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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Stock Price Ladybug S A ‘Vanilla Cream’ seedling that makes a very dense mound of rounded, somewhat unruly foliage that ranges from chartreuse to gold in color.. (Only:21) $16.00 Lake Hitchcock M Rounded blue-green leaves have a creamy-white border...can be slow but so well worth the wait!...'Mount Tom' hybrid. (Only:2) $20.00 Lakeside Beach Bum S Really nice small blue hosta with cupped leaves that have lots of corrugation. Will make a stunning plant for the front of the border and will be topped with lavender flowers. (Only:23) $16.00 Lakeside Circle O mini/S Small green leaves are almost circular and have a wonderful yellow to creamy-white border…nice corrugation. (Only:2) $18.00 Lakeside Color Blue M Round blue leaves are heavily corrugated, cupped and of good substance. Upright growing habit. (Only:13) $18.00 Lakeside Cupcake S Heart-shaped leaves have a creamy-yellow center framed by a blue-green border...later the center turns white. Leaves are cupped and have good substance. (Only:14) $18.00 Lakeside Fancy Pants L Long oval shaped gray-green leaves have a wide yellow border that turns white…a very attractive hosta that really puts on a show! (Only:10) $18.00 Lakeside Lollipop S A low clump of very shiny black-green leaves with a cupped rim...almost perfectly round leaf and petiole form the shape of a "lollipop". White flowers and good substance. (Only:12) $18.00 Lakeside Spruce Goose M Beautiful shiny dark green leaves have a long tip and are framed with a wide yellow border that later turns to cream. (Only:29) $16.00 Lakeside Storm Watch S Thick dark green leaves are quite wavy (almost feather-shaped) and held upright creating an unusual and eye-catching little clump. Leaves have a sheen and topped with lavender flowers. (Only:8) $14.00 Lakeside Zinger S Dark green leaves have a wide very white border on this good grower out of 'Little White Lines' (Only:5) $14.00 Lava Flow S/M Green leaves are long and elliptical displaying some wavines...veins remain yellow through most of the season. Interesting plant! (Only:9) $18.00 Leather and Lace M A great introduction from Don Dean with blue-green leaves that have a wide yellow border that is quite rippled. Nicely corrugated and the border turns white by the end of the season. (Only:7) $20.00 Leather Gloss M Very shiny green leaves of excellent substance on a sport of 'The Fonz' that lost its wax (Only:16) $22.00 Lederhosen M Thick elongated leaves have a wavy margin and form a dense mound. Equally outstanding are beautiful fragrant lavender flowers that open in late summer (Only:9) $16.00 Lemon Meringue M Frosty yellow leaves with a white back are quite round on this hypoleuca hybrid...neat plant (Only:3) $20.00 Lemontini S Leaves emerge chartreuse in color and become bright yellow quickly. (Only:2) $12.00 Let's Twist Again S Wavy green leaves with a white margin. An unusual sport of ‘Patriot’ from Danny Van Eechaute. It has the appearance of ‘Wheee!’ BUT WITH A WHITE BORDER. (Only:24) $20.00 Liberty L Sport of ‘Sagae’...beautifully shaped thick green leaves have a very wide yellow border that later fades to creamy-white. A must have for any garden! (Only:14) $18.00 Li'l Smooch mini Dan Wols brings us a wonderful new mini with leaves that stay yellow all season and are held on red petioles that creep up and leave a kiss of red in each leaf base…later purple flowers set atop short red scapes in perfect proportion to the plant. (Only:61) $25.00 Lily Blue Eyes M Wavy blue leaves with a serrated edge have white backs and make a dense clump. Great substance and will fit into any garden spot that gets good light. H. ‘Salute’ x H. ‘Azure Snow’. (Only:10) $18.00 Lime Fizz mini Dark green leaves with a wavy white margin, excellent sport of 'Lemon Delight', very vigorous grower. (Only:28) $12.00 Lime Shag mini Narrow yellow leaves have a wavy margin...resembles 'Lemon Lime' or 'Feather Boa'. (Only:9) $8.00 Limey Lisa mini a wonderful mini with rounded slightly cupped yellow leaves that turn to lime green later. A great little performer and makes a nice bright spot in a container garden or the front of the border. (Only:8) $12.50 Lipstick Sunset M Marks a beautiful smaller clump of bright yellow leaves with intense red petioles that shoot the color far into the one from Don Dean Plants will not be ready to ship until June (Only:92) $35.00 Little Devil mini Very nice little mini...elongated green leaves have a crisp white border and are topped with lavender flowers. (Only:28) $14.00 Little Hobber S Upward growing grey-green leaves are round and corrugated (Only:11) $14.00 Little Star Struck S Pointed grey-green leaves have a creamy border that changes to white... good grower. (Only:13) $14.00 Little Wonder mini Dark green leaves have a white border...makes a tight little clump. Decent substance and good vigor. (Only:30) $14.00 Long Tail Lights S Green leaves have deep veins and a beautiful wide yellow border that becomes white in time. Kikutii in the parentage. Plants will be small! (Only:28) $28.00 Lost in Paradise M Sport of 'Game Boy'…green leaves have dark green border on a slow grower BUT, better and more reliable than 'Game Boy'. (Only:27) $18.00 Louie Louie M Arching green leaves have a narrow white border with a wavy margin...excellent grower and makes a nice clump. (Only:10) $25.00 Love Song M Hybrid from ‘Arch Duke’ and ‘Flemish Sky’ developed by Danny Van Eechaute...ruffled and wavy green leaves have white backs. (Only:5) $20.00 Loyalist M Reverse variegation of ‘Patriot’...dark green leaf borders surround nearly pure white centers. Topped with lavender flowers held on creamy scapes. (Only:4) $12.00 Lucky Mouse mini Mama Mouse has been busy...thick blue-green leaves have a wide creamy-yellow border that eventually becomes creamy-white. A sport of ‘One Iota’ and thought to be very similar to H. ‘Mighty Mouse’. (Only:81) $14.00