Hostas come in a wide range of sizes and as you go through our listing you will see a letter in parenthesis after the name which denotes the height of the plant…the ledger below will help to convert this to inches.

[mini]=dwarf 3-6”    [S]=small 6-12”    [M]=medium 12-24”    [L]=large 24-36”

** denotes new for 2014

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**California Gold Rush
[M/L] (Q&Z Nurseery) Leaf center starts chartreuse and brightens to golden yellow with a dark green border on this sport from H. 'Sutter's Mill'...also the reverse of H. 'Sacramento'. Near white flowers in July

Candy Dish
[M] (Summers/Wrede) Great plant...good substance, dark green color and lots of ruffles on a broad leaf held by purple petioles. Glass-like sheen and purple flowers create the complete package
Sorry, sold out

Cape Cod
[M] (Goodenough) Great hybrid by Rick Goodenough from H. ‘Sand Pebbles’...beautiful long wavy green leaves with a wide creamy-white border. Almost appears to be dancing. What a looker!........(limited)
Sorry, sold out

Captain Kirk
                  [M] (Brill) H. ‘Gold Standard’ sport with a wider dark green margin and a gold center. Lavender flowers

Captain’s Adventure
[M] (Heemskerk) Interesting sport from H. ‘Captain Kirk’ that goes through changes...greenish-yellow leaves and the border turns white. The leaf center and border are divided by a green line. Topped with lavender flowers
Sorry, sold out

Catch of the Day
[M] (Solberg) Bob says he caught this one “sport fishing” the home improvement centers...yellow centered sport from H. ‘Royal Standard’ with a wide green border. Masses of near-white fragrant flowers
Sorry, sold out

Celtic Dancer
[M] (Dean) Extremely upright clump with medium green leaves reaching upward have great substance and lots of ripples. Leaves twist toward the tip and are held on sturdy petioles that show some red. Lavender flowers

Celtic Uplands
[M] (Dean) Deeply corrugated dark green leaves on red petioles form a vase-shaped clump. The sheen on the leaf and the spider-like flowers make the H. yingeri heritage quite evident. Dark lavender flowers that set viable seed

**Center of Attention
[M] (Kulpa) Many great attributes...good appearance, wonderful color, above average substance and rapid growth rate. Dark green have a yellow-gold center that turns creamy-white and will be topped with lavender flowers
Sorry, sold out

Chain Lightning
             [M] (Ward) Superb grower with thick gray-green leaves have an irregular yellow to creamy-white center and the clump is topped with lavender flowers

**Chief Sitting Bull
[L] (Van Wade) Forms a massive mound of deep green foliage topped by attractive pale lavender flowers in July...Van Wade introduction honoring the famous chief of the Lakota Sioux tribe

**Child of the Queen
[L] (Van den Top) A variegated sport of H. ‘Queen of the Seas’...beautiful clear yellow center framed with an irregular green border...contrast is beautiful. The pointed leaves have good substance and make a dense upright clump topped with lavender flowers. This one will be a special addition to any garden
Sorry, sold out

Childhood Fantasy
[M] (Livingston) Long, pointed thick dark green leaves have a twisted tip and a very nice wavy margin. The clump is stunning with the leaves reaching upward and outward and creating a sense of motion

China Girl
[M] (Scheer) Cross between H. ‘Maya Kingsnake’ and H. ‘Funny Cide’ growing medium-sized plant with undulating shiny green leaves held on deep red petioles. Makes a semi vase-shaped clump. Very fertile both ways

Christmas Cookies
[M] (Zilis/Solberg) Tetraploid sport from H. ‘Night Before Christmas’ with a much wider white center...much thicker leaves. Good grower and lavender flowers

Christmas Pageant
[M/L] (Pinterics) Really great sport from H. ‘Christmas Tree’ with dark green leaves framed by a very wide yellow to creamy-white border. Vigorous grower with thick corrugated leaves and topped with pale lavender flowers

Cinnamon Sticks
[M] (Herold) Gray-green leaves are held on red petioles with the red showing well up into the leaf. Vigorous grower with lavender flowers

Clear Fork River Valley
[L] (Van Wade) This one has some of the most intense corrugation we have seen on a hosta...thick dark green leaves are nicely rounded and “pucker” like few others. Pale lavender flowers appear in June

Clifford’s Stingray PP17279
[M] (Clifford) Thick leaves have a wide dark green border surrounding an irregular white center that resembles a feather. Topped with lavender flowers
Sorry, sold out

[M] (Jones) Sport from H. ‘High Noon’...dark green leaves have a wide golden-yellow border and good corrugation. Great substance on a vigorous grower with lavender flowers

Clovelly PPAF
[M] (Terpening) Beautiful green leaves with fantastic piecrust edges. The leaves have superb substance and are held horizontally creating an open and airy clump that is easily distinguishable from afar. Pale lavender flowers

Clown’s Collar
[S] (Dean) Charming little hosta with a lovely blue leaf of good substance edged with a pale yellow border that later turns white. Makes a low dense mound topped with pale lavender flowers in July. Edged sport of H. ‘Dorset Clown'.

Cold Heart
[M] (Scheer) Emerging like frosted lime popsicles, H. ‘Cold Heart’ has rippled and serrated edges on heart-shaped leaves with white backs. In shade, it maintains its frosted lime color and in sun the frost will melt and these hearts will glow with renewed passion

**Color Festival
[M] (Van Eechaute) Sport from H. ‘Enterprise’ eye-catching yellow line flows between the white center and the dark green border and makes this an outstanding tri-colored hosta. Lavender flowers are held on creamy white scapes
Sorry, sold out

Colored Hulk
[M] (Heemskerk) Reversed variegation of H. ‘Anne’…heart-shaped leaves have a light green center framed with a wide dark green border. Thick leaves show some cupping and a sheen. Lavender flowers
Sorry, sold out

Con te Partiro
[S] (Johnson) Very nice small blue-green hosta with a creamy-white border that will make a delightful statement in any garden. The leaf shows a slight ripple and is topped with lavender flowers

**Continental Divide
[L] (Petryszyn) Elegant and tall! Vase shaped clump with large rippled green leaves that have a chartreuse center that turns quite gold later in the season. Leaves have a nice sheen and pronounced veins. Lavender flowers
Sorry, sold out

Country Mouse
[mini] (Hansen) Tiny blue-green leaves have a crisp white border on this sport of H. ‘Bill Dress’s Blue’. Moderate growth rate and makes a perfect little clump that hugs the ground... topped with lavender flowers
Sorry, sold out

**Cousin Lou Ann
[M] (Q&Z Nursery) Not just another green hosta...almost round leaves are deeply cupped downward and the margin is very wavy. Good substance and shiny finish makes for interesting corrugation
Sorry, sold out

Cracker Crumbs
[mini] (Solberg) Shiny leaves emerge bright yellow-gold surrounded by a dark green margin...soon the color becomes chartreuse, then almost coppery, and continues to darken until late summer. Topped dark lavender flowers
Sorry, sold out

Cranberry Wine
[M] (Sisson) Exceptional plant! Seedling from H. 'Cinnamon Sticks' x H. 'Tequila Sunrise' with bright yellow leaves that become chartreuse. Pointed leaves are shiny, very wavy and have wonderful substance. The petioles become cranberry colored and purple flowers appear late in the season on top of dark cranberry scapes
Sorry, sold out

Curly Fries
                                    [S] (Solberg) Extremely ruffled narrow leaves emerge yellow and slowly turn to near-white
Sorry, sold out

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