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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Stock Price Baby Booties mini Small, heart-shaped green leaves with a white border make a nice compact clump...looks good and grows well. (Only:33) $14.00 Bad Boy M A unique hosta that came out of the tc production of 'Game Boy', chartreuse leaves are very thick and quite unusual. (Only:28) $18.00 Bam Bam Blue L One of the nicest "blues" we have seen...very blue and very corrugated dinner-sized leaves display some cupping and even a little waviness. Forms an upright clump and holds it's color late. White flowers appear in late June. (Only:24) $18.00 Band of Gold L Good grower and great substance...large heart-shaped dark green leaves have a wide yellow border that later fades to white. (Only:16) $15.00 Barbara Ann L An ‘Elegans’ sport...beautiful wide white border surrounds a nicely rounded and corrugated blue leaf. Great substance and forms a tight clump. Does best in filtered light. (Only:35) $15.00 Bashful S Open pollinated seedling from ‘Blue Cadet’...leaves come up in spring a creamy color mottled with green. The green slowly becomes more prominent but newer flushes will be lighter and misted. Small clump with white flowers . (Only:30) $15.00 Battle Star M Blue-green heart-shaped leaves are somewhat shiny and framed with a wavy yellow border. Great substance with slight cupping. (Only:15) $16.00 Beach Boy M A sport from ‘Dream Weaver’ with a wide yellow to cream center and a blue green border. Looks something like ‘Great Expectations’ but the leaf is much thicker and it grows much better. (Only:50) $16.00 Becky's Choice M A medium-sized beauty with slender undulating leaves that are powdery blue. Good form and great substance. (Only:20) $16.00 Bedazzled S Small clump of blue-green leaves framed by a wide yellow-gold border. Great substance and some cupping on slightly corrugated leaves. (Only:50) $14.00 Bedford Blue M Unique blue from Europe...a cross between hypoleuca and ‘Halcyon’ with beautiful, pointed, chalky blue leaves. (Only:19) $14.00 Bedford Rise and Shine S Smaller introduction from Great Britain with thick, shiny green leaves framed by a nice creamy-white border. Proving to be quite vigorous. (Only:16) $14.00 Ben Vernooij M Very striking and fully tetraploid form of ‘First Frost’...unbelievably thick blue leaves have a very wide feathered, creamy-yellow border. (Only:50) $15.00 Best of Twenty M Heart shaped blue-green leaves with extremely intense purplish-red petioles and flower scapes. This "Benedict" plant is finally available after many years. Lavender-purple flowers . (Only:8) $20.00 Beyond Glory M PPAF Beautiful new sport of 'Old Glory' with a very wide dark green border...almost 3" wide. Beautiful hosta and should prove to be very garden worthy. (Only:19) $16.00 Big Beauty L Very large blue-green leaves with a yellow border that will change to white depending on the light. ‘Gray Cole Streaked’ is the mother plant. (Only:40) $18.00 Big Daddy L Chalky-blue leaves are rounded, cupped and puckered…very nice hosta that should be in every garden! (Only:35) $15.00 Bitsy Gold mini/S Narrow elongated yellow leaves form a cute small clump...longissima seedling. (Only:5) $14.00 Black Light M Cross 'Dewed Steel' and 'Devon Green' and you get a great hosta with thick leaves and a wonderful shiny finish. Black-purple petioles absolutely glow and thus the name! (Only:52) $24.00 Blarney Stone Giant "Solid as a rock"...extra-large, light Irish-green leaves are rounded and form an impressive domed clump. Lots of heavy corrugation creates a "pebbled" look and the color will lighten. (Only:15) $15.00 Blaue Venus M Small round intense blue leaves, one of the best of the German Tardianas and finally available again. (Only:14) $18.00 Blue Cascade M Dense, medium-sized mound of highly pie-crusted intensely blue leaves. The leaf tips twist outward creating the illusion of constant motion. Lavender flowers midsummer. (Only:19) $16.00 Blue Flame M Variegated sport of ‘Fragrant Blue’...heart-shaped leaves are blue-green and framed by a variable yellow border. Possibly the same as H. ‘Secret Love’. (Only:16) $14.00 Blue Hawaii L Vigorous blue hosta with an upright habit that can reach 30" tall. Leaves are nicely corrugated, but flat, and hold their color well throughout the season. (Only:19) $14.00 Blue Ivory M PP19623 Very showy sport of 'Halcyon' with thick blue leaves framed by a very wide creamy-yellow border in spring that later turns to white. (Only:9) $16.00 Blue Mammoth Giant A sport of sieboldiana with nice large blue leaves and makes a very impressive clump when mature.. (Only:15) $14.00 Blue Mouse Ears mini/S Wonderful blue with very thick round leaves that form a tight mound. One of the best hostas and a great blue. (Only:49) $10.00 Blue My Mind M Heart-shaped leathery leaves are a chalky blue with a slightly rippled margin...vigorous growing 'Dorset Clown' hybrid. (Only:6) $15.00 Blue Wu L One of the early hybrids from ‘Empress Wu’...crossed with ‘Skylight’ and gives a very large blue-green hosta with nice veination and good substance. (Only:13) $18.00 Blueberry Ala Mode M/L Sport from ‘Abiqua Drinking Gourd’ with a variable white border that improves with age. Leaf still cups and the plant shows same great characteristics of the parent. (Only:5) $18.00 Blueberry Cobbler S Frosty blue leaves on purple petioles...great substance and nice form. Blooms in September and holds till very late (Only:7) $15.00 Blueberry Tart M Intense blue and somewhat folded leaves on a rapid growing hybrid of 'Blue Cadet' and 'Fall Bouquet'. (Only:8) $16.00 Blueberry Waffles VL Huge, almost perfectly round, leaves are a deep blueberry color with lots of puckering and make an impressive mound...great specimen! (Only:8) $20.00 Blushing Blue M Nice seedling from a cross of longipes hypoglauca and ‘Salute’...gray-green leaves come to a point and show a lot of red on the leaves that lasts for weeks. (similar look to ‘Purple Haze’ but lasts much longer). (Only:25) $18.00 Bobbie Sue M A dramatic hosta with dark green satiny leaves framed with a very wide creamy border that turns white by the end of the season. (Only:8) $15.00 Bogie and Bacall M Heart-shaped green leaves have a slightly rippled white margin on this hybrid of 'Beatrice' x 'Rhapsody in Blue'. (Only:16) $15.00 Boracay M Sport from ‘Captain Kirk’ that constantly changes as the season progresses. Leaves emerge green and in about 2 weeks develop a green edge with a shadowy yellow center. Next, the center turns dark green and the border becomes white...then, the center turns white. Finally, the whole leaf becomes white with a green line. (Only:28) $18.00 Bounty S Tetraploid form of 'Lonesome Dove'...thick cupped leaves have a white center and a very wide blue-green border. This one will be a slow grower but will be worth the wait. (Only:22) $18.00 Boyz Toy S Named for us "boyz" at Naylor Creek...emerges bright chartreuse with pointy little red leaf tips. As the red fades, the slightly glossy leaves turn bright yellow. (Only:13) $14.00 Brandywine S Dark green leaves have good substance and are held on striking red petioles, One of the parents is longipes f. hypoglauca.. (Only:16) $16.00 Brass Ring M Grey-green leaves have a wide yellow border that turns creamy-white later...good growing seedling of 'Neat Splash'. (Only:4) $18.00 Bridal Falls PP25594 L PP25594 Beautiful sport from ’Niagara Falls’...makes a large clump of dark green leaves with a wide creamy-white border that creates a "feathered" pattern on the leaf. The gentle pie-crusting makes for an elegant hosta. (Only:35) $16.00 Bright Star M Another wonderful wide-edged hosta from Jan Van den Top...tetraploid sport of ‘Dark Star’. Narrow and thick blue-green leaves with a wide creamy-yellow margin that eventually turns white. (Only:58) $16.00 Broad Band M Beautiful rounded green leaves are elegantly framed in a very wide yellow border thatfades to creamy-white by midsummer. (Only:16) $16.00 Broadway M Here’s the tetraploid of ‘Border Street’ from Danny Van Eechaute...thick leathery dark green leaves have a broad creamy-white border. (Only:16) $18.00 Brother Stefan M/L Outstanding yellow-gold leaves are framed by a wide medium green border...good substance and lots of corrugation. (Only:48) $16.00