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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Stock Price Gemstone M Small blue-green leaves on a rapid growing seedling of venusta and 'Dorset Blue' with the best characteristics of both parents. (Only:35) $14.00 George Smith M Sport of sieboldiana ‘Elegans’...leaves have a yellow-gold center and a wide blue-green margin and grow into a beautiful clump. (Only:7) $15.00 Georgia Sweetheart M Leaves have yellowish-orange centers that fade to a very pale yellow as the season progresses...the wide variable border is dark green. (Only:45) $18.00 Get Nekkid M Very shiny green leaves with wavy margins...selected because of its special spider-like and long-lasting flowers. Hybrid with yingeri genes therefore requires a warm and moist place in your garden. (Only:49) $16.00 Ghost Spirit M ''Misty greenish-white leaves with a blue-green margin, nice sport of ''Valentine Lace'' (Only:5) $18.00 Giantland Mouse Cheese mini/S Makes a small mound of green foliage that turns yellow and is a good grower. (Only:3) $18.00 Giantland Sunny Mouse Ears mini New hybrid that resulted from 'Blue Mouse Ears' x 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd'...bright gold in the spring and then becomes chartreuse by mid summer. A gold mouse ears! (Only:39) $18.00 Glacial Towers L Beautiful upright clump with the leaves held almost flat but layered well above the ground. The medium green leaves have a wide creamy-yellow to white feathered border and where there is overlap two shades of grey-green develop. (Only:26) $16.00 Glad Rags S/M This long sought after hosta has thick gold leaves with an irregular narrow green center. The wide border will vary in color with sun exposure from chartruese to yellow to creamy-white. Lots of corrugation develops as the plant ages. (Only:17) $25.00 Glen Triumph Giant Introduction from Viktoria Serafin...very large hosta with an upright form. Blue-green at first and then changes to dark green with cupped leaves that show the white undersides making for a lovely contrast. Stong petioles, great substance and this vigorous grower can take lots of sun. (Only:68) $24.00 Glory Hallelujah M Heart-shaped blue-green leaves with a green border that changes to yellow...this is the reversed variegated sport of ‘Paul’s Glory’. (Only:8) $16.00 Goldbrook Glory M/L Sport of ‘Zounds’...good substance on a dark green leaf with a bright creamy border that later turns white. Vigorous grower will be topped with lavender flowers. (Only:15) $16.00 Golden Meadows M Outstanding color combination...leaves are light green with dark green margins and medium green streaks between the two colors. Super substance and white flowers in summer. (Only:93) $16.00 Golden Spades S Heart-shaped leaves are dark gold in color on this 'Kabitan' hybrid…NOT the same the characteristics as the parent. (Only:15) $14.00 Gone with the Wind L Large dark green leaves have great substance and a rippled creamy-white margin that becomes pure white. (Only:10) $18.00 Good Times M Chalky yellow-green leaves are heart-shaped and have a yellow border that is slighty paler than the center of the leaf on this sport of 'Early Times'. (Only:15) $18.00 Grand Canyon M Upright greenish-yellow leaves have rippled margins on this 'Sum and Substance' x montana f. macrophylla hybrid. (Only:8) $18.00 Grand Prize S Very nice sport of 'Grand Tiara' with green leaves that have a wide yellow border that changes to cream. (Only:16) $16.00 Gravity Rocks S Sport from 'Ripple Effect' with twisted, rippled and wavy yellow leaves with a very blue border! Looks similar to the parent but the difference comes as the plant matures. (Only:51) $16.00 Great Arrival L Rounded blue-green leaves have a bright golden border that changes to white, 'Great Expectations' sport. (Only:33) $15.00 Great Escape M PP19003 Sport from ‘Halcyon’ with a very wide white border...outstanding! Vigorous grower with all the same attributes as its parent especially great substance. (Only:21) $15.00 Green Mouse Ears mini Sport of ‘Blue Mouse Ears’...very thick, round dark green leaves form a dense clump. European form and the leaves show some folding. (Only:109) $14.00 Green Wings M/L We really find this plant to be attractive and a good grower…large pale-green wing-shaped leaves make a tall vase-shaped clump that is quite attractive. Hybridizer and origin of plant unknown. (Only:10) $20.00 Gretchen’s Grace M Elongated and arching blue-green leaves form a graceful medium-sized mound on this seedling from ‘Cinnamon Sticks’ x ‘Gilt by Association’. Reddish petioles show color up into the leaves that are held horizontally atop the petioles creating a beautiful vase-shape. (Only:34) $18.00 Grey Glacier M One of Danny Van Eechaute's introductions and really a beauty...large gray-green leaves have a creamy white border. This fast grower is a sport from H. ‘Special Blend’ and will really stand out (Only:7) $18.00 Grune Dame L Upright dark green leaves on a rectifolia hybrid that looks a lot like 'Tall Boy' but is different. (Only:6) $14.00 Guacamole L Best planted in a sunnier location...forms a large mound of gold leaves with dark green margins by the end of the season (in cooler climes it doesn’t show good variegation until June). Very large fragrant near-white flowers. (Only:34) $15.00 Guardian Angel M/L Variegated sport of ‘Blue Angel’...white-centered leaf early in the spring grows progressively greener and ends with a medium green center and blue border. In time this plant will be a large clump of blue foliage topped with white flowers. In cooler climates the distinct variegation holds well into the season. (Only:75) $16.00 Gypsy Rose M Sport from ‘Striptease’...creamy-yellow centered leaves have a dark green border with the typical thin white line running between the center and the border. Does not grow as tall as the parent. Lavender flowers. (Only:6) $18.00