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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Stock Price Caid Man L First introduction from Jim Heinz. Forms a sturdy mound of heavy, blue-green leaves that show nice corrugation and lightly rippled margins. A strong grower to about 26" tall x 36" across. (Only:18) $25.00 Camelot M Rounded leaves are an intense blue on this slow grower but it is still one of the best blue 'Tardianas'. (Only:13) $15.00 Candy Kisses M Glossy green leaves with a heavily ruffled margin...late season bloomer that is a cross between ''Candy Dish'' and ''Raspberry Sorbet'' (Only:13) $18.00 Cathedral Windows M PP17295 Wonderful sport from ‘Stained Glass’...vigorous grower with heart-shaped leaves that have a glowing golden center between the very wide dark green border. Bright filtered light will give the best coloration. N (Only:32) $18.00 Catherine M Heart-shaped soft-yellow leaves with a wide blue margin, sport of 'Halcyon', looks like 'Touch of Class'. (Only:30) $15.00 Celtic Dancer M Upright clump with medium green leaves reaching upward have great substance and lots of ripples. Leaves twist toward the tip and are held on sturdy petioles that show some red. (Only:32) $16.00 Celtic Uplands M Deeply corrugated dark green leaves on red petioles form a vase-shaped clump. The sheen on the leaf and the spider-like flowers make the yingeri heritage quite evident. Dark lavender flowers that set viable seed. (Only:7) $18.00 Center of Attention M Many great attributes...good appearance, wonderful color, above average substance and rapid growth rate. Dark green leaves have a yellow-gold center that turns creamy-white. (Only:34) $16.00 Chain Lightning M Superb grower with thick gray-green leaves that have an irregular yellow to creamy-white center. (Only:14) $18.00 Champagne for All M Creamy-white leaves have good substance and are surrounded by a dark green of 'Champagne Toast' and has all the characteristics of a tetraploid. (Only:33) $22.00 Chanticleer M A large rich green hosta that stands apart by its showy deep set puckered leaves. ‘Chanticleer’ forms a large rounded clump which stands out due to its intense green color and deep rugosity. A terrific choice for a special location in the garden. (Only:71) $32.00 Chariots of Fire M Oval shaped green leaves have a creamy-yellow border that changes to white held on deep red scapes. Late flowering. (Only:15) $18.00 Cherokee M Great sport from 'Moonlight Sonata' with a yellow to creamy-white leaf center. FRAGRANT bluish-white flowers come in late summer. (Only:15) $18.00 Cherry Tart S Small, fast growing plant is a crisp, bright chartreuse and gets brighter leaves until it glows yellow, with deep red petioles that darken even more. (Only:4) $18.00 Childhood Fantasy M Long and pointed dark green leaves coated with some bloom have a twisted tip and a very nice wavy margin. The clump is stunning with the leaves reaching upward and outward. (Only:15) $18.00 China Girl M Cross between ‘Maya Kingsnake’ and ‘Funny Cide’ growing medium-sized plant with undulating shiny green leaves held on deep red petioles. Makes a semi vase-shaped clump. Very fertile both ways. (Only:4) $15.00 Chi-Town Classic M Green leaves are heart-shaped and sport a yellow border that turns white. This hybrid of 'Breeder's Choice' is a rapid grower. (Only:16) $14.00 Christmas Pageant M/L Great sport from ‘Christmas Tree’ with dark green leaves framed by a very wide yellow to creamy-white border. Vigorous grower with thick corrugated leaves. (Only:35) $18.00 Church Mouse mini One of the mouses!! Blue-green leaves have lots of puckers, crinkles and ripples. Good grower and a very interesting plant that will stop traffic. (Only:69) $14.00 Cinderella M Sport from a seedling of 'Dorothy Benedict'...thick blue-green leaves have a wide yellow border on a good grower that holds up well. (Only:15) $16.00 Climax M Sport from ‘High Noon’...dark green leaves have a wide golden-yellow border and good corrugation. Great substance on a vigorous grower. (Only:32) $16.00 Coal Miner Giant Comes up blue-green and changes to dark green...this giant has nice wavy leaves with deeply impressed veins and is topped with near-white flowers. In honor of the coal miners. (Only:9) $18.00 Coast to Coast L SHADOWLAND® PP26469 CPBR5335 This giant is all gold and really shines in the shade garden...leaves are thick and wavy with a white underside. Clump has an extremely upright form. (Only:28) $15.00 Coconut Custard M from Bob Solberg and has frosty yellow leaves held on red petiols...interesting and nice hybrid of ''Blue Cadet'' and ''One Man''s Treasure''. (Only:18) $20.00 Color Festival M Sport from ‘Enterprise’...eye-catching yellow line flows between the white center and the dark green border and makes an outstanding tri-colored hosta. (Only:21) $18.00 Con te Partiro S Very nice small blue-green hosta with a creamy-white border that will make a delightful statement in any garden. The leaf shows a slight ripple and is topped with lavender flowers. (Only:9) $16.00 Cookie Crumbs mini Small heart-shaped green leaves with a white border on this sport of 'Tiny Tears' which seems to be larger than the parent. (Only:30) $12.00 Cool as a Cucumber M PPAF Improved version of 'Cascades'...gorgeous cascading clump of green leaves with a white center. Long narrow leaves are held on an upright clump. (Only:11) $18.00 Copa Cabana S Pale yellow leaves have good substance and some corrugation. The leaves hold their color until mid summer and then turn a nice chartreuse color. (Only:8) $15.00 Corkscrew S Twisted thick dark green leaves on a very special hosta with 'Tortifrons' and 'One Man's Treasure' as parents. (Only:8) $16.00 Cotillian mini Narrow dark green leaves with a thin white border...good grower and nakaiana is one of its parents. (Only:13) $12.00 Count Your Blessings M Heart-shaped yellow-green leaves have a yellow border that turns white as the season progresses. Stable form of 'Lakeside Mom'. (Only:16) $16.00 Country Mouse mini Tiny blue-green leaves have a crisp white border on this sport of ‘Bill Dress’s Blue’. Vigorous grower and makes a perfect little clump that hugs the ground. (Only:53) $14.00 Cracker Crumbs mini Shiny leaves emerge bright yellow-gold surrounded by a dark green border...soon the color becomes chartreuse, then almost coppery, and continues to darken until late summer. (Only:41) $14.00 Cranberry Wine M Exceptional plant! Seedling from 'Cinnamon Sticks' x 'Tequila Sunrise' with bright yellow leaves that turn chartreuse. Pointed leaves are shiny, very wavy and have wonderful substance. The petioles become cranberry colored and purple flowers appear late in the season. (Only:52) $20.00 Cream Edger S Rounded yellow-green leaves with a white border on this sport of 'Gold Edger' and identical to 'Olympic Edger'. (Only:35) $12.00 Crimson Desire M Elegant green leaves have a beautiful sheen and are held upright as they dance in the wind showing off their outrageous reddish-purple legs...simply glows bright when struck by the sun. The matching bright scapes carry deep lavender blooms in August. (Only:42) $32.00 Crinkled Leather M/L A fantastic blue from Don Dean with thick blue leaves that are crinkled and cupped and folded with a wavy edge. Sold out early last year! (Only:85) $25.00 Crocodile Socks M Jan brings us the tetraploid form of 'Alligator Shoes'...thick green and pebbled leaves have a very wide creamy-yellow border that often streaks to the center.. Beautiful specimen! (Only:8) $24.00 Cup of Joy M Large ''gold'' with very round and puckered leaves that are deeply cupped. Great substance and good color. Seedling from ''Abiqua Drinking Gourd'. (Only:58) $18.00 Curly Fries S Extremely ruffled narrow leaves emerge yellow and slowly turn to near-white. One of the most popular hostas of the last couple of years. (Only:15) $14.00