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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Price Ice Cube mini A new addition to the from H. ‘Cracker Crumbs’. Thick shiny green leaves with a narrow white border that resembles the visual edges of an ice cube. Dark lavender flowers. $12.00 Ice Palace M Large blue leaves have lots of corrugation and make a dense mound, $16.00 Iced Lemon S Sport of H. ‘Lemon Lime’...elongated gold leaves have a white border and lavender flowers. $9.00 Illicit Affair S Heart-shaped leaves are gold with a wavy green border on this 'Cheatin Heart' sport. Makes a bright and dense little clump. $10.00 Irish Eyes M Pointed medium green leaves with a grey cast are framed with a slightly rippled creamy-white border. Topped with near white flowers in July and shows good vigor $12.50 Irish Luck L Stunning pollinated seedling from H. ‘Invincible’ makes a large vase-shaped clump of very SHINY (on top and underneath) and very dark green leaves with deeply impressed veins and rippled edges. Outstanding substance and fragrant lavender flowers. $14.00 Iron Sky M Incredibly thick blue-grey leaves on this tetraploid sport from 'Flemish Sky'.. Great Plant $38.00 Island Breeze M PP27151 Sport from H. 'Paradise Island' there is a wider dark green border which makes for more contrast and a stunning plant. The upright leaves showoff the cherry red petioles extremely well with the color reaching right up into the leaves and the lavender flowers compliment the clump. This improved version gives exceptional beauty and garden worthiness. $14.00 Itty Bitty mini Here's another mouse and this one comes from 'Green Mouse Ears'. Green leaves have a white center $18.00 Ivory Coast M A smaller sport of H. ‘Sagae’...gray-green leaves have a wide rippled yellow border in spring that turns to ivory. Lavender flowers. $14.00 Ivory Queen M PPAF Impressive reverse variegated sport from H. 'Blue Ivory'...thick leaves have a near-white center surrounded by a wide blue-green border and where the colors overlap a green line develops. This hosta comes from a family of showy sports that have great "staying power" and always tend to look good. Excellent pest resistance. $16.00 Ivory Tower M Leaves are pale-green and almost yellow and make a beautiful upright clump. Quite showy! $16.00