Hostas come in a wide range of sizes and as you go through our listing you will see a letter in parenthesis after the name which denotes the height of the plant…the ledger below will help to convert this to inches.

[mini]=dwarf 3-6”    [S]=small 6-12”    [M]=medium 12-24”    [L]=large 24-36”

** denotes new for 2014

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Baby Doll
[mini/small] (Van Eechaute) A beautiful little sport of H. ‘Blue Cadet’ with round blue-green leaves that have a dark yellow center...looks like a miniature H. ‘June’. Great substance and topped with lavender flowers midsummer...(limited)

Bam Bam Blue
[L] (Schulz) One of the nicest “blues” we have seen...very blue and very corrugated dinner-sized leaves display some cupping and even a little waviness. Forms an upright clump and holds it color late. White flowers appear in late June

[M] (Andersen/Mason Hollow Nursery) This stunning new hosta is a sport of H. ‘Lemon Meringue’...almost rounded thick yellow leaves have an irregular green border. Great corrugation adds character and a fair amount of waviness creates interest on a very dense clump. Named for the Andersen’s dear friend and mascot and pronounced “Bum-sa”.

Band of Gold
[L] (Elslager) Good grower with great substance on large heart-shaped dark green leaves that sport a wide yellow border that later fades to white. Beautiful white flowers appear in midsummer

Barbara Ann
[L] (Muntons Microplants) An ‘Elegans’ sport …beautiful wide white border surrounds a nicely rounded and corrugated blue leaf with great substance. Forms a tight clump and does best in filtered light. Topped with white flowers

[S] (Sisson) Open pollinated seedling from H. ‘Blue Cadet’...leaves come up in spring a creamy color mottled with green. The green slowly becomes more prominent but newer flushes will be lighter and misted. Small clump with white flowers

Battle Star
[M] (Goodwin) Heart-shaped blue-green leaves are somewhat shiny and framed with a good yellow border that has a little waviness. Great substance with slight cupping and clump will topped with lavender flowers midsummer

Beach Boy
[M] (Heemskerk) A new sport from H. ‘Dream Weaver’ with a wide yellow to cream center and a blue green border. Looks something like H. ‘Great Expectations’ but the leaf is much thicker and it grows much better. White flowers

**Beckoning PP18371
                    [L] (Saville) Gold leaves framed by a wide blue-green border…white flowers
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**Becky’s Choice
[M] (Zilis) A medium-sized beauty with powdery blue, somewhat slender, undulating foliage. Good form and better than average substance...clump is topped with pale lavender flowers

[S] (Dean) Small clump of blue-green leaves framed by a wide yellow-gold border. Great substance and some cupping on slightly corrugated leaves. Topped with lavender flowers midsummer

Bedford Blue
[M] (Chrystal) Unique blue from Europe...a cross between H. hypoleuca and H. ‘Halcyon’ with beautiful, pointed, chalky blue leaves that are large and topped with lavender flowers

Bedford Rise and Shine
[S] (Chrystal/Bond) Great smaller introduction from Great Britain with thick, shiny green leaves framed by a nice creamy-white border. Proving to be quite vigorous...topped with lavender-purple flowers

[VL] (Savory) This very large bright green hosta has been around for many years but not found in good supply. Deeply impressed veins create a unique mound. Topped with near-white flowers

Ben Vernooij PPAF
[M] (Fransen/Vernooij) Very striking and fully tetraploid form of H. ‘First Frost’…unbelievably thick blue leaves have a very wide feathered creamy-yellow border. Large lavender flowers.

**Best of Twenty
[M] (Benedict) Heart shaped blue-green leaves with extremely intense purplish-red petioles and flower scapes. This “Benedict” plant is finally available after many years. Lavender-purple flowers

Big Daddy
                            L] (Aden) Chalky-blue leaves are rounded, cupped and puckered... white flowers in late spring

Blarney Stone
[L] (Goodenough) “Solid as a rock”...extra-large, light Irish-green leaves are rounded and form an impressive domed clump. Lots of heavy corrugation creates a “pebbled” look...color will lighten and topped with near-white flowers

Blaue Venus
[S] (Klose) A German Tardiana from Heinz Klose who made the selection from seed he received from Eric Smith...round deep blue leaves have good substance and are topped with lavender flowers

           [M] (Klose/Ruh) Light green leaves that turn to gold on this sieboldiana seedling. Lavender-purple flowers

Blue Angel
                       [L] (Aden) Very large, blue-green leaves form a clump which commands attention...white flowers

Blue Cascade
[M] (Carlson) Dense, medium-sized mound of extremely pie-crusted intensely blue leaves. The leaf tips twist outward creating the illusion of constant motion. Lavender flowers midsummer

**Blue Circle
]M] (Warmerdam) Rounded to heart-shaped yellow leaves have a wide blue-green border on this sport of 'Blue Shadows'. Good substance and great appearance all season...topped with lavender flowers
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Blue Dolphin
               [L] (Sawyer) Round, heart-shaped blue-green leaves have heavily impressed veins. Lavender flowers

Blue Hawaii
[L] (Petryszyn) Vigorous blue hosta with an upright habit that can reach 30” tall. Leaves are nicely corrugated, but flat, and hold their color well throughout the season. Topped with pure white flowers

**Blue Lettuce
[L] (Zilis) Thick blue leaves are corrugated and held in an unruly manner...leaves are cupped and folded and when you look at the clump it resembles a “bowl of lettuce”. Pale lavender flowers

Blue Lollipop
[mini] (Benedict) Great little hybrid from H. ‘Dorset Blue’...deep blue-green leaves are heart-shaped and have tremendous substance. Topped with pale lavender flowers

Blue Maui
                           [M] (Silvers) Cupped and rounded green leaves on this all green sport of H. ‘Rainforest Sunrise’.

Blue Monday
                [S] (Solberg) Little mound of heart-shaped blue leaves...smooth texture and topped with lavender flowers

Blue Mouse Ears
[mini/small] (Deckert) Wonderful blue with very thick round leaves that form a tight mound. One of the best hostas and a great blue that will be topped lavender flowers midseason

Blue Wu
[L] (King) One of the early hybrids from H. ‘Empress Wu’...crossed with H. ‘Skylight’ and gives a very large blue-green hosta with nice veination. Good substance on a clump topped with pale lavender flowers

Blueberry Ala Mode
[M/L] (Strandberg) Sport from H. ‘Abiqua Drinking Gourd’ with a variable white border that improves with age. Leaf still cups and the plant shows all the same great characteristics of the parent. Near white flowers

Blueberry Muffins
                                    [M] (Meyer) Large blue rounded leaves are held on reddish petioles. Very vigorous grower

**Blushing Blue
[M] (Van Elst) Nice seedling from a cross of H. longipes hypoglauca and H. ‘Salute’...gray-green leaves come to a point and show a lot of red on the leaves that lasts for weeks. (similar looking to ‘Purple Haze’ but lasts much longer)

[M] (Van den Top) Sport from H. ‘Captain Kirk’ that constantly changes as the season progresses. Leaves emerge green and in about 2 weeks develop a green edge with a shadowy yellow center. Next, the center turns dark green and the border becomes white...then, the center turns white. Finally, the whole leaf becomes white with a green line
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Border Street
[L] (Van Eechaute) Intro with H. ‘Lakeside Roy’ in the background. Greenish-blue foliage is surrounded by a wide and variable creamy-white border that makes a bold statement. Pale lavender flowers show in midsummer.

Boyz Toy
[mini/small] (Scheer) Named for us “boyz” at Naylor Creek…emerges bright chartreuse with pointy little red leaf tips. As the red fades, the slightly glossy leaves turn bright yellow

Bridal Falls PPAF EUPVR
[L] (Van den Top) Beautiful sport from H. ’Niagara Falls’...makes a large clump of dark green leaves with a wide creamy-white border that creates a “feathered” pattern on the leaf. The gentle pie-crusting makes for an elegant hosta topped with lavender flowers. A real eye catcher when mature with good veination. Lovely to behold

[S] (Benedict) Interesting small mound of upward twisted and pointed leaves with rippled margins are held on their petioles like no other hosta…a satiny sheen and dark green color add to the plant. Lavender flowers

**Bright Star
[M] (Van den Top) Another wonderful wide-edged hosta from Jan Van den Top...tetraploid sport of H. ‘Dark Star’. Narrow and thick blue-green leaves with a wide creamy-yellow margin that eventually turns white. Lavender flowers

Broad Band
[M] (Livingston) Rounded green leaves are elegantly framed in a very wide yellow border. The irregular border fades to creamy-white by midsummer. Topped with near-white flowers. Great plant with good substance

[M] (Van Eechaute) Here’s a tetraploid of H. ‘Border Street’ from Danny...thick leathery dark green leaves have a broad creamy-white border. Near white flowers on a striking hosta that will perform well late into the year

**Bronx Bomber
[M] (Malloy) Sport from H. ’Pinstripe Sister’...fairly large white leaves are framed with an irregular green border...where there is overlap a lighter green appears. Grows much better than most plants with this much white

Brother Stefan
[M/L] (Petryszyn) Outstanding yellow-gold leaves are framed by a wide medium green border...good substance and lots of corrugation on a great hosta. Topped with white flowers in midsummer

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