Hostas come in a wide range of sizes and as you go through our listing you will see a letter in parenthesis after the name which denotes the height of the plant…the ledger below will help to convert this to inches.

[mini]=dwarf 3-6”    [S]=small 6-12”    [M]=medium 12-24”    [L]=large 24-36”

** denotes new for 2014

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**Gentle Giant
[VL] (Black/Sebright Gardens) Very fitting name for this “quiet” blue that can reach 42” high by 5-6’ across! Intense blue leaves are deeply cupped, nicely corrugated and held in an upright fashion creating a vase-shaped clump. Does well in cooler or warmer climates. Topped with pale lavender flowers that are very fertile and produce lots of seed
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George Smith
[M] (Smith) Sport of H. sieboldiana ‘Elegans’…leaves have a yellow-gold center and a wide blue-green margin and grow into a beautiful clump. White flowers

Georgia Sweetheart
[M] (Anderson) Leaves have yellowish-orange centers that fade to a very pale yellow as the season progresses...the wide variable border is dark green and will be topped by lavender flowers

**Ghost Spirit
                       [M] (Isaacs) Misty greenish-white leaves with a blue-green margin, nice sport of 'Valentine Lace'
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Glacial Towers
[L] (Don Dean) Beautiful upright clump with the leaves held almost flat but layered well above the ground. A great choice for the middle to back of a border. The medium green leaves have a wide creamy-yellow to white feathered border and where there is overlap two shades of grey-green develop. Lavender flowers are held on tall scapes

[S] (Van Eechaute) Small hosta with an elegant form...creamy-yellow to white leaves have a variable dark green border that streaks to the center. Elongated leaves come to a point and are topped with lavender flowers on creamy scapes

Glory Hallelujah
[L] (Hansen) Heart-shaped blue-green leaves with a green border that changes to yellow...this is the reversed variegated sport of H. ‘Paul’s Glory’. Vigorous grower with lavender flowers

Goldbrook Glory
(M/L) (Bond) Sport of H. ‘Zounds’ and thought to be one of Sandra Bond’s best. Good substance on a dark green leaf with a bright creamy border that later turns white. Vigorous grower will be topped with lavender flowers

Goldbrook Grayling
[S] (Bond) Small “tardiana” type that is a seedling of H. ‘Happiness’…long pointed gray-green leaves topped with pinkish flowers midsummer. Fast grower suitable for a groundcover

Golden Meadows PPAF
[M] (van Elderen) Outstanding color combination…leaves are light green with dark green margins and medium green streaks between the two colors. Super substance and white flowers in summer

Golden Needles
[mini] (Walters Gardens) Sport from H. ‘Silver Threads and Golden Needles’...forms a nice compact clump of yellow leaves with green streaks that cover the entire leaf (no border on the leaf). Growth rate is pretty vigorous

Goodness Gracious PPAF
[M] (Walters Gardens) Sport from H. ‘Satisfaction’...beautiful heart-shaped leaves have a very wide chartreuse-yellow undulating border wrapped around a dark green center. Great substance and lavender flowers

Grand Marquee
[M] (Laviana/Malloy) Blue-green leaves have an irregular pattern and a narrow golden center that turns creamy-white by the end of the season. Some cupping and topped with near-white flowers in late spring

Grand Rapids
[M] (Linneman) Beautiful gray-green leaves with a wavy margin are held on stunning purple petioles...good color combination. Lavender flowers also on purple scapes

**Grand Slam
[M] (Benedict/Gowan) Thick, glossy, green heart-shaped leaves are held on red petioles and topped with lavender flowers in early fall. Attractive plant that holds up well all season

Gray Cole
                         [L] (Kuk) A large clump of corrugated and cupped blue leaves with gray overtones and good substance

Great Escape PP19003
[M] (Van den Top) Sport from H. ‘Halcyon’ with a very wide white border….outstanding! Vigorous grower with all the same attributes as its parent especially great substance. Topped with lavender flowers

Great Expectations
[L] (Aden) A real prize when mature…grows slowly and requires a warm sunny spot. Leaves have extremely wide blue-green margins enveloping a yellow-cream center and topped with white flowers

Green Mouse Ears
[mini/small] (Deckert) Sport of H. ‘Blue Mouse Ears’…very thick, round dark green leaves form a dense clump topped with lavender flowers...leaves often show a little folding.

Gretchen’s Grace
[M] (Sisson) Elongated and arching blue-green leaves form a graceful medium-sized mound on this seedling from H. ‘Cinnamon Sticks’ x H. ‘Gilt by Association’. Reddish petioles show color up into the leaves that are held horizontally atop the petioles creating a beautiful vase. Lavender flowers

Grey Ghost
[M/L] (Solberg) Unique H. ‘Blue Angel’ sport…in spring the leaves emerge creamy-white with very little color, then turn a bright butter-yellow and eventually blue in about six weeks. Near white flowers in June
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[L] (Solberg) Best planted in a sunnier location…forms a large mound of gold leaves with dark green margins by the end of the season (in cooler climes it doesn’t show good variegation until June). Very large fragrant near-white flowers

Guardian Angel
[M/L] (Thompson) Variegated sport of H. ‘Blue Angel’…white-centered leaf early in the spring grows progressively greener and ends with a medium green center and blue border. In time this plant will be a huge clump of blue foliage topped with white flowers. In cooler climates the distinct variegation holds well into the season

Gypsy Rose
[M] (Anderson) Sport from H. ‘Striptease’...creamy-yellow centered leaves have a dark green border with the typical thin white line running between the center and the border. Does not grow as tall as the parent. Lavender flowers

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