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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Stock Price Jaws M Deep green, intensely serrated and undulating leaves are very thick. A fast growing, dense clump that calls out to be man-handled. Grows well and looks good in full sun but to show-case the darkest green it appreciates a bit of shade. (Only:17) $18.00 Jennifer Bailey S Grey-green leaves have a creamy-white border.that starts out yellow...makes a small clump (Only:8) $20.00 Jiminy Cricket S Small yellow leaves with wavy margins.create a really cute little clump that is quite bright (Only:18) $18.00 Joan's Alter Ego S This is the all-gold sport of 'Joan Altman' a hosta developed by Bob Kuk...spade-shaped leaves are bright gold on a good grower (Only:44) $20.00 Journey’s End L Sport from ‘Choo Choo Train’...heart-shaped yellow-gold leaves framed by a wide dark green and ruffled border. Lavender flowers. (Only:4) $20.00 Judy Rocco M Green leaves with purple-red petioles and the red goes into the leaves...pycnophylla is involved in this hybrid. (Only:4) $18.00 Juha S/M Sport from ‘Striptease’...goldish-green leaves are surrounded by a very wavy white border that can turn to yellow-green later depending on placement. ‘Striptease’ signature "white line" is still apparent. (Only:3) $18.00 June M One of the best hostas! Leaves have bright gold to yellow centers with wide blue margins. Great substance and holds up until the very end in the fall. Appearance can chage with location. (Only:16) $15.00 June Fever M Comes up in the spring with a bright yellow leaf center surrounded by a thin blue-green border. Leaves are shiny and darken slowly until they become chartreuse. Good substance and lavender flowers. (Only:26) $16.00 Jurassic Park XL This one fits into the "giant" category and can form a clump of huge green leaves that are heavily puckered and corrugated making them almost indestructible. More than vigorous. (Only:6) $20.00 Justine M Tetraploid of ‘June Fever’...all the same wonderful traits as the parent but its even better! Nice thick, shiny yellow leaves have a wide green border. (Only:9) $18.00