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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Stock Price Gabber M This very lovely hosta is the all green form of 'Bamse'...looks very similar to the parent but in green! The name is the Dutch word for 'friend" and is named for the Fransen dog (Only:14) $20.00 Gabriel's Horn Giant Here we have the all-gold form of 'Gabriel's Wing'...this is a beautiful plant in its own right and makes a wonderful contrast to the parent or it will stand alone as a beautiful large specimen (Only:9) $22.00 Gangster of Love S/M Upright dark green leaves have a yellow border that turns white if grown in morning sun...survived 20 years in the Fransen Show Garden and dates back to when they tried hybidizing with the breeder 'Bravo' (Only:17) $18.00 Get Nekkid M Very shiny green leaves with wavy margins...selected because of its special spider-like and long-lasting flowers. Hybrid with yingeri genes therefore requires a warm and moist place in your garden. (Only:10) $16.00 Giantland Mouse Cheese mini/S Makes a small mound of green foliage that turns yellow and is a good grower. (Only:11) $18.00 Ginsu Knife M Green leaves are bordered by a serrated creamy border that often streaks to the center...interestin hosta with slightly fragrant white flowers (Only:18) $18.00 Glacial Towers L Beautiful upright clump with the leaves held almost flat but layered well above the ground. The medium green leaves have a wide creamy-yellow to white feathered border and where there is overlap two shades of grey-green develop. (Only:6) $18.00 Glad Tidings M The all gold sport of 'Glad Rags'...thick yellow leaves are nicely corrugated just like the parent (Only:27) $18.00 Glen Luminaria L This one likes the sun!...slightly wavy leaves are somewhat corrugated and emerge a frosty light blue and gradually turn a soft gold which intensifies at the end of the summer...when the wax has melted off you have shiny leaves.. (Only:10) $25.00 Glory Hallelujah M Heart-shaped blue-green leaves with a green border that changes to yellow...this is the reversed variegated sport of ‘Paul’s Glory’. (Only:12) $18.00 Golden Eye M Arose as a sport in tissue culture...all gold leaves are very thick and this one can be seen as the tetraploid form of 'Cheatin Heart' (Only:14) $22.00 Golden Gate L Nice plant! Large shiny golden leaves havea slightly wavy margin and great substance. (Only:9) $18.00 Golden Goal L Thick golden-yellow leaves with some waviness on this nice seedling of 'Glory' (Only:19) $18.00 Golden Meadows M Outstanding color combination...leaves are light green with dark green margins and medium green streaks between the two colors. Super substance and white flowers in summer. (Only:29) $18.00 Good Times M Chalky yellow-green leaves are heart-shaped and have a yellow border that is slighty paler than the center of the leaf on this sport of 'Early Times'. (Only:11) $20.00 Grand Finale M Dark green shiny leaves on a 'Maruba Iwa' hybrid,...lots of flowers in the fall (Only:6) $16.00 Grand Rapids L Beautiful gray-green leaves with a wavy margin are held on stunning purple petioles...good color combination. Lavender flowers also on purple scapes (Only:19) $18.00 Grandpa's Love M Rounded green leaves have a yellow border and are held in an upright manner...nice plant and not readily found (Only:11) $25.00 Grape Fizz M Thick bright green leaves are very shiny and really stand out on this wonderful hybrid but the real treat comes in August when purple-striped fragrant flowers make their appearance...great grower! (Only:11) $18.00 Gravity Rocks S Sport from 'Ripple Effect' with twisted, rippled and wavy yellow leaves with a very blue border! Looks similar to the parent but the difference comes as the plant matures. (Only:2) $18.00 Great Escape M PP19003 Sport from ‘Halcyon’ with a very wide white border...outstanding! Vigorous grower with all the same attributes as its parent especially great substance. (Only:27) $18.00 Great Lakes Gold L Golden leaves are large and bright...sports a nice rippled margin... 'White Vision' x montana macrophylla hybrid. (Only:1) $18.00 Green Authority M From Bart Leuckx of Belgium comes this all-green sport of ‘Justice of Peace’ which is a streaker… parent was not successful in tc and most are dark green...interesting shape like 'Mikawa-no-Yuki' but with good thick substance (Only:18) $18.00 Green Lava M We are introducing a couple plants from hybridizer Ed Schulz of Iowa this year...dense mound of smooth bright green leaves that are wavy but the waves go in a downward motion creating a different look for a hosta (Only:31) $25.00 Green Mouse Ears mini Sport of ‘Blue Mouse Ears’...very thick, round dark green leaves form a dense clump. European form and the leaves show some folding. (Only:22) $15.00 Green Point M Here we have a sport of 'Golden Needles'...thick green leaves make a very nice tight clump (Only:16) $18.00 Green Thumb mini Green Thumb' only gets to be about 2" tall...truly a miniature with thick dark green leaves...good vigor on a dense tight clump (Only:5) $22.00 Grune Dame L Upright dark green leaves on a rectifolia hybrid that looks a lot like 'Tall Boy' but is different. (Only:7) $16.00 Grunspecht M This shiny dark green plant from the Tardiana group has very thick leaves but is different from 'Devon Green'...leaves are thickerand slightly wavy (Only:19) $18.00 Gun Metal Blue M Intense blue leaves are slightly wavy on this barely known Benedict plant with a 'Tardiana' background, OS. (Only:19) $24.00 Gypsy Rose M Sport from ‘Striptease’...creamy-yellow centered leaves have a dark green border with the typical thin white line running between the center and the border. Does not grow as tall as the parent. Lavender flowers. (Only:3) $18.00