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Naylor Creek Hosta Nursery

Welcome to Naylor Creek Nursery’s 2017 mail order catalog of hostas! 2016 has been a tough year for us due to medical issues…we know our performance has been sporadic and we disappointed many folks. We hope to regain your confidence by getting back to normal in 2017. Medical issues have improved dramatically and we look forward with lots of hope and energy. We are cutting outside activities like shows and sales so that we may concentrate fully on serving our mail order customers.

We no longer do a print catalog which has made some of you pretty unhappy. Always remember there is a pdf file button on the homepage that will allow you to print the website in a very usable form. If you can’t do it there may be a family member or friend that will do it for you…last resort, ask us and we will print it and mail you a copy at a charge of $6.

We no longer accommodate visitors to the nursery as we two are the only workers and time is always short. Please use the website, email or telephone to meet your hosta needs.

This year there are many new hosta introductions and lots of older returnees so we must continue to trim our list to the number of plants the nursery can hold and we can successfully grow. With the absence of a couple of major tissue-culture labs many older varieties are disappearing due to lack of production. We are working with a tremendous group of great hybridizers so look for new and exciting introductions from the US and Europe. We continue to grow mostly tissue-cultured hostas as this allows us to bring production to market at a reasonable price and maintain adequate supplies.

Also, tissue-culture aids in the attempt to assure we are providing disease free plants. We, and our suppliers, are testing old and new plant stocks on a regular basis in the hope of accomplishing this goal. Please note the “Hosta Introductions 2017” listings as these are new AND returning hostas all in one page...don’t forget to go through the rest of the catalog as our choice stocks will be found there as well. Our growing season commences early and we can normally ship from mid-March through September without interruption.

We are excited and wish you Happy Gardening in 2017…The Boyz, Gary & Jack