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Hosta Name Photo Size Description Price Abba Dabba Do L PPAF Dark green leaves sport a wavy gold margin on this upright sport of 'Sun Power'. $12.00 Abby S Vigorous sport from H. 'Gold Drop' with round green leaves framed by a yellow border that becomes more distinct with the season' progression. Forms a nice flat mound and makes a great edger. Good substance. $9.00 Abiqua Drinking Gourd L Large "blue" with very round and puckered leaves that are deeply cupped...probably the most deeply cupped of any hosta. It got it's name because the hybridizer's dog could drink from it on a rainy day. Great substance. $12.00 Abiqua Moonbeam L A sport of H. 'August Moon' and every bit as nice as the parent...leaves have wide gold margins surrounding a blue-green center and are topped with lavender flowers. Great substance on a vigorous grower that clumps up fast. $12.00 Alakazaam PP22342 mini PP22342 Great mini with H. ‘Atom Smasher’ genes...beautiful green leaves framed by a "ruffled" creamy-white border are electrifying and dance upward. Vigorous grower with good substance. Makes a nice edger-type clump or looks great in the front of the border. $12.00 Alligator Alley M/L Rapidly makes a medium to large sized clump of coarsely textured bluish-green leaves with a greenish-yellow center. Leaves are heart-shaped and show lots of puckering...great substance. $15.00 American Halo L Large blue leaves are nice and thick and surrounded by a wide creamy-white margin. Vigorous grower that clumps up fast and has good pest resistance. White flowers on this very nice hosta. $14.00 Andorian M Nice blue from Belgium...forms a dense clump of intensely blue-green leaves that are somewhat "folded" and have a wavy margin. The symmetrical clump is topped with lavender flowers and has proven to be fertile. $14.00 Andrew L Variegated sport of H. ‘Blue Mammoth’...thick blue leaves have a beautiful white center. Color contrast is dramatic and the clump is truly beautiful. This one grows slowly but steadily and will usually "leap" the 3rd to 4th year. $18.00 Ann Kulpa M Leaf centers emerge yellow and change to creamy-white by mid season...wide dark green margin shows some puckering. Vigorous grower with good substance and makes a dense clump. $14.00 Annabel Lee M This fast grower makes a dense clump of very crinkled leaves, emerges a day-glo yellow, soon develops a light blue bloom over bright pale green. Red on the petioles topped with masses of scapes densely blooming in purple. Leaf texture and color are a distinctly unique. Fertile. $18.00 Arc de Triomphe M Large heart-shaped green leaves have a variable yellow border that does become white by the end of the season. Substance is good and leaf margins are quite wavy...topped with lavender flowers. $14.00 Aristocrat M PP11286 Powder-blue leaves surrounded with a creamy-yellow to white margin. Very attractive hosta with good substance that holds up well all season. Can be slow growing but worth the wait. $14.00 Armani L Maya Kingsnake' x 'Blue Wonder' hybrid with big dark green leaves with a nicely rippled edge. One of the biggest hostas with red petioles. Fast grower and good fertility $25.00 Astral Bliss M Intense blue-green leaves are held upright and create a low mound (12") with lots of "flare". Pointed leaves arrange themselves in a layered star-pattern and are folded and wavy. Lavender flowers in August. $14.00 Atomic Elvis M Cross between ‘Atom Smasher’ and ‘Elvis Lives’ with some of the best traits of each parent. Long narrow blue-green leaves create a dense medium-sized clump. The leaves have a long tip with a slight twist.. A vigorous grower that will be topped with lavender flowers. $16.00