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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Stock Price Feel the Sky S New introduction from of 'Iron Sky' and a much better/faster growing plant with nicer shaped leavesf that are larger but has still the extreme thickness! Plants will be small but a must for collectors (Only:6) $25.00 Final Victory L We believe this will turn out to be a really nice hosta...tetraploid form of ‘Victory’ with a thicker leaf and wider yellow border. (Only:2) $18.00 Fire Dance M New introduction from Danny Van Eechaute…satin, shiny dark green leaves on very intense red-purple petioles. Upright vase-shaped grower...beautiful and very fertile...a 'Kempen Red Twist' seedling and a must for hybridizers. (Only:9) $22.00 Fireplace M Sport from ’Fire Island’ leaves with a yellow border held on red petioles just like the parent. Reverse variegation to ’Paradise Island’. (Only:8) $16.00 Firn Line M Thick blue leaves have a very wide yellow-green border that quickly turns white on this H. ‘First Frost’ sport...said to be different from ’Blue Ivory’ or ’Great Escape’ but appearance is similar. (Only:7) $18.00 First Dance M PPAF Sport of 'Dancing Queen' with a yellow center framed with a green ruffled border. Similar to 'Amalia' but not sure if it is the same. (Only:15) $18.00 First Love L This is the reverse sport of montana ‘Aureomarginata’ and will grow into a beautiful clump of shiny, yellow-centered leaves with a green border. Will be an early riser and these are small plants. (Only:9) $18.00 Fleet Week L Very large upright mounding blue with graceful rippling edges on this ‘Niagara Falls’ hybrid. Pale lavender flowers are held on semi-pendant scapes and are fertile. (Only:27) $18.00 Flemish Gold M Nice gold is a seedling from H. 'Salute ...thick leaves have a smooth finish, are gently rippled and held in an upright manner. Striking hosta that is quite vigorous. Topped with near-white flowers in midsummer (Only:13) $20.00 Flemish Master M ‘Dorothy Benedict’ seedling crossed with ‘Blue Mammoth’ makes a large clump of blue leaves with a wide yellow-green border that turns creamy-white. (Only:13) $20.00 Flemish Sky M Great blue...white backed blue leaves are wedge-shaped and a unique "chalky" blue. Wavy border adds interest! (Only:5) $18.00 Fog Light M A hybrid out of the ‘Cold Heart’ line and initially shows intense blue bloom over it colors up it keeps the bloom for awhile, taking on the most unusual color and eventually, in lots of sun, glowing almost orange. Backs of the leaves are very white. (Only:3) $18.00 Foggy Day M Green leaves have a white border that varies and has green flecks.throughout (Only:5) $18.00 Forbidden Fruit PPAF M Stunning fully tetraploid form of ‘Orange Marmalade’...thick leaves have glowing yellow-orange centers setoff by a wide blue-green border. Vigorous grower with lavender flowers. (Only:5) $18.00 Fragrant Blue Ribbons M Nice sport of ‘Fragrant Blue’...intense powdery blue leaves have a variable white border that jets toward the center. Really stands out! (Only:19) $18.00 Fran Godfrey VL Sport from Great Britain of ‘Sum and Substance...yellowish-green leaves are surrounded by a dark green border that appears midseason. Lavender flowers appear on 4’ spikes. (Only:10) $22.00 Frilly Fantasy M We are introducing a couple plants from hybridizer Ed Schulz of Iowa this year...this beautiful hosta comes with all the frills and dances in the wind! Heart-shaped yellow leaves (color holds all season) are quite wavy down to the elegant twisted tips. (Only:12) $28.00 Frisian Misty Sky M New intro from Bate Aukema with blue=green leaves that have gentle ruffles that makes one feel like they are flowing… (Only:25) $25.00 Frisian Pride M Long yellow-gold leaves reach upward, outward and back down creating a dense mound that can be seen across the garden. The edges of the leaves are rippled from the petioles down to a long pointed tip. Best color in late afternoon sun. (Only:10) $20.00 Frisian Waving Steel M This hybrid from 'Grand Slam’ and Sky Dancer’ takes the best traits of each parent and amplifies them. Extremely thick blue-green leaves have a rippled margin and the elegant leaves layer on top of each other creating a tight mound. (Only:14) $20.00 Frosted Mouse Ears S One of the many sports of ‘Blue Mouse Ears’...thick blue leaves with a wide creamy-white border and the same lavender flowers as the parent. (Only:48) $18.00 Frosted Raspberry M Sport of 'Raspberry Sorbet' with a white border that is quite rippled...leaves have a nice sheen and this one will be a great grower (Only:29) $20.00 Frosty Morn M Rounded chartreuese leaves have a nice wavy margin on this unique yellow seedling of rupifraga...good substance! (Only:11) $18.00 Fujibotan M Stunning double lavender flowers in late summer make 'Fujibotan' a must have hosta for collectors.  (Only:12) $18.00 Funny Mouse mini A newer member to the "mouse" family ...reverse variegation of ‘Snow Mouse’ with a clear white border surrounding a blue-green centered leaf. The border does turn to creamy or green late in the season. (Only:33) $16.00