has satiny shiny leafs with an uneven white border that creates a feathered effect and even has white leafbacks. Gentle waviness and some serration creates even more interest. $18.00 Lakeside Alex Andra M/L Yellowish-green leaves sport a white margin and are slightly corrugated. Good grower that clumps up fast.. $16.00 Lakeside Color Blue M Round blue leaves that are heavily corrugated, cupped and of good substance. Upright growing habit. $14.00 Lakeside Cupcake S Heart-shaped leaves have a creamy-yellow center framed by a blue-green border...later the center turns white. Leaves are cupped and have good substance. $14.00 Lakeside Dimpled Darling S Small oval-shaped green leaves with a creamy margin that is heavily corrugated, Sport of 'Lakeside Dot Com. $14.00 Lakeside Elfin Fire mini Narrow white leaves have a green margin on this mini that looks like ''Masquerade'', Plant is very bright. $12.50 Lakeside Fancy Pants L Long oval shaped gray-green leaves have a wide yellow border. A very attractive hosta and a more recent introduction from Mary Chastain. $18.00 Lakeside Little Tuft S Creamy-yellow leaves later turn white with a dark green border...purple flowers. $14.00 Lakeside Lollipop S A low clump of very shiny black-green leaves with a cupped rim...almost perfectly round leaf and petiole form the shape of a "lollipop". White flowers and good substance. $14.00 Lakeside Maverick XL Huge green leaves make an outstanding clump that really bulks up fast! Thick leaves have a nice sheen and are topped with lavender flowers. $16.00 Lakeside Meter Maid M Sport from H. ‘Summer Music’...beautiful heart-shaped leaves have a wide dark green border and a striking creamy-white center. Where there is overlap a third color of bright green is visible. $14.00 Lakeside Paisley Print M One of the prettier hostas...very wide wavy green borders surround a narrow creamy center that shoots up from the petioles like lightning creating a "feather" pattern. Good substance and creamy scapes topped with lavender flowers. $16.00 Lakeside Rhapsody L Wonderful color and great substance...a medium (bordering on large) clump with blue-green leaves surrounded by a wide uneven white border. Topped with lavender flowers. $15.00 Lakeside Roy El M Named after Mary's husband, Roy. Upright green leaves have a wide yellow border that turns white with time on this good grower. Good substance. $14.00 Lakeside Spruce Goose M Beautiful shiny dark green leaves have a long tip and are framed with a wide yellow border that later turns to cream. Lavender flowers. $14.00 Lakeside Storm Watch S Thick dark green leaves are quite wavy (almost feather-shaped) and held upright creating an unusual and eye-catching little clump. Leaves have a sheen and topped with lavender flowers. $12.50 Lakeside Tee Ki S Small hosta with yellow-chartreuse leaves that are elongated and have a white border that is quite wavy--almost rippled in places. $15.00 Lakeside Zinger mini Dark green leaves with a wide white border on a very good grower.. $14.00 Laura Lanier M Sport from H. ‘Sea Yellow Sunrise’ with yellow leaves surrounded by a variable green border that intensifies with the season. $14.00 Lederhosen M Thick elongated leaves have a wavy margin and form a dense mound. Equally outstanding are beautiful fragrant lavender flowers that open in late summer $12.50 Lemon Delight mini From H. ‘Lemon Lime’ leaves have a yellow border and lavender flowers. $10.00 Let's Twist Again S Wavy green leaves with a white margin. An unusual sport of ‘Patriot’ from Danny Van Eechaute. It has the appearance of ‘Wheee!’ BUT WITH A WHITE BORDER. $16.00 Liberty L Sport of H. ‘Sagae’...beautifully shaped thick green leaves have a very wide yellow border that later fades to creamy-white. Lavender flowers in summer. $14.00 Lily Blue Eyes M Wavy blue leaves with a serrated edge have white backs and make a dense clump. Great substance and topped with lavender flowers. Will fit into any garden spot that gets good light. H. ‘Salute’ x H. ‘Azure Snow’. $16.00 Lime Fizz mini Dark green leaves with a wavy white margin, excellent sport of 'Lemon Delight', very vigorous grower. $10.00 Lime Shag mini Narrow yellow leaves with wavy margins and lavender flowers. $10.00 Lime Smoothie M Always sought after and a very good plant. Heart-shaped blue-green leaves have a wavy greenish-yellow margin that turns brighter. $18.00 Limey Lisa mini Rounded slightly cupped yellow leaves that turn lime green later--vewry cute plant. $12.00 Lipstick Blonde M Bright yellow-gold leaves are lance-shaped and held on very red petioles. Cross between H. ‘Granny’s Rouge’ and H. ‘Designer’s Genes’. Lavender flowers on this fertile flirt. $18.00 Little Devil mini Very nice little mini...elongated green leaves have a crisp white border and are topped with lavender flowers. $12.00 Little Jay mini Long narrow leaves have a creamy-white center and a blue-green border. Leaves are thick and have a dull finish. Topped with dark lavender flowers. $12.00 Little Maddie mini Wonderful mini that comes up light green with misting and some streaking. As the season progresses it changes to a dark green but the misting is still apparent. Vigorous grower topped with lavender flowers $14.00 Little Miss Muffet mini Nice little hosta with small chartreuse-green leaves on this venusta selection. A miniature 'Gold Edger'.. $12.50 Little Red Joy S Can take lots of sun and is quite vigorous. Small green leaves have a shiny finish and are held on red petioles that show color well up into the leaf. Topped with lavender flowers. $10.00 Little Red Rooster S Satin green leaves are quite wavy and held on red petioles. Vigorous grower can take morning sun. Lavender flowers are also held on red scapes. $10.00 Little Treasure mini Sport from H. ‘Little Jay’ with a very wide blue-green border that gives the plant a totally different look. Good substance and excellent vigor. Lavender flowers . $12.50 Little Wonder mini Dark green leaves have a white border...makes a tight little clump. Decent substance and good vigor. Topped with lavender flowers $14.00 London Bridge S Unique sport of 'Allegan Fog. Unruly, twisted white leaves have a green margin and form a dense clump.. $15.00 longipes var hypoglauca S/M Unusual species and not around much...pointed blue leaves on reddish purple petioles also have white backs. Flowers in the fall. $15.00 Love Song M Hybrid from H. ‘Arch Duke’ and H. ‘Flemish Sky’ developed by Danny...ruffled and wavy green leaves have white backs and are topped with pale lavender flowers. $15.00 Loyalist M Reverse variegation of H. ‘Patriot’...dark green leaf borders surround nearly pure white centers. Topped with lavender flowers held on creamy scapes. $10.00 Lucky Mouse mini Mama Mouse has been busy...thick blue-green leaves have a wide creamy-yellow border that eventually becomes creamy-white. A sport of H. ‘One Iota’ and thought to be very similar to H. ‘Mighty Mouse’. $12.50 Lucky Number M New introduction that we think will become an instant success! 'Devon Green' with a nice wide white border so you have a stiff dark green leaf framed in pure white. $18.00 Luna Moth M This sport of the vigorous "Parky's Prize" is really a wonderful improvement...thicker leaves and a wider border make a very showy plant. Dark green, heart-shaped leaves appear in spring with wide pale green borders that brighten to yellow in time. Topped with lavender flowers. $15.00