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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Price capitata f. abiflora M Heart shaped green leaves with beautiful white flowers. These plants are seedlings which means there is some variation possible. $16.00 Captain Kirk M H. ‘Gold Standard’ sport with a wider dark green margin and a gold center. Lavender flowers. $12.50 Center of Attention M Many great attributes...good appearance, wonderful color, above average substance and rapid growth rate. Dark green leaves have a yellow-gold center that turns creamy-white and is topped with lavender flowers. $14.00 Chain Lightning M Superb grower with thick gray-green leaves that have an irregular yellow to creamy-white center. Clump is topped with lavender flowers. $14.00 Chesapeake Bay M New blue from Olga...large clump of "oyster-shaped" blue leaves with a wavy margin that are topped with near-white flowers in midsummer. $14.00 Chief Sitting Bull L Large heart-shaped puckered green leaves with a wavy margin, a very impressive plant. $14.00 Childhood Fantasy M Long, pointed, thick dark green leaves with some bloom have a twisted tip and a very nice wavy margin. The clump is stunning with the leaves reaching upward and outward. $16.00 Christmas Pageant M/L Great sport from H. ‘Christmas Tree’ with dark green leaves framed by a very wide yellow to creamy-white border. Vigorous grower with thick corrugated leaves and pale lavender flowers. $14.00 Church Mouse mini One of the mouses!! Blue-green leaves have lots of puckers, crinkles and ripples. Good grower and a very interesting plant that will stop traffic. $12.50 Cinderella M A sport from a seedling of H. „Dorothy Benedict?...thick blue-green leaves have a wide yellow border and topped with lavender flowers. Good grower that holds up well $14.00 City Dog M Variegated form of H. 'Red Dog' leaves held on red petioles with a white rippled border. $18.00 Climax M Sport from H. ‘High Noon’...dark green leaves have a wide golden-yellow border and good corrugation. Great substance on a vigorous grower with lavender flowers. $14.00 Clown’s Collar S Charming little hosta with a lovely blue leaf edged with a pale yellow border that later turns white. Good substance and makes a low dense mound topped with pale lavender flowers in July. Edged sport of H. ‘Dorset Clown’. $12.50 Coast to Coast PP26469 CPBR5335 L SHADOWLAND® PP26469 CPBR5335 This giant is all gold and really shines in the shade garden...leaves are thick and wavy with a white underside. Clump has an extremely upright form and topped with lavender flowers. $15.00 Cody S Small shiny dark green leaves on a hybrid from 'Shining Tot' x venusta $10.00 Color Festival M Sport from H. ‘Enterprise’...eye-catching yellow line flows between the white center and the dark green border and makes an outstanding tri-colored hosta. Lavender flowers on white scapes. $14.00 Con te Partiro S Very nice small blue-green hosta with a creamy-white border that will make a delightful statement in any garden. The leaf shows a slight ripple and is topped with lavender flowers. $14.00 Cookie Crumbs mini Small heart-shaped green leaves with a white border on this sport of 'Tiny Tears' which seems to larger than the parent. $10.00 Count Your Blessings M Heart-shaped yellow-green leaves have a yellow border that turns white as the season progresses. Stable form of H. ?Lakeside Mom? $14.00 Country Mouse mini Tiny blue-green leaves have a crisp white border on this sport of H. ‘Bill Dress’s Blue’. Vigorous grower and makes a perfect little clump that hugs the ground. Lavender flowers. $12.50 Crocodile Socks M Jan brings us the tetraploid form of H. 'Alligator Shoes'...thick green and pebbled leaves have a very wide creamy-yellow border that often streaks to the center.. Beautiful specimen! $25.00 Crumb Cake mini Cross between H. 'Cinnamon Sticks' and H. 'Cracker Crumbs'...nice thick honey-gold leaves on mahogany petioles have a beautiful sheen and rapidly form a dense clump. Leaves are somewhat wavy and will be topped with lavender flowers in July. $12.50 Cup of Joy M Large ''gold'' with very round and puckered leave that are deeply cupped. Great substance and good color. Seedling from ''Abiqua Drinking Gourd'' with near white flowers $16.50 Curly Fries S Extremely ruffled narrow leaves emerge yellow and slowly turn to near-white. One of the most popular hostas of the last couple of years. $12.50 Cutting Edge M Blue-green leaves with a ruffled margin and a white back, 'Salute' x pycnophylla hybrid. $14.00