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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Stock Price Ice Cube mini A nice addition to the from ‘Cracker Crumbs’. Thick shiny green leaves with a narrow white border that resembles the visual edges of an ice cube. (Only:48) $14.00 Ice Prancer M A beautiful seeding from 'Reptillian' with thick wedge-shaped frosty blue leaves that have a rippled margin. (Only:7) $16.00 Illicit Affair S Heart-shaped leaves are gold with a wavy green border on this 'Cheatin Heart' sport. Makes a bright and dense little clump. (Only:15) $14.00 Imperial Palace M Nice seedling from ‘Pinstripe Sister’ with a creamy-yellow center framed by a wide two-tone border. Color contrast is quite striking. (Only:15) $18.00 Incoming L Heart-shaped to elongated arching dark green leaves have purple petioles and scapes...probably kikutii background. (Only:7) $18.00 Indiana Blue M Tardiana type developed by Bob Balitewicz that is similar to 'Yankee Blue' but the color is much darker. (Only:16) $15.00 Infatuation S/M A very special hosta resembles a bird in flight...very waxy blue kikutii type leaves held on cranberry colored petioles. The leaf margins are wavy and it blooms late and sets seed easily. (Only:19) $22.00 Inniswood M Truly a beauty that’s been around for a while but never falls out of favor...deeply corrugated yellow leaves are framed with a green border and topped with lavender flowers. (Only:10) $14.00 Inspire Greatness L Blue-green leaves have a wide yellow border that changes to creamy white on this stable sport of ''Brave Attempt''. (Only:16) $18.00 Irish Luck L Stunning pollinated seedling from ‘Invincible’ makes a large vase-shaped clump of very SHINY (on top and underneath) and very dark green leaves with deeply impressed veins and rippled edges. Outstanding substance and fragrant lavender flowers. (Only:14) $18.00 Island Breeze M PP27151 Sport from 'Paradise Island'...wider dark green border makes for more contrast and a stunning plant. Upright leaves showoff the cherry red petioles with the color reaching up into the leaves and the lavender flowers compliment the clump. (Only:9) $15.00 Ivory Coast M A smaller sport of ‘Sagae’...gray-green leaves have a wide, rippled, yellow border in spring that turns to ivory. (Only:7) $15.00 Ivory Queen M PPAF Impressive reverse variegated sport from 'Blue Ivory'...thick leaves have a near-white center surrounded by a wide blue-green border and where the colors overlap a green line develops. (Only:13) $18.00