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Hostas    Hostas are very hardy, adaptable, easy to grow and principally known for their foliage. They come in sizes from miniature to giant, in colors from solids of green, blue or gold or variegations of mixed colors of border and center. Flowers are borne on scapes, some are fragrant, and most all bloom between May and September. They prefer rich, slightly acidic, well-draining soil that retains some moisture and do best in part shade. Hostas can tolerate some sun, morning sun is best and the amount depends on your particular climate…these are shade-tolerant plants not shade-loving. A dormant period is required and is usually brought on by shorter days or first frost in the fall. Propagate by division and best done in early spring as the plant emerges but is not required. They have few diseases and the only significant pests are slugs and snails…we also hear of problems with deer where there are heavy populations. Hostas are low maintenance plants and will truly be a great addition to your garden.

Thanks to all who let us use their photos… Very special thanks to Hans Hansen…also, Randy Goodwin, Carol Brashear, Bob Solberg, Steve Chamberlain, Marco Fransen, Jan van den Top, Hugo Philips, Keez Henzen, Jeroen Linneman, Takuya Izumi, Bob Axmear, Ron Livingston, Alttara Scheer, Don Dean, Trudy Van Wyk, Brenda Bautista, Tony Avent, Kent Terpening, Danny Van Eechaute, Stuart Asch, Andi Roozekrans, Beverly Stegeman, Meg & Jim Dalton, Rob Mortko, Ray Wiegand, Mark Strandberg and Amy at Walters Gardens

Hostas come in a wide range of sizes and as you go through our listing you will see a letter in parenthesis after the name which denotes the height of the plant…the ledger below will help to convert this to inches.

[mini]=dwarf 3-6”    [S]=small 6-12”    [M]=medium 12-24”    [L]=large 24-36”

** denotes new for 2014

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Abiqua Drinking Gourd
[L] (Walden West) Large “blue” with very round and puckered leaves that are deeply cupped                        
Sorry, sold out

Abiqua Elephant Ears
VL] (Walden West) Very large green hosta with huge pointed leaves held in a semi-upright manner. Leaves have good substance and deeply impressed veins...topped with pale lavender flowers. Impressive specimen

Afterglow PPAF
[L] (Walters Gardens) Sport from H. 'Climax' with a very wide yellow border surrounding the green center promises to be a stunner when mature. Lavender flowers will show midsummer
Sorry, sold out

Alakazaam PP22342
(mini) (Livingston) Great mini with H. ‘Atom Smasher’ genes...beautiful green leaves framed by a “ruffled” creamy-white border are electrifying and dance upward. Vigorous grower with good substance
Sorry, sold out

Alan Titchmarsh
[M] (Park Green Nurseries) A sport from H. ‘Striptease’ developed in Great Britain...yellow center framed with wide green border and topped with lavender flowers (similar to H. ‘Gypsy Rose but much larger)
Sorry, sold out

[M] (D&J Ward) Heart-shaped medium gold leaves have moderate corrugation on this hybrid from H. ‘High Noon’ and H. ‘Noah’s Arch’. Lavender flowers on long scapes in July
Sorry, sold out

Allegan Fog
[S/M] (Herrema) Unique, shiny green leaves have leaf centers of a misty green and white variegation. Topped with lavender flowers. Vigorous grower that makes a dense clump with good substance
Sorry, sold out

**Alligator Shoes
[M] (Benedict/Hatfield) Broad leaf is blue-green with a creamy-white border and a tapered point that twists slightly…develops a pebbled surface by the second year. Good substance and topped with lavender flowers
Sorry, sold out

[M] (Wrede) Shiny green leaves are held on very red petioles with the red stretching almost halfway up into the center of the leaf...about as far as we have seen on any hosta with red petioles. Lavender flowers....(limited)
Sorry, sold out

Alvatine Taylor
[L] (Minks) Beautiful blue leaves with a green border that changes to yellow...near white flowers                       

American Halo
[L] (Van Wade) Large blue leaves surrounded by a wide creamy-white margin. White flowers                              
Sorry, sold out

American Icon PP#17441
[L] (Hansen) A sport from H. 'Choo Choo Train'...produces a very large clump of green leaves with a wide gold edge. Pale lavender flowers top the clump midsummer. Best grown in a shady location

[M] (Dupre) Nice blue from Belgium...forms a dense clump of intensely blue-green leaves that are somewhat “folded” and have a wavy margin. The symmetrical clump is topped with lavender flowers and has proven to be fertile

[L] (Hansen) Variegated sport of H. ‘Blue Mammoth’...thick blue leaves have a beautiful white center                    
Sorry, sold out

[M] (Fransen) Sport from H. ‘Stitch in Time’ with rubbery yellow leaves bordered in green...similar to it’s relative H. ‘Dance With Me’ but the leaves are much thicker. Lavender flowers on a good grower
Sorry, sold out

[M] (Arett) Long narrow leaves have green centers surrounded by a creamy-white border...vigorous grower that makes a dense mound and is topped with near white flowers
Sorry, sold out

Ann Kulpa
[M] (Kulpa) Leaf center emerges yellow but changes to creamy-white...wide dark green margin                          

Annabel Lee
[M] (Scheer) This fast grower makes a dense clump of very crinkled leaves, emerges a day-glo yellow, soon develops a light blue bloom over bright pale green. Red on the petioles (which get discretely hidden as the clump leafs out) topped with masses of scapes densely blooming in purple. Leaf texture and color are a distinctly unique combination. Fertile.

**Apple Candy
[M] (Van den Top) An interesting sport of H. ‘June Fever’...this one has soft green leaves with a yellow border that turn yellow with a white border. Very bright shiny, thick leaves that hold up well. Lavender flowers
Sorry, sold out

**Arc de Triomphe
[M] (Elslager) Large heart-shaped green leaves have a variable yellow border. Substance is good and leaf margins are wavy...topped with lavender flowers

**Arch Duke
[VL] (Lydell) Very large gray-green leaves sport a powdery white back. Pale lavender flowers...(limited)
Sorry, sold out

Aristocrat PP#11286
[M] (Walters Gardens) Powder-blue leaves surrounded with a creamy-yellow to white margin                              
Sorry, sold out

Astral Bliss
[M] (Dean) Intense blue-green leaves are held upright and create a low mound (12”) with lots of “flare”. Pointed leaves arrange themselves in a layered star pattern and are folded and wavy. Lavender flowers in August
Sorry, sold out

Atom Smasher
[M] (Livingston) Long golden-yellow blades with lots of ripples and genes that are easily passed on. Good grower and great for hybridizing as it is extremely fertile both ways. Lavender flowers produce red and yellow seed pods
Sorry, sold out

Atomic Elvis
[M] (Livingston) Cross between H. ‘Atom Smasher’ and H. ‘Elvis Lives’ with some of the best traits of each parent. Long narrow blue-green leaves reach out creating a dense medium-sized clump...the leaves have a long tip with a slight twist and the wavy margins are almost hypnotic. A vigorous grower that will be topped with lavender flowers.

Autumn Frost PPAF CPBRAF
[M] (Walters Gardens) Sport from H. ‘First Frost’...very wide creamy-yellow border (turns white late in the season) around a blue-green center. Good grower and lavender flowers
Sorry, sold out

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