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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Price Kalamazoo M This elegant hosta has beautiful long pointed, dark green leaves framed by an uneven border that starts yellow and turns white...leaf margin is quite wavy and the back is white! Lavender flowers in midsummer $15.00 Kanzi mini/S Danny brings us a nice new sport of ''Little Red Rooster'' with narrow green leaves and a wide yellow margin. This will be a wonderful addition for those looking for small hostas. $20.00 Katherine Lewis M Sport of H. ‘Halcyon’...this one differs from H. ‘June’ in that the leaves are brighter. Needs bright light to show it’s best and at season's end the leaves are a lemon yellow with a dark blue-green margin. Lavender flowers arrive late summer. $14.00 Kempen Red Twist M This elegant new hybrid comes from Patrick Butaye of Belgum...beautiful red petioles hold highly ruffled grey-green leaves in an upright manner and the leaves themselves reach for the sky. The plant has proven to be extremely fertile and passes the red pets onto its children. $18.00 Kenzie S Great look on a small hosta! Medium green leaves have a nice sheen and start with a yellow border that changes to white. Good substance on a dense clump. $14.00 Kinbotan mini Very small green leaves with a thin gold edge, nice variegated venusta from Japan. $14.00 Kingsize VL From now on you can have the biggest hosta in another style...H. ‘Empress Wu sport with shiny leaves (no wax on the leaves) and the color is a nice dark green. $15.00 Kinky Boots M Brand new introduction from Don Dean--variegated sport from 'Peek-a-Boo Purple' has grey-green leaves with a creamy ruffled border. Great grower!. $30.00 Kiwi Blue Baby S A small-medium Hosta that has pale lavender flowers and grows in half shade/sun. Makes a compact clump that stays close to the ground and grows fairly slowly. $14.00 Kiwi Full Monty M The blue sport of ‘Striptease’ emerges with frosty blue leaves that have a blue-green center surrounded by a white line (same as ‘Striptease). The center later turns to bright gold. Topped with lavender flowers. $15.00 Komodo Dragon L Makes a very large mound of dark green leaves with some rippling. Beautiful specimen/ $14.00