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Naylor Creek Hosta Nursery

We can offer you the 2015 Hosta list and Naylor Creek’s 20th year of mail order and we definitely claim this has been a long and consuming journey full of great experiences and good friends. A few of you have been there since the early years and many have recently found us...we value each of you. We plan to continue to bring you the newest and most exciting hostas for many years. We can no longer accommodate visitors at the nursery as the “crew” consists of just the two of us and time is always short. Please use the website to fill your hosta addiction.

Again this year there are many new hosta introductions so we must continue to trim our list to the number of plants the nursery can hold and we can successfully grow...many older varieties will no longer be available. We are working with a tremendous group of great hybridizers so look for new and exciting introductions from the US and Europe. We continue to grow mostly tissue-cultured hostas as this allows us to bring production to market at a reasonable price and maintain adequate supplies.

Arisaema (Jack in the Pulpits) selections are still available but we are cataloging fewer than in previous years.

Also, tissue-culture aids in the attempt to assure we are providing disease free plants. We, and our suppliers, are testing old and new plant stocks on a regular basis in the hope of accomplishing this goal. Please note the Hosta Introductions 2015 listings as these are new AND returning hostas and some of the plants will often be smaller. Our growing season commences early and we can normally ship from mid-March through September startingout interruption.

Happy Gardening in 2015...Gary & Jack